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3 Nov 2012



VIDEO: Oyster Mill Playhouse is visited by actors, visitors and the paranormal

(http://www.oystermill.com/gallery/2012/stiff.shtml, http://www.oystermill.com/gallery/2012/stiff.shtml)

(http://www.oystermill.com/gallery/2012/stiff.shtml, http://www.oystermill.com/gallery/2012/stiff.shtml)
Reported by: Tanya Foster
Published: 10/31 10:51 pm
On the banks of the Yellow Breeches Creek, Oyster Mill Playhouse sits like it has for years.

But deep inside, within the theatre walls, people from long ago still perform.

“There's just too much unexplained stuff that has happened in here," believes Dave Roland, who is a part of Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators.

The rich history of the land dates back to 1770, when the first records show a grist mill and saw mill were built there.

In 1807, Abraham Oyster not only enlarged the mill, but also built a distillery and tavern, all of which have long disappeared.

However, those who occupy Oyster Mill say the spirits never left.

"As quickly as I turned, I stopped and I saw a little girl standing in front of me," communicated Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators’ Kathie Spacht.

"One day I was working on lights and I started hearing voices," added Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators’ Guilio Marchi.

"Suddenly the pictures would randomly, whether someone was onstage or off stage, would start dropping," commented Oyster Mill Playhouse’s Chris Krahuglic.

"We locked eyes and as quickly as she saw me and I saw her she turned and went very quickly into the dressing room," Spacht told us.

"We've had people who have actually seen an older couple sitting back in the usher seats," commented Marchi.

"We'll walk out pretty sure we've turned everything off, we'll think we left a light on up here because we'll see glow out the window and then come back in and everything's off," Melissa McGinley of Oyster Mill Playhouse explained to us.

"I see the door come open and as my mouth starts to open to say "Dave turn", just as quickly as I tried to get my mouth open the door went ‘slam’," Spacht said.

"It was quite and all of the sudden, from back there somewhere,” Roland continued.  “There was a loud bang and I said Dave, did you hear that?"

Even our CBS 21 News crew had some unexplained experiences while shooting this story

Our photographer Barbara had maybe an experience.  “I feel like as soon as you started talking, you guys were over there and I was back here, as soon as I hit record I already had the camera set up, but as soon as I hit record it started crackling in the headphone,” Barbara relayed.   

When Tanya asked her if this is something that has happened before, Barbara replied, “no that never happens. And I feel very cold, does anyone else feel very cold in here?”

Photojournalist Katalina Deaven caught an unexplained sound in her camera's audio.

But not every unexplained encounter at Oyster Mill Playhouse has been a friendly one.

Members of the Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators and those who work at the playhouse say they've come across spirits who clearly don't want them here.

"It felt like someone was strangling me like this then it started going to the person next to me so we're like, okay, we're done and the next thing I know I wake up because I passed out," Marchi explained to our crew.

"All of a sudden I felt a force come right through me and it knocked me over to the point where I kind of turned around, started falling back and was coming crashing down to the ground," Roland added.

"And then I got hit so hard that I stood up very quickly and jumped over," Spacht added.

"It told us to get the ** out,” Marchi finished.

Regardless of their reason for sticking around, the spirits that roam Oyster Mill Playhouse make their presence known.

As for their audience, for those who were once skeptics they are now believers.

To visit Oyster Mill for yourself, and to see a play, here is their contact information:

Oyster Mill Playhouse



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