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19 Apr 2014




Hotel del Coronado's ghost story


The Hotel del Coronado has, for years, been fabled as having a resident ghost. Fact or fiction? It doesn't matter what you think. It does matter, however, to the hundreds of people who have slept in Room 3327 over the last hundred years, some of whom have had first-hand experiences with "her".

Here's how the story goes: On November 24, 1892, just before Thanksgiving, a young woman checked into the Hotel del Coronado under the name of Lottie Bernard. Ms. Bernard arrived with no luggage, her explanation being that her brother was holding the claim ticket and then they became separated.

During the next couple of days, Ms. Bernard's brother, Dr. Anderson, did not show up. According to the hotel's staff, Kate appeared to be getting sickly. Shortly thereafter, she was said to be seen going out, by streetcar, to purchase a pistol and ammunition.

The next morning, she was found dead, just outside the hotel. The death was considered a suicide by Coronado's local officials yet much of the evidence supported that of a murder.

Upon further investigation, it was reported that Lottie Bernard was an alias for a young woman named Kate Morgan. According to the newspapers, Ms. Morgan was known for traveling on trains with her husband to set up their poker game 'con'. The pair passed themselves off as an innocent brother and sister duo.

Since 2007, however, there has been controversy over the identity of the ghost who resides so cantankerously at the hotel.

The legend is false, said medium Bonnie Vent.

Bonnie Vent feels the legend about Kate Morgan is completely false. Instead of claiming disbelief or a lack of a ghostly presence, Ms. Vent contends the ghost is not that of Kate Morgan, alias Lottie Bernard, but is someone who was actually named Lottie Barnard.

How would Bonnie Vent know?

Because she can speak with the dead. Evidently, Lottie spoke with Bonnie and said that one of the main reasons she is still haunting the "del" is because she is waiting for the real story to be told.

Here is a video excerpt from Bonnie Vent's communications with the ghost.

Note: According to Vent's website the spelling of Barnard is the correct spelling. The front desk clerk who signed her in mispelled her name as Bernard. The City Directory record from Detroit in 1890 shows her as Mrs. Charlotte Barnard. (Source: http://www.sdparanormal.com/page/page/507340.htm)

However, if Lottie was just hanging around waiting for the truth to come out, then why is the hotel still being haunted?

William Madigan, from Santa Rosa, CA, stayed at the Hotel del Coronado in the recent past, without prior knowledge of any ghost stories. Within three days, Mr. Madigan found himself inquiring at the front desk as to the housekeeping practices in the hotel. When asked why, he blurted out several incidents that happened during his stay and he was told about the legend.

"The first time I left my room with my tv on and returned with it off was not a big signal. I figured housekeeping had come in and shut it off. However, that was just the beginning of some of the strangest things I had ever experienced in a hotel and I travel all over the country for my work," said Mr. Madigan.

He adds, "By day three, I was spooked. Drawers that were closed were found open, audible knocking sounds that seemed to come from nowhere were heard, not to mention some of my personal possessions were moved and missing. I was convinced and still am. The ghost of Kate or Lottie was hanging around in my room."

Whether you believe this legend is fact, fiction or simply unexplained, there are hundreds of stories that support the claim that a ghost was and still is hanging out at the Hotel del Coronado. Check it out yourself. Reserve and stay in room 3327 and let us know. We dare you.

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