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10 Mar 2013


Sceptic on edge after paranormal mission

A CLYDEBANK movie-maker was left with chills after accompanying ghost hunters on a mission to uncover paranormal activity.

Mountblow man Iain McGuinness, 28, recently spent seven days travelling around 600 miles to some of the country's spookiest locations in an attempt to try and capture any spirit activity on film.

During the ghostbusting mission Iain and the team used state-of-the-art equipment capable of detecting any changes to the surrounding electromagnetic fields which are invisible to the naked eye.

He told the Post that despite going into the project as a sceptic he had witnessed some strange things which he couldn't explain.

Iain said: "We went to this hotel which was supposedly haunted and we had strange experiences with doors opening of their own accord, the bathroom light going on and things falling off the curtain rail.

"We also heard singing voices and there was strange smells, all that sort of thing. I'm still pretty sceptical but things were definitely happening."

While filming at Toward Castle, outside Dunoon and Ardlamont House, Argyll, Iain also said he witnessed further strange occurrences.

He added: "We got a strange event on camera where something definitely touched the ground and the ground moved but there was nothing there. It was as if something invisible was there.

"But the most interesting thing was one of the last ones we filmed which was Ardlamont House, an old mansion house, and that was the one where I felt the most activity.

"A young aristocrat was shot supposedly accidentally during shooting lessons 100 years ago but it turned out his instructor shot him for the life insurance. He died in a room downstairs and I was getting taps on the head and felt things touching the small of my back.

"There was one part of the house I really didn't want to be in - the servant quarters. We heard voices, we asked questions and then there would be loud taps. It was certainly an experience."

Iain's recent ghost-hunting adventure saw him team up with Glasgow Paranormal Investigators (GPI) - who tour old buildings, castles and abandoned mansions with history or reported paranormal activity.

The team also worked with a number of television and film actors including former Coronation Street star Patricia Ford during the filming of six episodes.

Once the editing process is complete the series will now be pitched to satellite television companies and there has already been interest from the United States as well.

The programme making also helped to raise much needed funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Scotland with a number of representatives from the charity accompanying the team on the ghost hunt.

To make a donation go to www.justgiving.com/HauntedPlanetTV

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