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20 May 2010

Information on DA Steve Cooley and Jerry Brown


Steve Cooley is the current DA. He is the person who set the charges for Dr. Conrad Murray. He is running for Attorney General. If you live in Los Angeles you need to make this guy accountable for his actions. It is time for the citizens of this country to say we will not tolerate corruption, corporate greed, and murder.


This video advises contacting Jerry Brown's office, but according to this article below this will not get you anywhere.  It seems he is very busy with other projects.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-grenell/jerry-browns-investigatio_b_559775.html  

Interesting how Steve Cooley is running for Attorney General which is Jerry Brown's current position and Jerry Brown is running for governor again.  California has a two term limit, so how can Jerry Brown run again???  Apparently when he was Governor before California did not have term limits.  Nice loop hole in THE LAW Jerry!! 

Here I stand looking for an honest man. The good news is all of these people are running for office. As we have seen in recent days incumbent politicians are being kicked to the curb. One can only hope those that replace them will have ethics. 
Is Michael Jackson's Former Attorney Too Big To Jail?

by Larry Carter


La Toya believes Michael Jackson's death was "definitely a conspiracy." In a statement to the media, she insists that others should be brought to justice: "I do believe Dr Conrad Murray is responsible for his death." But she claimed other people had instructed the doctor to ensure the singer eventually overdosed on the drugs he was administered.

Even though we, the public, knew Michael Jackson was fearful he would be murdered, we don't know what his children were witnessed to the day he died, or what he told members of his family leading up to his death, so we don't exactly know what La Toya knows. But does what the public know so far suggest the possibility of a conspiracy?

Here in a nut shell is what we have learned so far:

First, Murray alone is charged with Jackson's death. Since he was to be paid $150,000 a month to keep the superstar healthy, he appeared to have nothing to gain and everything to lose by Jackson's death. But a closer look suggests something else. Murray did nothing to convey that his contract with AEG was going to be anything but brief. While Jackson was ordering furniture in preparation for his 'This Is It' tour, Murray showed no signs of divesting himself of his multi-state medical practice in order to accompany the signer. In fact, he was on a phone call to one of his regular patients as Jackson lay dying in the next room. And when he did have an opportunity to resuscitate the singer, he was more concerned with what paramedics would find when they arrived. This is an unmistakable indication he knew that what he had done to Jackson was unethical if not down right criminal.

We also know that when prosecutors feel they don't have a strong case, they typically overcharge in order to better ensure a conviction on one of the lesser charges. But not here. Murray was minimally charged with involuntary manslaughter, the outcome of which news pundits say will be an uphill battle for the DA to prove; and which will be decided by expert testimony. But if Conrad, who cockily says "no dice" to plea bargaining, beats it, he walks.

Enter entertainment attorney John Branca who was terminated by Jackson in 2003 for embezzlement, and other "white collar" crimes including surreptitiously representing both sides in contract negotiations. Branca shows up right after Jackson's death with a questionable document entitled "The Last Will Of Michael Joseph Jackson" which he alleges is Jackson's will from 2002. This document makes Branca executor of Jackson's estate and gives him control over all the superstar's "real [and] personal" property. Jackson's mother and three children are the heirs, but in name only, to the mega star's billion dollar empire. They are to receive a monthly stipend, the amount of which was decided by Branca, which we know to be a pittance of the estate executor's commission.

La Toya's conspiracy theory gained legitimacy when a special prosecutor denied the Jackson family's right to question the validity of the will, while California law permits such a legal inquiry.

Then there is former California Governor Jerry Brown, who is now the state's current attorney general. Brown's various political campaigns have benefited from John Branca's law firm's donations, which compelled the state DA to uncharacteristically involve himself in the case. The politician made much ado in the media about filing legal papers to deny Murray the ability to practice medicine. This no doubt was supposed to give "legitimacy" to the single killer theory while being prejudicial against Jackson's family, friends and fans, as they call for further investigation.

Why should Branca care if Murray practices medicine? He apparently cared enough to involve the attorney general to discourage any notion of a broader investigation, which is what Brown attempted to do when he called Murray's conduct "reprehensible," and said, "We will argue in court that Murray was reckless in giving Jackson such a dangerous drug and has demonstrated a serious lack of judgment that should prohibit him from practicing medicine."

Next, Judge Michael Pastor who has been described in the media as 'one of the toughest, smartest' arbiters of justice in the US (yawn), was recently added to the mix as the judge who will preside over the Murray involuntary manslaughter trial.

The fact that Judge Pastor was appointed to the bench in 1983 by none other than Jerry Brown adds respectability to La Toya's claim. It links the trial judge to Branca, who holds sway at the center of La Toya's conspiracy theory, and who not only has every thing to gain from Jackson's death, but also enough "political capital" for the people's "fall guy" to get a free pass.

Thus, all that's been made public so far strongly suggests the possibility of a conspiracy. And when sister La Toya says, "Michael was worth more dead than alive, they knew what they had to plan for this to happen ..." she appears to be right on the money.

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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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