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27 Sep 2013


Top 5 celebrity ghost encounters

Photo Credit Wiki

Photo Credit Wiki

Have you ever heard something go bump in the night, see a strange dark shadow out of the corner of your eye, or just come face to face with what you believe is some sort of ghostly spirit?

If you have ever endured some sort of paranormal encounter then take comfort in knowing that the spirit world also on occasion stops by to visit with some of the biggest names in Hollywood also.

Here is a list of the top five biggest celebrity ghost stories to enjoy.

5. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, the daughter of celebrity actress Goldie Hawn and known for her hit film “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days” reveals that while she was filming the horror thriller “Skeleton Key” she had a ghostly encounter of her own.

Hudson claims that she has seen a ghost with no face, which paranormal activity specialist call a “ghostly archetype.” Kate stated that she came in contact with this ghost several times, Kate believes she has also been visited by the spirit of her grandmother, who is watching out for her from beyond.

4. Nicholas Cage

Nic Cage claims that he also has several ghostly tales but the one that comes to his mind first involves the time he was vacationing at Francis Ford Coppola’s home in Napa.

Cage claims he was staying in the attic bedroom at the estate when he was visited by the ghost of a woman with a big teased up hair style. Cage claims his first thought was that he was being visited by his dead aunt, until she got to close to him and left the “Face Off” star frightened beyond belief.

3. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey confessed he was was visited by a ghost, and that it really “freaked” him out back in 2003.the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” star described the encounter saying that he kept hearing noises that sounded like someone was dropping a dime from the ceiling to the floor.

Matthew stated he jumped from his bed and began searching room to room for whatever was making the ghostly noises.Now he claims he is at ease with his ghost and even named her calling her Madame Blue, and he says reveals that they all get along very well together.

2. Keanu Reeves

Reeves claims that his ghost tale is fairly simple, but equally creepy. Keanu claims that when he was just a small child of five, he and his sister had a run in with a ghost that was haunting their home, describing it as a ghostly apparition who was wearing a double-breasted suit, the spirit however had no legs.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

We saved the oddest celebrity ghost encounter for last and it involves the late Anna Nicole Smith. Those of you who are familiar with the eccentricities of the deceased model know that Anna did not do anything in her life in a small nature.

So, not only was Ann Nicole Smith being haunted by a spirit she claims she was also having sex with her ghostly visitor, who she first thought was a deceased boyfriend from her past, she late reveals that it was not a familiar past spirit, but a spirit that she became intimately familiar with, who she also stated was a great lover!

There you have it the five top celebrity ghost encounters, which one was your favorite tale?

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