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10 Sep 2011


Jermaine Jackson fears Michael trial

Jermaine Jackson fears his brother Michael will be portrayed as “the most horrible person” during the trial into his death.
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The singer died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009. His personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray has been charged with his involuntary manslaughter, which he denies.


Murray is standing trial, and the process of selecting jury members started earlier this week.

Jermaine claims the defence team will try to portray Michael as a drug addict who administered his own medication, but he insists the star was happy with his life.

“I think what they’re going to do is paint him up to be the most horrible person,” Jermaine said in an interview with British newspaper The Times. “We all know that Michael was on prescription painkillers for his excruciating pain and had prescription drugs to sleep, but that doesn’t equal ‘drug addict’. A drug addict takes drugs for recreational uses. A drug addict is not trustworthy. A drug addict is a person who is irresponsible, a person who just doesn’t care. Michael was responsible.

“I just think that if, from cross-examination, everything is brought out, if they find these tapes that the police lost, and then it will go beyond just Murray. Because I don’t think he was courageous enough to do this by himself.”

Jermaine has also dismissed reports that Michael was suicidal.

There is speculation he felt under extreme pressure to prepare for a comeback tour in London and was weak and underweight. However, Jermaine is adamant that Michael would never take his own life because he loved his three children.

“That’s not going to work. You know why? Because Michael loved life. He loved life too much. He was the type that saw life in a bug, an ant, a fly. He wouldn’t even kill a fly, he’d let it out. So, why would he take his own life?” he explained. “He loved his children. He was always wanting them to be good human beings. He cared. He wouldn’t leave them. No, not at all.”

Jermaine also lashed out at the concert promoters AEG. He claims the company were only interested in making money from Michael and overlooked his health and wellbeing.

“This whole thing was designed around greed, power and money,” he fumed. “They expected to push him off a cliff and he would fly, but he couldn’t fly. He fell.”

Jermaine continues to grieve following the loss of his younger brother. He is currently promoting his new book You Are Not Alone: Michael Through a Brother’s Eyes, which offers a revealing account into the lives of the Jackson family.

Jermaine says they will never get over Michael’s death, and claims his sibling’s life was controlled by a host of external factors.

“It was tragic, designed by others, not by him. Not by his actions, but it was,” he said of Michael’s life. “I lost a brother, my little brother, and my mother lost a son, and so did my father. We have not been the same since his passing. We’ll never be the same. It has nothing to do with being on stage. We are family and now the family is broken.” 

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