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29 Jan 2013


Paranormal Corner: Evidence reveal at Pennsville residence

Kelly Roncace/South Jersey Times By Kelly Roncace/South Jersey Times
on January 28, 2013 at 12:05 PM, updated January 28, 2013 at 12:10 PM
EVP screen View full size Shown here is an example of an EVP documented on DVD as given to a client during an evidence reveal. This EVP of a disembodied voice was captured at a South Broadway residence in Pennsville.

The house sits directly on South Broadway in Pennsville.

It’s not a particularly old home, but, then again, we know it doesn’t always matter how long a structure may have stood in a location to determine if there are spirits residing inside.

Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (JUMPS) was contacted by the owner of this home back in July 2012 with reports of cracking and snaps, dragging and loud bangs all coming from the attic.

During that first investigation, JUMPS collected 15 EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and one investigator was scratched by an unseen entity.

JUMPS founder Doug Hogate Jr. concluded that the home is highly active with paranormal activity and stated, at the time, he hoped to return.

Because I joined the team in October 2012, I had the opportunity to return to the home with the team on Jan. 5.

Myself and three other investigators arrived around 7 p.m. and began setting up night vision IR cameras in the basement, office and two in the attic area, along with digital voice recorders, K2 meters and our newest piece of equipment, the Rem Pod — a device with an antenna that radiates its own electromagnetic field and alerts if that field is disturbed.

During the investigation, we experienced a few, subtle, unexplained noises, mostly rustling sounds in the attic and a few strange light anomalies were spotted on our video monitor by whichever investigator was monitoring base.

However, what we didn’t hear is the most interesting evidence captured.

After the long task of reviewing hours of audio and video footage collected during the investigation, more than 20 EVPs were captured of several different voices including a child, a female and a male.

These voices said everything from names - including the name of the home owner – to having a conversation among themselves.

JUMPS returned to the home recently to reveal the evidence gathered to the home owner.

“It’s hard to determine what exactly is going on because there’s just so much,” Hogate told the home owner.

For the reveal, Hogate prepared a DVD containing all EVPs and video evidence collected with explanations of what was happening in each clip.

After watching and hearing all the strange activity, and discussing the names captured including Nicole and the name of the home owner, conversation led to discussing the possibility of the house being some sort of portal to the “other side.”


kelly roncace.jpg

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Come to find out, there’s a natural stream that runs directly under the house. It has given the home owner some trouble with her septic system in the past, but is still there.

Hogate explained that water is a conduit and carries electricity.

“A strong current can create electromagnetic energy which may draw (spirits) to the house and can give them energy,” Hogate said. “It could be fueling the fire.”

Hogate said he and the team are going to research historic maps and environmental charts in the hopes verifying this claim.

“This could be one of the reasons why this location is so active,” he said. “This residence is not your typical haunted residence. There is just so much activity and so many different types of spirits ranging from female to male to children, from nice spirits to angry ones.”

Hogate said, after these two investigations, he has no doubt that the evidence found supports the client’s claims.

“However, there is more there to find out,” he said. “The team is researching every angle of the property, the history and surrounding area to see what could be causing all this activity. This is an ongoing case and the client has given an open invitation to continue to conduct our research until we can get to the bottom of who and why.”

For more information and to read the entire report of this and other investigations, visit www.jumps.2fear.com.

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