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6 Jul 2013


Bid to uncover truth behind haunted pub

A LANDLORD called in a paranormal investigator after discovering his new pub contained more spirits than just the ones behind the bar.

Ray Braiden took over the Seven Stars in Robertsbridge on June 3 and moved in to the High Street property with wife Michelle, daughters Hannah and Emily and Emily’s partner Ben.

Days after the family moved in, strange incidents were reported in the top room, occupied by Emily and Ben.

Items were moved around and a small dish sitting on a speaker was seen to be ‘skimmed’ through the air across the room.

And one night the couple woke to find the mattress they had been sleeping on had been moved. Emily and Ben have since moved out of the pub.

The Seven Stars has a reputation for spooky goings-on and was previously named one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the country.

Ray, a retired detective sergeant with Sussex Police, said: “You hear all these stories from people who have lived here.

“Some of my regulars have had sightings of shadowy figures, people have heard footsteps and doors rattling in the night and televisions coming on after the switch has been thrown off.

“And of course there is the presence of the Red Monk who is alleged to have haunted this building.”

Ray contacted old friend and paranormal investigator Rob Foster.

Ray said: “This spirit was here long before I moved in and I’m happy to coexist with it, but I do not want my family scared.”

Rob and daughter Tanya run Hidden Worlds Paranormal Support Group, a confidential group for people who have been affected by paranormal activity.

They visited the Seven Stars and saw first hand the work of the pesky poltergeist.

The pair had their equipment pushed over and Tanya was ‘poked’ a number of times.

Audio equipment recorded strange footsteps and doors rattling.

Hastings-based Rob said: “We are trying to find out what it is in a bid to coexist with it and find out whether it’s harmful. At the moment the jury is out on that.

“We are going to come back and do a full investigation shortly and establish exactly what is here.”

Rob believes that several spirits inhabit the 14th Century pub, with previous incumbents reporting sightings of mysterious figures in the bar and items flying off the shelves in the kitchen.

Rob said he was able to communicate with one of the spirits using electronic equipment.

By asking closed questions and measuring the response, which sounds like radio static, he says the ghost gave its name and claims he was buried in Salehurst churchyard in the 1600s.

Rob is carrying out additional research to discover who the spirits are.

Rob and Ray are also keen to locate the opening to a shaft, apparently hidden in the building, which is rumoured to lead to a hidden cellar, which dates back several centuries.

Rob is asking members of the public who have had their own encounters with the paranormal at the Seven Stars to come forward with their stories to help identify the spirits.

Rob said: “It’s about trying to find answers as much as we can.”

Anyone who has experienced paranormal activity at the pub can email robf1@talktalk.net or visit www.facebook.com/hiddenworldspsg

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