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Michael Jackson / Conrad Murray in the news > Corrupt Officials Exposed: $30M Embezzlement Cover-up Surrounding the Death of Michael Jackson.

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4 Mar 2013


Corrupt Officials Exposed: $30M Embezzlement Cover-up Surrounding the Death of Michael Jackson.


Arnold W. Klein, MD

Corrupt Officials Exposed: $30M Embezzlement Cover-up Surrounding the Death of Michael Jackson.

Silenced: Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon Dr. Arnold Klein speaks out against a bank fraud scandal involving California State Officials & The Private Bank of California with new evidence.

Dr. Arnold Klein filed for bankruptcy on January 20, 2011 after obtaining legal counsel from his attorney David Neale regarding how to re-claim the nearly $30 million that Klein was embezzled from him by his employees Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer  with the help of Robert Lorsch through the Private Bank of California. Neale is said to have assured Klein that these adversarial cases would be heard in the courts and encouraged him to take action.

To Klein’s dismay the cases were not heard, and have not been in almost 3 years. For bankruptcy claims such as these, the system is legally obligated to provide “due process of (Federal) law.”

“I am very much aware of the events surrounding Mr Jackson’s death,” says Klein, “and (I) believe the fraudulent manner in which my bankruptcy has been handled is based both on the bank fraud committed by Private Bank and an attempt to prevent me from disclosing information that I have concerning the death of Michael Jackson.”

Shortly after Klein filed for bankruptcy, it was revealed that the case’s Judge, Richard Neiter, held stock in the Private Bank of California. Klein states that, long before Neiter’s conflict of interest was discovered, he had already bifurcated the cases such that to this day they have not been heard.  In addition to this, Klein’s allegations describe Judge Neiter’s selection of Bradley Sharp as Klein’s trustee to be based on a “totally fraudulent loan” through the very same bank.

“The manner in which the lawyers, trustees and Judges of this court of law are closely aligned with this same fraudulent financial institution brings the entire legal system into question,” says Klein.  “For a Federal Court to be compromised in this manner… is far more than a simple embarrassment: it is criminal.”

Since the time of Bradley Sharp’s appointment as Klein’s trustee it has come to light that Sharp has also been involved in questionable activity with the Private Bank of California and ALSO HAS A CLOSE RELATION WITH THE CHIEF EMBEZZLER MUHAMMAD KHILJI APPEALING HIS RIGHT TO TESTIFY.In a recent interview, Klein as well as the Jackson family call into question the authenticity of Michael Jackson’s last will and testimate stating their belief that it is a forgery. Klein insists he was with Jackson in New York on July 7th 2002, the same day that the Will was supposedly signed by Jackson in L.A. The executor of the will that was “signed” in L.A. was none other than John Branca, who is also coincidentally a member of Private Bank, holding two seats on the board.

Klein suspects his cases for embezzlement were intentionally silenced to avoid bringing any un-favourable attention to the Private Bank of California or a further investigation of the details surrounding the Will of Michael Jackson, it’s executor, and beneficiaries.

Klein is now going public with his knowledge about Harvey Levin, John Branca and Howard Weitzman who were working with the allegedly fraudulent Will of Michael Jackson when they were awarded $700M a year while Klein, a close friend of Jackson and the Jackson family was left “penniless with (his) bill for rebuilding Michael’s face never paid.” (Klein)

Up to this point the breaking news concerning Klein and the case of Jackson’s death has revolved around his declaring bankruptcy and the details surrounding the fall from a luxurious lifestyle. Completely neglected are the facts leading up to his bankruptcy, his reason for filing and the corruption of powerful members of a privately held institution: The Private Bank of California.

Details of the Embezzlement

Klein hired Muhammad Khilji in 2007 and records show that Khilji began to embezzle almost immediately.

In August 2009 Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer and Robert Lorsch with the assistance of Todd Neilson (CEO of The Private Bank of California) opened several bank accounts at the bank. Klein was never informed of those accounts.

The Accounts were as follows:
Arnold W. Klein MD – xxx7991
Arnold W. Klein MD – xxx8007
Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2366
Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2382
Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2390
Arnold William Klein MD – xxx6409
Khilji-Pfeiffer – xxx2358-
Khilji-Pfeiffer – xxx6417 “ “

Minimally Invasive – xxx2473
Minimally Invasive – xxx6490

Klein did not enter the Private Bank of California or meet with any of the bank’s representatives. Neither the signature cards nor the power of attorney documents are signed by Klein.

Khilji and Pfeiffer had Private Bank send account statements and other documents to Bob Lorsch’s accountant instead of Klein’s office. This misdirection of account statements prevented Klein from discovering the fraudulent activity until it was too late.

It is evident that two of the accounts bear the name “Khilji-Pfeiffer.” Khilji-Pfeiffer, LLC was used to illegally funnel millions of dollars from Klein to Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer and Robert Lorsch at mymedicalrecords.com. Klein’s allegations indicate that these men made illegal mortgages on his homes, setup fraudulent credit lines and embezzled his entire retirement fund through these accounts.

Dr. Arnold Klein Graduated University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine and did his post-graduate education at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His medical residencies in dermatology were at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He had a major role in the development of famous injection techniques for Botox, collagen, Restylane and Juvederm.

Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others were on his A-List client list throughout his illustrious career.


Klein has made a 25-year commitment to treating and finding a cure for AIDS. In 1984, he and others founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research, where he continues to serve as Founding Member and Director.  Additionally, Dr. Klein is a founder of the Rose-Tarlow-Arnold W. Klein Breast Cancer Foundation at UCLA, which provides breast cancer treatment for individuals who are unable to afford such treatment. Most recently, he established the endowment for the Elizabeth Taylor Center for AIDS Research. He also serves as a Trustee to the Jennifer Jones-Simon Foundation, the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences and The Hereditary Disease Foundation, which works to raise funds and awareness for inherited diseases.

       In the wake of the events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death Klein has lost everything. Facing a corrupt legal system, he is committed to obtaining his legal right to receive a fair trial and fight for his life’s work, justice and the Constitution. 

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