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21 Jul 2013


Ghost hunters zero in on Lyons home

THE house of former Australian prime minister Joseph Lyons will be investigated for paranormal activity by the Tas Ghost Hunting Society.

The National Trust property Home Hill, in Devonport, is a timber house that was built in 1916 by Joseph and Enid Lyons, where they raised 12 children.

Tas Ghost Hunting Society team leader Tano Orlando said the group found the old home fascinating.

``The property manager said she had a few stories which she didn't divulge to me at the time, but the less we know the better,'' Mr Orlando said.

Last month, the Tas Ghost Hunting Society conducted an investigation at Franklin House, Youngtown, using paranormal research equipment.

This included K2 meters which detect spikes in electro-magnetic energy, digital video recorders with infra-red illuminators and a SP-7 spirit box, which uses radio frequency to emit white noise that is inaudible to humans but enables paranormal entities to be heard.

Mr Orlando said the investigation at Home Hill would use the same equipment and would be set up on the evening of August 7.

``If for instance a person saw an apparition in a certain place in the building - in a hot spot - we would set up a recording device there,'' Mr Orlando said.

``If we can't explain what we come up with,  then that is paranormal. It may be a ghost, it may be just a breeze but we first try and do as much debunking as we can.''

Home Hill property manager Ann Teesdale said the house emitted a warm and comforting feeling. ``Several thousand people have come through the house but only a handful have reported anything,'' she said.

``They say it feels really loved - it is nothing nasty, or sinister, but they feel something.''

The full results of the Franklin House investigation have not been released, but a male voice was reportedly captured on the Electrical Voice Phenomenon recorder, and a full spectrum video recorder also captured light abnormalities on a staircase, which was reported to be a paranormal hot spot.

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