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2 Jul 2010


Will the Real U.S. Justice Dept. Stand Up Please!


July 2, 2010 – Will the Real U.S. Justice Dept. Stand Up Please!

From what I am seeing in the news lately, I am really beginning to wonder if anyone is going to see any justice that can’t be obtained by whipping out a checkbook.

Oil Spill in the gulf, with today’s technology, can’t be capped. Obama, most congressmen and several ultra-old-money elite stand to earn possibly billions from this disaster.

And since our government is setting such a banner example, why wouldn’t one of our most prominent states follow suit?

California’s Howard Weitzman, also one of the co-executors of the Jackson Estate (hired in the interest of Michael’s children . . . Or to get another buddy payola on the Estate of the Century)

Howard Weitzman is also being accused of stealing assets from the estate of “Francis Cobain”. The article write up listed at mikecann.net. According to this article, Weitzman and Courtney Love came to an agreement, but this part caught my attention about Michael’s estate:

Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the men who now control the estate, told the judge the contracts were "aggressively negotiated and reflect the exhaustion of all parties on give and take, and greatly benefit the estate."

"I don't believe there is room for more negotiation," he said.

The judge previously has said he may approve the contracts even over Katherine Jackson's objection.

Now how can judge rule in a case for which Weitzman represented the attorney’s for the estate (John Branca and McClain – 2nd resource here), then turn around and appoint him to represent Michael’s children against Katherine Jackson, according to this article. What an amazing streak of luck for the “good fellow”!

Where is the U.S. Justice Department? I know half of them probably stand to earn quite a bit from this oil spill, but they used to be interested in busting up the syndicates! Where are they? The reason Judge Beckloff made this decision, so says he, is because . . . “ . . . he is concerned that the interests of the minor children - which he said may not be the same their grandmother's - were not being represented. He said he may appoint a guardian ad litum to represent the children.”

What he probably meant was that the interests of BRANCA, MCCLAIN AND WEITZMAN may not be represented. Since they are the only ones profiting from the estate now (ten percent off the top of all increases, folks!) and Katherine gets the same amount for the children every month . . . let’s do some math:

Since June of 25, 2009 (considering the stipend was retroactive), Katherine AND CHILDREN received thus far, $85,000 per month + 12 months = $1,020,000 to date.

John Branca and McClain spit a 10% increase of the estate. The estate has taken in almost a billion dollars since June 25 of last year, but consider that the estate was almost $500 million in the hole (reportedly) which would bring the INCREASE in the estate fairly to a billion dollars, so let’s say a billion.

Ten percent of a billion is $100 million. Divide that between the two lawyers and that is $50 million apiece . . . . (In the interest of the children, judge Beckloff? Who by the way approved this heinous compensation package).

Now let us consider the work John Branca has been doing for Sony (conflict of interest AGAINST the INTEREST of the children) and had sold his 5% interest in the Sony/ATV (we don’t know for how much since Sony has made sure to undervalue this in the press so the fans wouldn’t backlash TOO much) plus all the money he is making as EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the movie “THIS IS IT” along with John McClain.

So let’s see . . . $100 plus-million dollars in one year compared to Katherine AND CHILDREN’S stipend of $1,020,000 for the same year.

Yeah . . . I guess Judge Beckloff’s skipped a few ethics classes while obtaining his law degree from the prestigious law school of “Bada-Bing University”

Serving as the M3’s Attorney on the Jackson Estate verified.

This is what justice in California looks like. I would really like to pack Arnie back to Austria since he has probably yet to read any of the laws on the books in his own state let alone the U.S. Constitution!

This is what Justice looks like in Colorado! (Another “C” state).

Look familiar? Yes, Broderick and Sneddon were separated at birth only Broderick is a bit better looking. Maybe California should take some cues from Colorado or at the very least, get a couple of Marine Special Forces men into a room with a camera and a doctor to document verification that no, it’s not Vitiligo, It’s . . . Steve Cooley and Jerry Brown’s nose buried in Sneddon’s derriere.

Last but not least, we have another one of Michael’s dear friends trying to rape the estate and Michael’s earnings to his children for doing exactly what Michael’s previous business managers have done for him . . . absolutely nothing! The Raymone Bain Claim has been told to take a hike.

Michael, wherever you are . . . I am sorry that I cannot handle some things as graciously as you have. The sarcasm comes from my mother. The anger comes from the injustice and the prayers continue to go to God. I trust him, but sometimes I just can’t go without saying . . . cappeche?

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