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29 May 2014


A happy haunted house (and bakery) on Maple Street: Abita Town Talk

'I guess the ghosts have decided to like us,' says Jan Liggett, owner of the Maple Street Bakery and Cafe in Abita Springs. (Jane Sprouse)
Jane Sprouse By Jane Sprouse
on May 28, 2014 at 4:54 PM

The house at 72066 Maple St. is more than 100 years old and has a history of being a convalescent home, a residence, an art gallery and an insurance office. It's currently a bakery. 

During its early days as a convalescent home, folks came from New Orleans for the air and water, bringing tuberculosis with them. Might the ghosts that caused the following activity be from that era?
The most compelling reports come from Ursula Hand, who lived in the back and had her insurance office in the front room. She claims the paranormal activity was "round the clock" and "scary." Some constant activities included hearing footsteps on the porch, electrical problems (lights flickering, appliances getting unplugged, phone lines making noises and being disconnected), doors opening and closing and rocking chairs rocking on their own.

Clients would find the front door repeatedly locked during business hours. The metal covers of a double-sided fireplace blew off with such force, the arm of a chair was damaged. The covers were wired back in place only to blow off again and again. A painting kept being knocked off the wall. The image of a Celtic cross was engraved into the wooden arm of a chair. Ursula's security company reported seeing things moving at night between the walls.

She decided to move to another location when their Christmas tree got thrown to the floor with such force, all the ornaments broke. Her daughter had, by then, reported seeing an apparition. Even though she had the house twice blessed by priests, the activity continued.
Between 2003 and 2011, the house was investigated by several paranormal investigation teams. Larry Montz, founding field parapsychologist of The International Society for Paranormal Research in Los Angeles and his partner, Daena Smoller, were in that number. Smoller is in possession of all the footage from their investigation. However, due to some discrepancy over the release of any information from the investigation, there's no access to their evidence.

MapleStreetBakery.jpgThe Maple Street Bakery and Cafe in Abita Springs.

Currently, Jan Ligget is there, fulfilling a dream of owning her own bakery. As a former Boston Marathon runner, Ligget is motivated to persevere. To finish a race, one must sacrifice and keep up a fast pace. Starting a business requires someone who understands dedication, hard work and perseverance.

"4 a.m. is running late," she declared, explaining her "baker's hours."

It's a work ethic even ghosts have to respect. "Keeping it old school," Ligget makes everything from scratch, using fresh ingredients, including all her fillings and icings. So, approaching that magical make-it-or-break-it milestone of five years in business, she's poised to persevere.
When asked about her own paranormal experiences, Ligget said, "The only experience I've had was feeling like someone was pushing on me."

She stood strong.

"That's never happened again so, I guess the ghosts have decided to like us," she said.

If ghosts can smell, the aroma within the walls of 72066 Maple St. is enough to comfort them. Repeat after me – pecan-praline filled white almond wedding cake! If that's not other-worldly...
Jane Sprouse writes about the Abita Springs area and may be reached at relategate03@hotmail.com.

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