Ayutthaya – A house owner told police her house was haunted by her dead husband and that a burglar fled after encountering the ghost.

Police could only establish that the burglar left her house in a hurry, leaving many valuables behind.

Lieutenant Suchart Yoddamnoen of Ayutthaya police station yesterday went to investigate the break-in case at her house in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district.

At the scene, Suchart uncovered evidence that the burglar had used gardening tools to pry open the front door breaking into the house.


He also found the burglar had searched all four rooms in the two-storey house leaving everything in disarray.

A bag filled with 30 baht gold were opened and left behind. Several valuables were brought together as if the burglar prepared to take them although they were left untouched.

After inspecting her properties, house owner Chaleao Anuto, 70, said only two items, gold bracelet and a pair of gold earrings, were stolen.

The stolen items were estimated at 50,000 baht.

Chaleao said she went to Bangkok in the morning to see her niece. When she returned, she found out about the burglary and reported to police.

In her statement, she said she suspected the burglar might have left in a hurry because of a possible encounter with the ghost.

She said her late husband who died 10 years ago was thrifty and very protective of his belongings.

The husband bought gold and other valuables for her and family members, she said, speculating that his spirit might not have left the house in order to guard his belongings.

When he was alive, he rarely left the house for fear of leaving his belongings unguarded, she said. In dead, he might become the guardian spirit.

Police are trying to identify and track down the burglar.