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4 Dec 2014


Boston Borough Council call in paranormal investigators

By Boston Target  |  Posted: December 03, 2014

Boston Borough Council call in paranormal investigators

Paranormal investigators have concluded Boston Borough Council’s offices are haunted by the ghost of a former lawyer called Jeremy.

The council released details in November of a number of spooky goings-on at its Municipal Buildings in West Street.

These included a shadowy figure appearing behind a member of staff and then disappearing, disk drawers on computers opening on their own – even when computers have been switched off and a glass flying off the top of a fridge and smashing to the floor.

A number of paranormal groups contacted the council offering to investigate strange events including Boston-based “Paranormal 3”.

They are now analysing their findings, which they claim, point to a friendly haunting by someone who may have worked in the office when that part of the building was the police station.

Breathing and sounds of movement were detected on a recorder left in the unoccupied office next door and devices measuring electro-magnetic waves and static electricity were both set off.

The static electricity device, only activated when a significant presence discharging static electricity passes within close proximity, sounded its alarm twice when it had been left alone in a nearby file room.

The team of four said they were made aware of the presence of a person who worked in a responsible legal position in the building when the council shared space with both the police and fire brigade.

Jeremiah, known to his friends as Jeremy, may have been a lawyer and had a large desk in the office now occupied by the environmental operations team at the council.

His office may have extended into the next door building control office where the recording of someone moving about was made. A stud wall now separates the two.

The investigators said Jeremiah indicated a connection with the Freemasons – and his presence in the real world is accidental and not menacing.

On the day when paranormal investigators arrived, staff complained of a breeze whirring like a fan above their heads, chilling the office despite the heating being on at full blast.

The office is in the oldest part of the 110-year-old Municipal Buildings and close to where the police cells were once positioned. The investigators said another “residual” presence was detected in the file room – that of a slightly built young man.

Tina Woodcock, founder member of Paranormal 3, said: “I have been busy reviewing more of the footage and have discovered the disembodied voice of a man saying what sounds like “Come back” and a male groan.

“The name Jerry, spoken by a male voice, is also heard to come through the white noise on a device that scans radio frequencies.”

Boston Borough Council spokesman Andrew Malkin said he invited the group into investigate as they were the first to show interest.

He said: “They were one of a number of groups to contact us after the unexplained occurrences. I let them in as they asked first.”

Staff member Kayleigh Wagg was confronted by a shadowy figure when making a coffee. She was alone at the time.

She said: “I sometimes get a creepy feeling and there are cold spots in the office. I turned from the fridge after making a coffee and in front of me was this dark figure.

“I screamed and it just disappeared. The office is often really cold even though we have good heating. I don’t like to be here on my own now and if I am I keep the door open with a chair. I never believed in ghosts, but I’m not so sure now.”

Colleague Emma Butler said her computer disk drawer had popped open, even when the machine had been switched off. And she said a glass, which had been placed well away from the edge of the fridge, had smashed to the ground.

Becky Shinn, an environmental crime officers, added: “Something is definitely happening. One day the beam supporting one of the strip lights began to creak and we could see it. There was nothing to cause this and after a while it just stopped.”

Read more: http://www.bostontarget.co.uk/Boston-Borough-Council-paranormal-investigators/story-25035497-detail/story.html#ixzz3KyOFV4fN
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