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19 Oct 2014


Most haunted places in LoDo

DENVER - Downtown Denver has undergone quite the transformation over the years. While LoDo is now known for its nightlife, many spots in the bustling bar scene once were the places of horrific crimes, which some believe still haunt the area today.

History Colorado along with tour guide and author Kevin Pharris offered up haunted tours leading up to Halloween.

Ready for some spooks? Here are a few places you can visit:

MATTIE'S HOUSE OF MIRRORS - Once a well-known brothel in the 1890's, this building next to Lodo's Bar and Grill has a lengthy history. Jack the Strangler killed three women who worked at the brothel on the 1900 block of Market Street.

Terrorizing the streets in 1894. Many people believe they have encountered the spirits of his victims.

SCRUFFY MURPHY'S - The Irish bar is said to have a "mild haunting." Loud sounds are heard on second floor when no one's upstairs.

THE TAVERN - Are there such things as friendly ghosts? The Tavern staff told Pharris a chilling tale which happened a few years ago. Two women closing the bar one night had finished up and were ready to leave. As one headed to her car parked in the front, the other went to a car in the back alley. As they left, the stage lights flashed red. Startled, both women stopped. As they collected themselves and prepared to leave again, the lights flashed red again. They took the flashing light as a warning signal this time. Both women walked out the front door together and drove to the car in the alley. The headlines of the car they were in seemed to frighten two men, who were each standing at either side of the back door. The men ran away, fast. And the women never encountered another freaky happening since. The alley is said to be the place where one of Jack the Strangler's victims was found.

If you want to hear more of these tales, follow the tag on Twitter to help you with a self-guided tour.#HauntedDenver

For more information on the tours, visit http://www.historycolorado.org/

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