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Michael Jackson / Conrad Murray in the news > Sony release "Breaking News" under a lot of controversy

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8 Nov 2010

Sony releases "Breaking News" under a lot of controversy

Here's what Taryll wrote last night:

 @Taryll said: If you question the validity of a professional photo you can ask the photographer for more pictures from that photo shoot. If it is authentic the photographer will turn over different shots. Some with different poses, some even with eyes closed.

I questioned the validity of the vocal's on "breaking news" and several other songs of theirs that I've heard and they told me no other takes or tracks exist.

They claim my uncle was so happy with the performance he instructed them to delete all the other files.

I had the honor to learn and watch my uncle record my entire life and that is NOT how he worked. No outtakes, no other tracks, no backups, no proof. roughly 10 songs they turned in… same story for all of them.

I asked for the computer it was created on... they said it broke. I asked for the original hard drive... they said it was destroyed. One dubious excuse after another. --- so obviosly there are not demos, no other tracks... *alarm bells went off*

The Official Michael Jackson website (owned by Sony) has posted the song Breaking News. Here is the tease.

Harvey Levin from TMZ weighs in:

Someone has played me the song "Breaking News." I'm not a music expert, but I am a Michael Jackson music fan ... and it's definitely Michael Jackson.

The song -- which is awesome -- is a pretty harsh look through Michael's eyes at the media. In essence, he is saying ... You've treated me shabbily and you've hoped for my demise, but I'm back!

One of the lyrics:

"They want to see that I fall, cause I'm Michael Jackson. You write the words to destroy like it's a weapon."

In another part of the song, Jackson sings:

"Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson. Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson. Just when you thought he was done, he comes to give it again."

The song is vintage Jackson. The initial beat will remind you of "Billie Jean" and there are all sorts of MJ trademarks throughout. When you hear it, you will not be able to suppress the image of Jackson dancing to the song. The song was recorded at the home of music producer Eddie Cascio, when Michael Jackson was living there for four months in 2007.

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