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10 Jun 2010


AEG and The Agreements Michael Made…or NOT


June 8, 2010 – AEG and The Agreements Michael Made…or NOT

The basis of contention at the very beginning of this story starting with Michael’s death, is the inconsistent statements made by spokespeople for AEG and the “This is It” production. The synchronization of the lies is non-existent. Precision is not their forte’ I guess.

One of Michael’s long time on and off again production people and choreographers is Kenny Ortega. Here are some videos of Kenny Ortega being interviewed after the death of Michael Jackson:

Here Kenny talks about (and answers rather quickly) the question regarding Michael being ill “no. Michael was energized by this, he LOVED coming to work . . .”

Kenny’s interview on Oprah

Kenny on Michael’s Kindness (We know Kenny, and now that's gone too).

Grace is a good word. It should have been Michael’s middle name. There wasn’t a time in his life, even during his trials where Michael didn’t exude grace, handle himself with grace, treat everyone with grace. Michael could give classes in grace. I think he was trying to, but greed cut him short. Thanks a lot AEG and Sony. When will you learn that besides Michael, grace is something else that money can’t buy.

And Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live who was also interviewed?

As Michael is getting ready for his shows.

Randy about the day he died

The full version of same interview. This is about the only interview I could find where Randy shows any emotion, at the very beginning.

Frank DiLeo, Randy and Contract highlights Dancers were signed for two years? Michael had to buy the insurance with AEG as beneficiary. Tim Leiweke said they had been “working with Michael two years to get him comfortable with this.” What does “comfortable” mean? Resting forever? This is also the same set that explains that Frank was calling people in the MORNING telling them that Michael was dead at the 5:54 spot on this video. It also addresses the two managers who were working simultaneously (Tohme and DiLeo). This is an excellent video by Muzikfactory2.

This is a beautiful video with music and last pictures of Michael taken during “TII” rehearsals. You will love the timeline, so take notes.

June 24th Timeline If anybody has anything inbetween, please post the links below in the comments. I was trying to get them in order, but they are all over the place on Youtube.

This link shows Michael’s alleged signature on the portion of the contract that states “no known health problems”. I wonder what part of deepest Peru they got that opinion from? Every fan knew Michael had health problems not to mention that anyone in the age range of Michael, despite how healthy, was vulnerable to exhaustion from such a schedule of very physical performances over an extended period of time. How many 50 year old football players do you see? How many triathlon performers are at that age? How many gymnasts are still competing at the ages of 50 to 51? And Michael had been out of that routine of performing at that level for over a decade! Talk about TRYING to develop a health problem, AEG was VERY efficient at that!

This article in the SUN tries to convince us that Michael was angry at the 50 concert dates in London because he wanted to take his show across the world. Was Michael aware of the “across the globe” part of the show when he signed that contract?

There was information out and about several months ago regarding an alleged AEG insider who, on fear of being fired, put out a story anonymously to because he wanted the fans to know what really was happening with Michael during these rehearsals. This link, surprisingly on the official “This is It” web site, is a revealing read. I have an idea on who that “insider” is and I’m sorry, but I have to keep that to myself.

Considering the concert posters said 10 dates, and the advertising said 10 dates, and the press releases and conference said ten dates and the contract said ten dates, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Michael was under the believe that it was 10 dates. The number of concerts officially did not increase until they saw ticket sales coming in, then officially it was announced in the web sites that more dates would be added. Michael was sleeping when this was going on. I guess AEG was hoping the public and his fans were sleeping too.

You want to know why the authorities are not investigating either THIS contract or the one that Branca supposedly materialized AFTER Michael died? This may be one reason!

Video on Cooley and the campaign

If you have time, this is an interesting read, but a long one. I was surprised to find this on a Campaign for Liberty Site, which Phillip Anschutz of AEG is one of it’s heavy donors. Thank you Sonja! She contributed by sending this to me.

This was sent to me by one of my blog readers, skeptikos. This is awesome background information:


I want to comment on a few of these dates:

On a personal side, Michael was in my neck of the woods on July 3rd of 2007 on the Eastern shore of Maryland scouting out houses. I was at that time recovering from a surgery that went wrong and visiting with my sister who flew in from Arizona to see me.

December 27th of 2007 Michael and Raymone Bain enter into a payment and release agreement for a determined sum. So why was she suing the estate for $44,000 million over a year later?

December 31st of 2007 Michael gets the loan on the Sony/ATV catalog refinanced and it provides him with $25 million in cash. This is the last entry for 2007. It does not say, but I am going to assume that this refinance is done through Colony Capital subsidiary who purchased the 2006 loan from Fortress.

This moves us back into the umbrella of Colony Capital/AEG. Tomorrow I will go over the 2008 through 2010 timelines from this blog and enter some additional dates of events that aren’t there.

AEG has much explaining to do. The confidentiality clauses that people working the concert had to sign are suspect and gives fans reason to believe they had something to hide. The approved spokes people cannot seem to synchronize their own time line of events leading up to Michael’s death and the day he died, and there is irrefutable evidence that these concerts were never going to happen and everyone knew it. They lied about the agreements with Michael, they lied about the events of the day he died, and they lied and tried to cover up the fact that none of the production, aside from Michael’s personal part in the concert, was ready. This includes costumes, sets and set design, lighting, pyrotechnics, the children’s choir and more. A full rehearsal of ANY song had never been accomplished. You have only to watch the “This is It” video to see the different outfits Michael wore for each number to know they were spliced together over two or three days rehearsal.

If there were individuals involved in “This is It” who were on Michael’s side and had Michael’s best wishes at heart, we are not hearing from them. If anyone involved in that production was trying to help Michael, they are more afraid of the gag order than prosecution.

That’s it for today. I am working on tonight’s update and may get that up later. In the meantime . . . 

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