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29 Apr 2012



Landlord of 'Amityville Horror' house in Toms River, N.J. sues tenants

Note from Bonnie Vent:  The home is question was not used in the Amiltyville Horror film.  It is however, located in the same town. 

The landlord for the Toms River home used in the Amityville Horror is afraid his property will never be occupied again because the last tenants claimed the house was haunted. 

But local people well versed in the paranormal indicate that is not the case.

Nick Carlson, the case manager for the non-profit Shore Paranormal Research Society from Toms River, said a team set up video cameras and other equipment in the home; they recorded toy bowling pins falling down on their own and sounds of a woman’s laughter in rooms that were unoccupied.

But Carlson explains that ‘haunted’ and ‘paranormal activity are very different. “Paranormal means you have an occurrence that can’t be explained scientifically,” he said, according to MSNBC. “Haunted? I do not think so. Do I think there’s stuff paranormal going on there? Absolutely.” He says there was clearly something unexplained going on in the house.

Landlord Richard Lopez has filed for $15,000 in damages from Michelle Callan and fiancé Josue Chinchilla for claiming his property was haunted, because he feels it will frighten away new renters, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Lopez’ attorney said real estate agents for Lopez will legally have to tell prospective tenants in the future that previous residents have claimed the house is haunted.

According to the Shore Paranormal Research Society, SPRS will investigate claims of paranormal activity in a "debunking" fashion, by trying to disprove such claims by using proven scientific methods and technology. Their technology includes cameras, scanners, radios, meters, and motion sensors.

The Daily Record reported that “The People’s Court” has offered to cover all costs and judgments if both involved parties will sign a contract to settle the case on their program. The couple has already appeared on "Good Morning America."

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