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4 Apr 2013


Back from the bread

Bakery 'haunted' by ghost called Charlotte

 Plaxtol balery in Petts Wood, south east London, which is apparently being haunted by a young girl called Charlotte, who has thrown trays around and written the first few letters of her name in sugar.
Charlotte ... staff at Plaxtol Village Bakery believe the spooky spectre was trying to spell out name

A HUNGRY ghost of a girl called Charlotte has returned from beyond the grave to haunt a bakery, its staff insist.

Spooked employees of of the Plaxtol Village Bakery in Petts Wood, south east London claim to have witnessed the spectre causing havoc by throwing bread and trays around.

They have even provided a photo which they say shows the presence, having spelled out the first few letters of her name in caster sugar.

They believe the spirit could be that of a youngster killed by a V2 rocket that slammed into the area during the Second World War.


Spooked staff ... employees have seen bread thrown around

Manager Louise Martin, 38, said: “The first time one of us encountered the ghost was in the summer.

“I came into the shop and there were trays all over the floor. I went into the back and a colleague of mine was there.

“He was crouched on the ground shaking so I asked him what was wrong. He said the trays had been thrown off their racks — all on their own.

“I couldn’t believe it — but it has happened again three or four times since then and I have seen it.”

“She is friendly, she doesn’t mean any harm.

“She is quite mischievous, quite naughty, but really we think she just wants to make her presence known — maybe she is trying to send us a message.”


Remzi Mustafa
Mystery ... new owner Remzi Mustafa is perplexed by trays being thrown around

The name of the spirit is believed to be Charlotte, after the letters C, H and A were found eerily spelled out in castor sugar one day when nobody had been around.

Yet the bakery’s new owner, Remzi Mustafa, 36, has not been frightened away by the girly ghoul.

He said: “Just the other day, after the recent snow, I came in early in the morning, around 6.30am.

“As I approached the back door I noticed there were small footprints in the snow.

“The footprints led up to the back door, and then they disappeared — there were no footprints going off in another direction.

“The door was locked so I couldn’t understand what had happened.

“We figured because of the size of the footprints she must be a little girl.”

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