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27 Jan 2014


Paranormal activity reported at assisted living center

A Grand Haven assisted living center apparently has more residents than just the elderly in its care.
Kevin Collier
Jan 27, 2014

Several members on staff have reported seeing strange things and have heard eyewitness accounts from residents of paranormal activity at the home.

A former male resident who passed away many years ago is said to have taken up occupancy again at the nursing home. Witnesses said the man, who we'll address as Dan, reappeared at the facility a few years back.

“I was working in the kitchen, and when I walked out into the dining room, I saw a man in the corner of my eye,” a member on staff said. “When I turned around to see who it was, there was no one there. I was the only one in the dining room.”

The woman was so concerned about the experience that she called her mother, who also worked at the same assisted living facility, on the phone.

“I described this man that I saw, and she thought that it was a former resident named 'Dan' who died about two years earlier,” she said.

That evening, while passing out night snacks to residents, this employee walked into the room of Dan’s widow, who was a resident at the home.

“I walked into her room to put her snack on her night stand," the caregiver recounted. “She looked at me straight in the eye and told me that ‘Dan woke me up today.' Of course, I freaked out at that moment and fast-walked out of her room.”

On Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010, another caregiver at the assisted living center, whom we will address as Amanda, was working second shift when she went to attend a resident in need. When she returned to her medical cart in the hall, she found a message scribbled out in black ink. It read: “We are from the plane — lost  — we will not hurt you! Honest!”

The nurse believed a resident wrote this message and left it on her cart while she was away from it.

However, she stated the residents in that particular area are Alzheimer patients, and the only patient who could write in a script was a woman known as "Edith." But Edith’s handwriting did not match the penmanship on the note.

In another situation, one resident at the facility reported that she witnessed a little girl playing around in her third-floor residence. However, no child was found, and no registered visitors were reported to have been in that area at the time.

Another claim of a paranormal encounter was between a caregiver and a man seated in a resident’s room. Checking in on another resident, the caregiver departed the room for mere seconds and, upon her return, the man had vanished.

Another caregiver helped search for the mystery guest. Two aides stated they never saw a man enter or exit the room, nor did they see any visitor in the hallway.

“She (the attending caregiver) freaked out,” one employee recalled. “There was no trace of him whatsoever.”

Perhaps the strangest thing about the claimed paranormal activity at the assisted living facility is it appears to be common knowledge there. While much of the reported activity is trivial, most of the significant activity seems to occur on a particular shift.

“Little sightings (happening) are very common (knowledge) among the nurses that work there,” a member on staff said. “Most activity, I believe, occurs on second shift.”

Caregivers believe some of the specters might be former residents, while other phantoms are visitors stopping by to see a friend. Of course, long hours and overactive imaginations might factor in, as well.

Whatever it is that's going on there, it keeps caregivers on their toes.

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