A man who worked security for Michael Jackson testified Wednesday that he introduced the singer to Conrad Murray, the doctor who later administered the fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol to the singer more than two years later.

Jeffrey Adams testified he was "positive" the first time Jackson and Murray met was in February 2007. Adams' video deposition, given under oath, was played to jurors in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother and three children against concert promoter and producer AEG Live and three of its executives.

Adams' relationship with the singer was a bit confusing. He said he worked security at special events for Jackson, but also said he "didn't officially work for Michael, I orchestrated his staff."

Adams said that one of Jackson's security staff members, Bashier Muhammad, called him and told him that Jackson's children were sick and he didn't want to take them to the hospital "due to the fact that they ... weren’t made up or didn’t have anything to cover their faces.”

Murray was Adams' doctor and had also treated Adams' father. Muhammad asked if the doctor could be trusted.

“I said he’s been my doctor," Adams testified. "He’s my friend. He definitely can be trusted.”

Adams said he called the doctor within 10 minutes.

“I told Dr. Murray that I needed a huge favor from him, that I had a high-profile client that I was working with -- I couldn’t give him that name, but that once he got there he would know who he was -- would he mind going over there" and examine his children, Adams testified.

Adams declined a request from Muhammad to provide Murray's resume: "We were doing him a favor," Adams said. 

Muhammad told him the next day that Murray had visited Jackson's Las Vegas home. "Everything's fine," Muhammad told Adams.

Adams said he did not know how many times Murray treated Jackson or his children.

Adams testified that he met Murray in the 1990s through a mutual friend and remained his patient until Murray was convicted for involuntary manslaughter in the Jackson case.

He testified that when Jackson died on June 25, 2009, he called Murray and asked if the doctor needed him.

“I told him that he had taken care of my father for me and that I would be by his side in this situation until it was completed,” Adams said.

He said he arrived in Southern California the next day and lived with Murray until his conviction, providing security and traveling with him to Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Houston, San Diego, Boston and Miami. He said Murray would see patients in Las Vegas and Houston.

Murray never discussed the details of Jackson's death with him, Adams said.

In its lawsuit, the Jackson family accused AEG of negligently hiring and supervising Murray while the singer was preparing for his 50 comeback concerts in London. AEG says that Jackson hired the doctor and that any money the company was supposed to pay the doctor was an advance to the singer. 

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