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4 Oct 2013


Haunted Places and Legends in the Miami Valley

DAYTON -- With Halloween upon us, not only will little ghosts and goblins be out and about but the bigger, scarier kinds will be as well.   

The state of Ohio has its fair share of haunted sites.  There's even a website to guide you through all the scare houses and local ghostly legends, so we wanted to explore some of the more popular haunted attractions in the greater Dayton area.  This is what we found.

House of Chambers in Middletown claims to be a haunted house that's really scary with more than 30 rooms and 100 doors.  It promises to exploit your fears and make them a reality.

But if you're looking for a little less fright and a little more legend, check out Woodland Cemetery in Dayton.

Near the entrance you will come across the grave of little Johnny Morehouse. The boy died in 1860 when he was just 5 years old.
"And Johnny Morehouse was playing with his dog at the canal ... and he fell into the canal and drowned. His dog pulled him out of the canal," said Debra Mescher from the Woodland Historic Cemetery and Arboretum.

Since then, people from all over the world leave toys, trinkets and candy on little Johnny's gravestone.

"The dog would come supposedly to his grave everyday because he missed him so much," said Mescher.

Over the years, people claim to see ghosts of the boy and his faithful dog playing in the cemetery.

The Ridge Street Bridge in Dayton is said to be haunted by the ghostly sounds of Bessie Little.

Apparently, Bessie was pregnant and her lover, Albert Frantz, didn't want to marry her so he shot her and threw her body over the bridge in 1896. 

Albert's Frantz petitioned for life in prison instead of the death penalty, but it was denied and he was ultimately executed.

Frankesteins castle, a large stone turret overlooking Dayton's community golf course, was reportedly built atop a Civil War burial ground.

Legend has it, a young woman climbed to the top one night and committed suicide. Now it's said you can see her standing there, wearing a long black robe, walking around and looking over the edge.

And then there's Blair Hall at Sinclair Community College.

Gina Neuerer is the lighting designer at the Main Theatre on campus with many a night alone in the theater, she says she has no doubt ghosts loom inside.

Others say strange noises are common place, like cats howling and babies crying.

Some have felt people pulling on their hair or leaning against them when no one's around.

So there's no shortage of haunted locations in the Miami Valley.  You only have to look around, but beware if you dare.

Check out other haunted places across Ohio here: http://www.hauntedohio.com/

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