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20 Apr 2012



Is 'haunted house' on Indian burial ground?

Contractors recently have been working to repair damages that occurred to this house when an automobile
hit it after going airborne in March 2009. Some have called this house "haunted." Others just call it an "eyesore."
The City labeled it a "nuisance property" and finally got action on getting it repaired.
If people who post comments on The Friday Flyer's Facebook page are to be believed,
Canyon Lake has its very own haunted house!

When The Friday Flyer posted a picture by Debbie Perry showing repairs being done on the infamous house at the corner of Canyon Lake Dr. South and Sparkle, speculations about specters (ghosts) began to flow.

They started when one person wrote, "It's haunted!!!" Picking up on the thread, another wrote, I've been in the neighborhood for 8 years and have seen 2 cars hit it and a small fire."

Still another said, "I don't even live in Canyon Lake and I've heard about the ghosts!"

Responding, the first person wrote, "Ghosts for years! Way before the cars hitting it and the fires. No one ever lives there longer than a year because they get freaked out and move. I've known 2 people who lived there, neither more than 6 mo. Because of the ghosts!"

In between the other 37 comments was this, "Definitely something wrong with it. No one stays long. Ghosts would explain it," followed by another writer saying, "I heard it was on Indian burial grounds...Somethings up, heard plenty of stories about people who tried to live there."

"After this comment thread, any potential buyer will literally be 'scared' of buying it now," wrote another.

Two of the writers envisioned something a little loftier for the house of windows: One wrote, "I've always felt 'sorry' for this house...like it needs someone to live in it... ;-)" and "We should send good vibes on over so that it gets refurbished and sold to a happy family to enjoy!"

For all that, residents will be happy to learn the Sparkle house is being repaired and is now listed for a price in the low $200,000s. Hmm, not bad for a haunted house.


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