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2 Mar 2010


Michael Jackson’s Death Reenacted on TV Show

VH1’s Famous Crime Scene takes a look at the final hours of the King of Pop

The jury is still out on how Michael Jackson spent the last hours of his life, in the sense that nothing concrete has been made official, but VH1 has already aired its take on the events leading up to his death on June 25 last year. At this point in time, Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal physician is being trialed for involuntary manslaughter but the music channel has offered a first look at how things might have gone down that day, after speaking with countless journalists and people who actually took part in the events, the Daily Mail informs.

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VH1’s Famous Crime Scene has already aired the incredibly chilling 30-minute footage, which also includes a very good lookalike of the late star. Apparently, the music channel came up with the reenactment segment after speaking with people who were involved in the investigation, police insiders and ambulance workers, and journalists. Because of this odd combination of sources, fans of the singer should take the episode of the television show, which aired on Friday night in the US, with a grain of salt, it is being said.

“A controversial re-enactment of Michael Jackson's death has been shown on US television. VH1 show Famous Crime Scene used an uncanny [Jackson] lookalike for their chilling 30-minute program, which aired on Friday night. The re-enactment showed the doppelganger being given CPR - first on his bed and then on the floor - by an actor playing the singer's alleged killer Dr. Conrad Murray,” the Mail says, while also offering screenshots from the Michael Jackson episode.

The most shocking scenes, however, featured the lookalike lying naked on a post mortem table, covered by nothing but a towel, and being pushed slowly into a mortuary drawer. VH1's show used a mixture of actors, journalists and magazine and website editors to put together its version of the events surrounding [Jackson’s]death. But, confusingly, it also featured interviews with actual members of the Los Angeles Fire Department who were involved in the events of June 25 last year and paparazzi footage from outside the hospital and the singer's home. Even Brian Oxman, the Jackson family's lawyer, was interviewed for the program,” the publication goes on to say.

At the moment, Dr. Murray is being trialed for the death of the pop star, being considered responsible both for his addiction to drugs and for administering Propofol to him, the powerful anesthetic that eventually ended his life. Conflicting reports suggest Murray may have left Jackson’s bedside for about two hours after giving him the drug, which made it so that he was long gone when he returned.

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