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4 Jun 2010


Michael Jackson Fans - Is Sony Suspect?

The conspiracy theories regarding the murder of Michael Jackson are no longer just theory. Angry Fans are doing what they feel California D.A. is not. Is Sony Suspect?


June 3, 2010 – Michael’s Future – The Sony/AEG Connection

For the last week, I have gone back and forth over the involvement of AEG / Anschutz and the Colony Capital clan. Why? Because of the way Anschutz seems to do things in regard to certain investments.

Trying to tie everyone in and actually having any of it stick could prove fatal to the whole attempt at securing justice. Working out from Michael, which was my original intent, we still have Doctor Murray, This is It, John Branca as Executor of his will (fraudulently, by the evidence in place), John Branca as an executive producer in "This is It", John Branca as a board member and 5% share owner of the Sony/ATV catalog. In continuation we have John Branca as a previously fired attorney for Michael Jackson, John Branca as a subject of investigation for conspiracy and embezzlement during Michael’s 2005 child molestation charge and John Branca as a friend of Tommy Mottola.

John Branca has had many successes in his own right. To be fair, he helped Michael secure the ATV catalog back in 1986 when Michael was crawling up on twenty eight years old. John Branca has successfully represented other clients in the entertainment industry, including Sony. But there are plenty of "upstanding" business men behind bars for motive of a lot less money.

The judge in California and the investigators at the LAPD are doing a horrendous job in this investigation. Branca should not be kept in place as executor of Michael Jackson’s estate. He has a more clear motive to murder Michael Jackson than Dr. Murray ! Why isn’t this guy being investigated ? Any Los Angeles or Cincinnati criminal defense attorney would probably agree that due to the other legal issues surrounding him, John Branca should no longer be executor of Jackson's estate.

Despite that a previous judge, according to this video declaring the will a hoax according to one of the partners at MJhoax.blogspot.com, the judge presiding over the case ruled that John Branca could remain executor of the will. The judge further granted Branca permission for him and his partners in this permission to earn 10% of all increases in said estate, on top of what they charge for those services, and the ability to greenlight any project without permission from beneficiaries of that estate, ie, Katherine Jackson (who was named a co-executor in the will itself, but who has not been given ANY information as to the deals that have been secured lately).

Branca is profiting on both sides of the fence. A judge okays this. But then judges in California do the same thing. Just ask Richard Fine, if they will let into solitary confinement to talk to him. He’s being held because of the 400 Judges in California he was preparing to expose for that very practice. The latest news article on the increase in Sony profits . . . because of Michael Jackson and "his is It" deals. The estate increases, Branca’s income increases, but not those of the beneficiaries ! Michael’s whole legacy is being sold to Sony. 

Remember all the declarations on the news regarding the investigation right after Michael’s death and before Murray was actually charged? Yes! Legal pundits and talking heads declaring the fall of those (plural) behind Michael’s homicide. Where are they now ? All are silent !

Branca, Sony and the Music publishing catalogs are only part of the picture. Michael, his assets and his name had a controlling interest in a lot of wealth. L.A. county doesn’t like Michael Jackson even though the taxes coming from his enterprises kept them all in jobs. Michael won an unwinable court case against the charges the D.A. made against him in 1993 and in 2005. It was an embarrassment. Considering the record of that county and the judges in that state, did Michael have a fighting chance to have this made right? No!

How did Branca even get involved in « This is It » as an executive producer ? Who opened that door? Was it Randy Phillips? 

Branca produced a bogus, forged will. That got him back into the control room where Michael’s assets were concerned. Michael fired him in February of 2003. It was EVIDENCE in the 2005 investigation that Branca had an "improper relationship" with Sony while representing Michael. Why wasn’t Branca sued after that Michael’s trial was over? Who dropped that ball? Some suggest that Michael was the one that needed to recover his health and sanity after that trial. There was no way he could sit through another court case right after that one.

With whom in Sony is Colony Capital friends?

If we go back to the chart from this blog update we have the picture of the chart, but we still do not have a connector between Sony and AEG. Who gave Branca the job as Producer of "This is It"? How did Branca get in that door ?

We have connected Michael’s Doctor Murray to manager Tohme to Tom Barrack and Colony Capital, to Anschutz and AEG and Randy Phillips who runs AEG Live. AEG Live was promoting "This is It" the concerts. Kenny Ortega directed that and spliced the rehearsal footage together to create the movie.

Branca was a loose end out there in Never-Neverland (Captian Hook !) until he produced the 2002 will that he was supposed to turn over to Michael when Michael demanded it in 2003 after firing him. He was still friends with Mottola and still representing Sony on deals. Branca is the connector with everything Sony in regard to Michael Jackson. Frank DiLeo, Branca, Mottola, McClain, the Sony/ATV and MiJack Catalogs, and the forged 2002 all have Branca relationships. So how did Branca get in the door at AEG and with Anschutz ?

Tom Barrack of Colony Capital, owner of the community Dr. Murray’s home sits, half owner of Neverland Ranch/Sycamore Valley Ranch Co. LLC and financial savior to Michael said this about Michael. :

Tom Barrack said "You are talking about a guy who could make $500 million a year if he puts his mind to it," reference 

His friend in business, the ever-elusive Phillip Anschutz, owner of (amongst other entities) AEG and AEG Live, Regal Cinemas, several newspapers and more, had to be convinced by Randy Phillips and Dr. Tohme to invest in Michael. You can read more about Anschutz here. Very interesting fellow. He and Michael Jackson shared the same passion and views on family centered entertainment, family core and faith.

Sony and AEG got together, seemingly, for “This is It”. John Branca would have had to have a controlling position within “This is It” to get it sold to “Sony” for $60 million, but wait . . . John had already produced the bogus will by then and was directing Michael’s estate. As double agent for the Jackson Estate and Sony infiltrator, he could have granted, under Michael’s business entity, sale of AEG’s “This is It” to Sony. No problem. But who made him producer of “This is It”? Randy Phillips? Who agreed to this? Did Anschutz give the okay for Branca and McClain to be inserted as executive producers just to get “This is It” sold? It could have been a bidding war. It was Michael Jackson. Any company could have bid for it. Why Sony and why John Branca as executive producer?

Does Anschutz leave his Christianity at the doors to the boardroom? Both Tom Barrack and later Anschutz had to be convinced to help Michael Jackson. Both men agreed to “Help” Michael after meeting him. Why would either one of them, as self-made men, both billionaires with international corporations, want to get involved in a liability like that? Michael was supposedly hundreds of millions in debt. How and why would they take on something like that when there were much easier and less complicated ways to generate wealth with a lot less liability? Neither of these men seem the type to do business with the likes of Branca.

So who is the connector between Branca and AEG?

Maybe it is this?


Michael and Prince Waleed had partnered back in 1997. They formed Kingdom Entertainment with Michael and Prince Waleed sharing a 50-50 ownership. There was a deal made back then, when Michael was still on good terms with Sony, and in this deal, Michael would serve as producer for a new label called MJJ. 

The Alwaleed-Jackson company also acquired 55% ownership of Landmark Entertainment Group, through which they planned the creation of a “Neverland” theme park. Here is what Prince Waleed had to say about Michael back then: 

Jackson and Alwaleed became pals in 1994, when a mutual friend from Alwaleed's college days in California arranged a lunch meeting aboard the prince's yacht in Cannes. They hit it off, and Alwaleed became very protective of Jackson, whom he saw as a creative genius with lousy business instincts and bad p.r. 

"I cannot base my relationship on innuendo," says Alwaleed. "I believe that all the fuss around him has no basis. I believe that he is still an underdeveloped asset. There is no other artist who can go to some countries and have the whole place come to a standstill."

Prince AL Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud became involved in Fairmont hotels and formed a partnership in 2006 with COLONY CAPITOL.Reference 

That still does not link him to Sony, nor does it link Branca to AEG and Anschutz. At least not on the surface.

From Prince Waleed’s Facebook page: Prince Waleed 

“Prince Al-Waleed began his business career in 1979 upon graduation from Menlo College. Funded by a $30,000 loan from his father and a $300,000 mortgage on his house, he initially brokered deals with foreign firms wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia.[citations needed] This was followed by land deals in the 1980s, along with major investments in the Saudi banking industry, which proved to be undervalued at the time.[citation needed]

The Prince's activities as an investor came to prominence when he bought a substantial tranche of shares in Citicorp in the 1990s when that firm was in difficulties. With an initial investment of $550 million to bail out Citibank caused by underpreforming American real estate loan and Latin American businesses, his holdings in Citigroup now comprises half of his wealth worth US$10 billion.[1] He has also made large investments in AOL, Apple Inc., Worldcom, Motorola, News Corporation Ltd and other technology and media companies.[citation needed]

His real estate holdings have included large stakes in the Four Seasons hotel chain and the Plaza Hotel in New York. He sold half of his shares in the latter in August 2004. He has made investments in London's Savoy Hotel and Monaco's Monte Carlo Grand Hotel. He currently holds a 17% stake in Euro Disney SCA, the organization which manages and maintains the Disneyland Resort Paris in Marne-la-Vallee, France.[2][not specific enough to verify]

In January 2005 Prince Al-Waleed purchased the Savoy Hotel in London for an estimated GBP £250 million, to be managed by Fairmont Hotels, in which Prince Al-Waleed owns an estimated 16% stake. In January 2006, in partnership with the U.S. real estate firm Colony Capital, Kingdom Holdings acquired Toronto, CA-based Fairmont Hotels for an estimated $3.9 billion.

As of 2007, he was believed to be in talks with Robert Earl, founder of Planet Hollywood, about taking a controlling stake in the English Premier League's Everton F.C”

It is still unexplained how Branca got into executive producer of “This is It”. My only guess is that this was done AFTER Branca sold the rights of the movie to Sony and inserted himself and McClain after the fact, which could have been done. But this does not seal the deal of any conspiracy between the Sony camp and the AEG camp. Branca is still the center of investigation. This is who we need to send the authorities to.

I will leave you today with an important piece of information that was placed on my facebook wall yesterday,which led me to research this link:

Dr. Murray and his storage units.

These storage units were being cleaned out three hours before 911 was called on the day Michael died. Shouldn’t the LAPD be looking into this ?



(I-Newswire) June 4, 2010 - As the year closes on the death of the most successful pop music star in history, many fans have channeled their mourning into something a little more constructive. 

They gather on social networking sites, message boards forums and chat sites to discuss, share and organize the information they have spent the last eleven months digging up. The conspiracy theories regarding the murder of Michael Jackson are no longer just theory. They are compelling ties of information in some long forgotten battles the pop star has had with business associates, attorneys and the recording label he generated billions of dollars for during his 20 years with Sony (after it bought out CBS and Epic Records).

The story that is unfolding across Twitter, Facebook and chatrooms from across the world would leave any creative-savvy director drooling for the rights to make it into a movie. But is it fantasy or are the fans really on to something?

What started as a simple, single suspect in Jackson’s death has grown into an international, multi-teamed investigation that has turned up motive that ensnares ex-Jackson employees, business managers, attorneys, financiers and multi-national corporations; one of them being the last label for which Jackson recorded. Sony Music Corporation.

Those unfamiliar with Jackson’s battles with Sony would have to become educated with the struggle Jackson had back in 2002 with his last original album, “Invincible”. His wrangling with Tommy Mottola, then head of Sony, made headlines. Jackson accused Mottola of being a “racist” and a “devil” during a speech he made at a press conference held by Reverend Al Sharpton over the treatment of black artists by the recording industry. Things went downhill from there.

Prancing over the Facebook pages of Jackson support groups, you can find diagrams of inter-business relationships around Jackson during his last seven years, compelling graphs and time lines of intersecting events amongst thousands of pictures of Michael Jackson. What is striking is that as this has been building since the death of the singer last year, nary a word has been mentioned in the press. Even live U-Stream interviews with various members of the Jackson Camp has drawn little attention. The fans want to know why, but believe they already know.

Web sites such as michaeljacksonjustice.com, MJJ-777.com, Reflectionsonthedance.com and blog sites such asMichaelsguardian.blogspot.com, Thisisnotit.com are compiling a case that the L.A.P.D. should be investigating, but aren’t. A case surrounding information few outside of Jackson fanhood know about: The struggle between Michael and Sony over ownership of a multi-billion dollar music catalog. 

Michael and Sony shared 50% of this catalog after Michael sold half of his ownership to Sony in 1995. This is the same catalog that comprised of about 250 of the “Beatles” songs, “Little Richard” and others. Back in 2002, Michael went public with Sony’s attempt to sabotage his album “Invincible” to force him into bankruptcy to get him to put his 50% up for sale. The following year, a damaging documentary about Michael Jackson made by a BBC employee, Martin Bashir, surfaced and investigations into alleged child abuse from Jackson began.

The investigations made by fans all over the world is compelling. The linkage of personal business relationships, conflicts of interest, politically motivated corruption in the California justice department, Payoffs and campaign favors, a forged will, a planned murder, a concert promoter and the media itself have been documented and linked. If you ever want to solve a case, ask a fan of the victim.

What incentive do Jackson fans have, to pour what one fan posted “eight to ten hour days” investigating business and tax records, campaign contributions and interviews?

“It’s all for love . . .” Is posted all over the boards.

Regardless of the sensationalism of the story unfolding, fans are frustrated. They are frustrated because they feel that Michael Jackson, is again, not being treated fairly by the justice system in L.A. County. The fans believe that Dr. Conrad Murray was treated much better for murdering Michael, then Michael was treated for a crime he did not commit. They cite the case of Richard Fine as proof that Michael’s murderer will never get justice.

Is Sony Suspect? Was Michael Jackson murdered over the multi-billion dollar value of MiJack and Sony/ATV music catalogs? Did L.A. County have incentive to charge Michael’s doctor with only involuntary manslaughter instead of murder? Are campaigns in L.A. County being paid for by multi-national corporations tied to Michael Jackson to throw the investigation? Did AEG, Michael’s concert promoter conspire with Sony and Michael’s estate handlers to profit from Michael’s death before he even died?

If that is what happened, the state of California should be embarrassed that fans are handling the investigation better than they are. 

If that is not what happened, it would sure make an excellent movie!


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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

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