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3 Nov 2013


A Haunting in Chestertown

By Paige Kube and Kay Wicker

Gibson Center for the Arts: In Tawes, a man was hanging lights prior to a big production, when he was tragically electricuted. Since the incident, the details have been muddied, but students still believe his spirit haunts the theater. A book, “Haunted Homeland: A Definitive Collection of North American Ghost Stories,” even claims a custodian had taken his own life in the theater. Back in the day, even campus security officers would avoid Gibson on their nightly rounds. Students would complain of icy winds while no air conditioning was running, nor any windows open.

Middle Hall: Students claim the middle Hill dorm isn’t merely haunted when the students put on their annual haunted house. This dorm was once a civil war hospital, but burned down from reasons still unconfirmed. Since it’s rebuilding, it has never been the same. Students have claimed they have seen a women in a white dress wandering the basement (civil war nurse, perhaps?). Doors slam mysteriously, due to a draft…or a ghost. Students sometimes find themselves all wide awake late into the wee hours during a full moon. Each year, students continue to move into their dorms in Middle, unsure of their fate.

Reid Hall: Another war myth haunts these halls. Maybe an all girls dorm wasn’t the brightest of ideas when this particular group attended Washington College. It has been said that a group of girls found themselves friends, bonding over the fact that they all had lovers in the war. They made a pact that if their boyfriends did not return to war, they would all find a way to be with them…and they would all do that together. Its no wonder Reid has such oddly shaped ceilings.

Hynson-Ringgold House: It is said that the good ol’ presidential abode was apart of the Underground Railroad itself. Underneath the ornate staircases and fireplace was slaves’ way to freedom. The Custom’s House? I’m sure that had something to do with it, leading directly to the water where freedom lay. Perhaps President Reiss falls asleep to ghosts whistling underneath.

Smith Hall: Need I say more?

201 Washington Ave (aka The Ouija Board House): With all this talk of ghosts, why not just ask them yourself? Stop by The Ouija Board House and beckon some spirits. The house is for sale. It’s been noted that the creator of the Ouija Board lived in this house. Who knows if he left his board there for the next tenants.

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