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20 Oct 2013


Halloween travel: Ghost stories from haunted hotels

Posted by Melanie Nayer  October 19, 2013 05:48 AM

Omni Mount Washington- Room 314.jpgPhoto: Room 314 at the Omni Mount Washington hotel in Brenton Woods, NH, is said to be haunted.

With every Halloween there's a good scare. This year, we're sharing some spooky, and rather creepy, tales from haunted hotels who just can't seem to get rid of some lingering guests.

If the traditional trick-or-treating events and Fright Night festivities have become too dull for you, try checking in to one of these hotels and let us know what you discover. Here's wishing you a good night's sleep...

The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, NY: According to legend there was a maid in the early 1900’s that was having an affair with a gentlemen in The Sagamore (1930) during his summer stay with his wife. After hearing his wife’s suspicions he had broken off the affair and the maid confronted him in his room to talk about it. During this discussion, the wife came in to the room and, assuming the worst, began wrestling with the maid, strangling her and killing her. The husband and wife immediately checked out and when the maid was discovered the next day it was assumed that she died of natural causes while cleaning the room. Upset that the husband and wife got away with murder, it is rumored that the maid continues to haunt the occupants of this room trying to induce havoc in their relationship. It is said that the room gets very cold. Some couples have asked to move because they can’t get the room warm enough. There have been stories that the blankets are removed during the night and when the lights are turned on no one is there.

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island, GA: This hotel seems to have a bellman with a cap and suit like the ones we see in movies of the 1920’s, a far different look from actual bellmen who greets you at this historic hotel today. This bellman, from post WWI days, is very particular about delivering freshly pressed suits to bridegrooms. He has been seen, mostly on the second floor of the club building, knocking gently on a guest room door and announcing his purpose. More than one bridegroom, who had not ordered these services, has inquired about the mysterious bellman.

Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, NH: Known affectionately by staff members as “The Princess,” Caroline Foster is a long-time inhabitant of the hotel, even though she passed away in 1939. Princess Caroline Foster’s ties to the resort go back to its inception, when her husband, railroad tycoon Joseph Stickney, built the grand resort in 1902. Incorporating special accommodations for his wife, construction of the resort included an indoor swimming pool and a private dining room for Caroline, known today as the “Princess Room.” A prominent figure at the resort since its opening, many guests who have visited continue to report sightings of the regal Caroline. Visions of an elegant woman in Victorian dress are often spotted in the hallways of the hotel, there are light taps on doors when no one is outside and items that suddenly disappear and then reappear in the exact place they were lost. But perhaps the most common sighting of the beloved Caroline is in room 314, where guests report seeing the vision of the woman sitting at the edge of their guest bed—the same custom-made four-post bed Caroline shared with her husband.

La Posada de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM: The hotel dates back to 1882 when a Santa Fe Trail merchant, Abraham Staab, built it as a three-story Victorian mansion for his family. When Julia, Staab’s wife, died in 1896 at the age of 52, her presence continued to live on throughout the home. Today, the Staab House at La Posada de Santa Fe retains its original structure and is home to a cozy bar, and Suite 100, which used to be Julia’s bedroom. To honor her, the hotel staff makes sure to invite her to parties held in the house and to greet her when they enter her bedroom.

Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC: The 100-year-old hotel has had a ghost roaming its halls for over half a century. She is referred to as the Pink Lady because of the flowing pink gown she wears. It is believed that this young woman was a guest in Room 545 in the 1920s and that she either jumped or was pushed to her death in the Main Inn’s Palm Court, five floors below. New reports of her sightings still occur, especially by young children. Some say they just see a pink mist, others a full apparition of a young long-haired beauty in a pink gown.

La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, NM: Located in the center of Santa Fe, the hotel harbors paranormal tales stemming from Old West brawls and shootouts. Shot to death in 1867 in the hotel lobby (then operating as the U.S. Hotel), the Honorable John P. Slough, chief justice of the Territorial Supreme Court, never left. He is still rumored to linger along the hotel’s hallways. More often reported are sightings of the ghost of a distraught salesman emerging from the fountain in the center of La Fonda’s restaurant, La Plazuela. More than a century ago, the salesman jumped into a well that was located just outside the gambling hall when the hotel operated as The Exchange Hotel. He had lost all of his company’s money in a card game.

Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, AK: In the 1930s, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa became an experimental cancer hospital. "Dr." Norman Baker, claiming to be a licensed physician, examined cancer patients in the hotel's basement while charging unsuspecting families their life savings. Several apparitions from the hospital visit the hotel today. "Dr. Baker" has been seen in the hotel lobby. He is described as a man in a purple shirt and white linen suit matching photographs of the infamous entrepreneur. "A nurse pushing a gurney" residing in Dr. Baker's old morgue area is known to squeak and rattle down the halls of the hotel. A hotel maintenance man witnessed all the washers and dryers mysteriously turn on the middle of the night. The laundry room is located next to Dr. Baker's old morgue which still contains his autopsy table and walk-in freezer. Housekeepers report meeting "Theodora" in room 419. She introduces herself as a cancer patient of Dr. Baker's and vanishes after courtesies are verbally exchanged.

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