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9 Feb 2015


East-side house once home to 5 apparitions

In 2001, Heidi, her husband and three children moved from Ferrysburg into a home on Fulton Avenue in Grand Haven. They were unaware of the house’s dark history.
Kevin Collier
Feb 9, 2015



It was said the residence, located near Fricano’s Pizza, had been the scene of five unnatural deaths since it was built, and harbored just as many spirits.

After moving in, the family began experiencing paranormal occurrences, which escalated over the months. Overcome with the activity, the family moved out after a year and a half, but the memories of apparitions still remain.

The first apparition became known as the “Angry Man.” According to Heidi, it resided downstairs and was the spirit of a man who was “shot in the chest, because he was cheating at a card game.”

Heidi said a friend’s grandmother knew the family of the murdered man, and confirmed the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

“You could feel him when you were in the basement,” Heidi said, explaining it as a “someone is watching you” feeling. “When he got used to you, noises followed and the lights shut on and off while you’re down there.”

This apparition would also poke, pull hair, slap and push.

The second apparition, whom the family dubbed “Nasty Woman,” was seen in the main part of the house, particularly the living room.

“She was definitely not nice, and a big nuisance,” Heidi said. “I’m not quite sure where she came from, only that she was unhappy, and had hung herself in what was — when we lived there — the kitchen and dining room.”

It was Heidi’s autistic son who first encountered the spirit. According to the son, he was standing by the TV, eating a sucker, when the apparition walked down the stairs, gave a look of disgust and then charged him. She spun the bed around a few times, glared at him, and then walked back upstairs.

Eventually, Heidi and all three of her children became aware of the “Nasty Woman.”

The third apparition was the non-threatening spirit of a teen male, who resided in her daughter’s bedroom closet.

“It was sad,” Heidi recalled. She tried to help him “move on,” but the spirit was frightened. Heidi claimed the teen apparition spoke, revealing its fear.

“Heard it with my own ears,” Heidi said, “and so did my daughter. He was Catholic, and had taken his own life. He was afraid of going to hell.”

The fourth and fifth apparitions were children.

“The only reason I realized they were even there was because my two boys had imaginary friends,” Heidi recalled.

But the boy and a girl apparitions were “anything but imagined.” Heidi could hear “giggles and whispering” coming from the upstairs when her children were at school.

Heidi sought out help from churches concerning the spirits. She spoke to one minister, but he said that he couldn’t help the family. Their church did not recognize such things.

“He said he thought the kids were making stories up to scare me and my husband,” Heidi said. “I showed myself to the door.”

In May 2003, after 18 months of escalating paranormal experiences, the family packed up and left.

“The last full week we were there, a very scary thing happened,” Heidi said. “Everything was scary, but this was off the wall.”

At 12:45 one night of that last week, Heidi's husband supposedly came home early from work. He stood inside the doorway with his back facing her. Fear soon replaced security. The family dog cocked her head and growled. The children began to cry. Heidi turned to speak to her children and then turned back to face her husband — who had vanished.

The children became hysterical and Heidi called her husband, reaching him at his place of work. Whatever, or whomever, had been standing inside the doorway was not him.

Heidi's husband jumped into his car and rushed home. He did not return to work that night.

On the final moving day, which had gone on into early the next day, Heidi and her husband prepared to take the last load out to the car at about 3:30 a.m.

“My husband and I were looking around to see if we got everything,” Heidi recalled. Then, a mocking, disembodied voice emerged.

“Right in front of us came this very disturbing laugh,” she said. “We looked at each other, and practically ran out the back door.”

Whether the five spirits still reside in the Fulton Avenue house is not known.

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