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12 May 2015


BREAKING NEWS on Robson v. Estate of Michael Jackson Case, via Willam J. Wagener

11 May, 2015 A source inside the loop of those in the know,...:

states a communication by both MJ Estate Attorneys and Robson's Attorneys, Maryann Marzano, have both asked Judge Beckloff to hold off on his ruling, which was "decided" by Beckloff, April 27th, but NOT OFFICIALLY recorded with the Clerk. Why? Because a "Out-of-Court Settlement is being hammered out". If Beckloff issues his decision, the date it is filed with the clerk, triggers the time for appeals to start running, and both sides will then spend immense time and energy on the appeal strategy. And BOTH would prefer to "Settle-out-of-court" with a Gag order and a sealed case, only to be opened if one side or the other violates the "agreement".
Estimates are $1.5 million to $2.5 million is what the Estate Attorney estimate it would cost to appeal all the way to the United States Supreme Court. So if they can "settle" for that and silence Robson forever more... it is "cost effective" management, says my source, since Michael Jackson will never be here to help defend, and there is a palpable possibility, based on Stat. of Limitations being ignored in certain Catholic Priest Cases, that Robson could Over turn the Statute of Limitations at the Supreme Court of united States, and this would have FAR reaching effects on many other cases, as well as drain MJ Estate monies, now needed to defend against the Internal Revenue Service.

[ The IRS alleges that the Estate Attorneys have drastically under estimated MJ items values, and want over $500 Million in TAX revenue. And did they tuck some away into foreign accounts, that even the living MJ did not know about until his NYC private investigators uncovered [which lead to the firing of john Branca?].

This "Settlement" has NO effect on Safechucks case, but deals only with Robson's suspicious and extremely late claims against the Estate. So it seem probable that Both sides have something to gain, more ... than if they fight it out to the end. However, this would substantially increase the amount that Safechuck could demand, because Safechuck never testified in 2005, as Wade Robson and his mother and sister did. Safechuck, can NOT be held for perjury. Robson could be arrested and indicted for Perjury based on his 180 degree turn around from his 2005 testimony under oath. [ It is not likely to happen , however in any event . sadly, ... the laws are so corruptly enforced unequally now in California. Fact of reality. ]

Question in my mind is if this "Settlement" happens, and it is sealed, Does that mean that Santa Barbara D.A. can use the "claims" even sealed to bring Perjury charges against Wade Robson for lying under oath in 2005? Dudley, the current D.A. of S.B. would not. She does not have the courage to do her job. But, if she has the right to do it, then so does a de jure, "WE THE PEOPLE" Grand jury, as outlined in US vs. Williams [ 504 US 36, a 1992 ] , which was a 6-3 majority opinion written by Justice Scalia. Once you read it, you will understand why no lawyer will ever tell a non-lawyer about this case!!! so read it. ! ! ! Among the best kept secrets of the last 30 years.

In my opinion, Santa Barbara will NOT bring felony perjury charges against Robson, because the current District Attorney, Joyce Dudley, sees no political gain for prosecuting Wade Robson, since it is unofficially understood by those in the S.B. Dist. Atty. office that it was always the intent of Thomas Sneddon to smear and degrade respect for Saint Michael Jackson, who holds the record for giving $350 million to Children's Charities.

Quiet the opposite is likely to be the spin off. There will be a new search to find "allegely molested" children of Michael Jackson. And numerous claims will come forward. Even one already exposed as fraudulent. Lying Media will have another field day, at Michael Jackson's expense. Truth will be buried alive under the Network Media deceptions and on going Lies. Diane Delusional, will be said to be "vindicated" after her long run of delusional rantings against MJ. It will be July-August of 2005 all over again. And why? The man has been "legally dead" since the coroners report of 2009. WHY? Because it was never the MAN, MJ, it was always the message he carried to "HEAL THE WORLD, make it a better place"... if you destroy his true Legacy of Love, you discourage millions from hearing his true Message. THAT is what "IT" has always been about, since Michael Jackson, help fund the "Heal the World Foundation", which John Branca, and Howard Weitzman's law firm sued to shut them down by draining their funds and sending them to the abyss of the forgotten. One can only wonder and speculate about the children in hospitals and orphanges that would have been helped had MJ not been so severely and continually maligned by the Media since he set up HEAL THE WORLD Foundation, in London, and other places, and funded it by The Dangerous World Tour, which began on June 27, 1992, and finished on November 11, 1993. Jackson performed to 3.5 million people in 70 concerts, in which ALL the PROFITS from the concerts went to the "Heal the World Foundation", raising millions of dollars in relief.[8] Through the foundation, Jackson airlifted 46 tons of supplies to Sarajevo and paid for a Hungarian child's liver transplant, and more... but apparently, some believe some money was skimmed off to private off shore accounts, even back then, which MJ was totally unaware of until he employed a renown Private detective agency a decade later.

Today, Monday, at 8:30 a.m. Ca. time, there was a hearing in or near judge Beckloff's court of probate partially by phone, before entering the public courtroom.
But... long before this, Howard Weitzman set up his settlement] with the a Jordy Chandler case. To Better understand, watch this video again, made years ago. Private Investigator, Anthony Pellicano, was brought out from Chicago, and initially "set up" financially as the "Private Investigator" to the "stars"... and then Atty. Howard Weitzman, "SET UP" Pellicano to take a fall and go to jail, and Mr. Pellicano did realized it on the same day Atty. Bert Fields, "Quit", and said, in front of the Media "I'm done", cause Fields knew, he could not "deal with it". Howard Weitzmans first big clients decades ago was the mafia, and

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nCTwHzTaWA many , many people in the circles close to those who "KNOW" say Weitzman has been "with the mafia" ever since. He never got out. You can not leave the mafia... at least not alive.

Let me make something CLEAR. There is a faction of People who are MJ supporters or fans, who have since 2009, believed wrongly that the F.B.I. is hidding Michael Jackson, made the house surveillance tape at Carolwood get erased, and is secretly protecting Michael Jackson, hidden some place safe. i.e. they think that FBI has extended something like the "Witness Protection" program to Michael Jackson, since June 2009. To Protect MJ from the Music Mafia, from Mr. Weitzman, Branca, etc. - - they think WRONGLY - - MJ is being protected by the highest levels of the F.B.I. /// This is absolutely False. \\\

The Truth is the FBI, CIA, and MAFIA are all intermeshed and work as one unhappy unit together. For this reason, I have urged people to read Phillip F. Nelson's book, "LBJ, the MasterMind of the JFK Assassination" - - -- EVEN though I strongly believe the TITLE is Mis-leading; - - the detail facts of the book are spot on, and demonstrate that criminals who worked with the Mafia, which wanted their casinos back in Havana, worked hand and hand with C.I.A. agents of the government who helped them commit crimes inside southern states. Once a person understands that no one should "trust" the CIA , nor the FBI, or people sporting their badges... you begin to understand. So... There is NO truth at all that the same mafia connected Howard W. would be working with the FBI to hide and protect MJ from the mafia, lying accusers, or anyone else; neither the music mafia, nor the more ordinary murderous drug smuggling mafia . . . [remember, the C.I.A. has run the inter-national Drug rings "in cooperation with the mafia" since at least the 1950's] THEY WORK TOGETHER !! And have been at least since JFK assassination, which Oswald had nothing to do with, [except to be the fall guy] and had shot at no one that day in Nov. 22, 1963 [ as stated by the Dallas Murder investigator to reporter Dorothy Kilgallen]. WE HAVE as a NATION & planet been massively lied to for over 50 years at least, by the most evil men one can imagine working from BANK offices, not the White House, not Buckingham Palace, not the French President's office, ...all of which has been puppet controlled since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, on Jekyll Island by the Bankgangsters.

So... Here, today, we have a phone call to Judge Beckloff, OFF THE RECORD, of the Probate case of MJ ESTATE, where both sides want a "settlement". Sources say its only some sticky details of the Settlement, that they differ on. MJ Estate wants complete silence henceforthe by Robson or anyone speaking for Robson. Robson wants more money than the cost of all the appeals, AND Atty. Maryann Marzano wants agreement that the Estate will never agains state, that MJ was completely innocent. Outrageous ! ! Atty. Howard Weitzman and John Branca are worried, that if they agree to that, it would outrage the MJ fans and possibly cause a loss of income to the profitability of the Estate, just when John BRANCA may, yet lose in a battle with the IRS, and have to cough up several 100s of Millions of dollars in back taxes, and may have "personal" liability to BRANCA himself, if the IRS claims illegal acts, which of course they will claim, and then apply the "Piercing of the corporate vail" statutes, which could leave John Branca personally bankrupt and pennyless. I don't think John Branca, having got away with all that he has, and stealing control of the MJ Estate, is willing to be bankrupt and penniless at his age, and position. But now, perhaps, we see another MOTIVE, other than pure greed,
that Branca had to get control of the Estate,"by hook or crook"...
THIS is big!

All of this mess and misery could have been avoided, if Weitzman and Branca had hired Thomas Mesereau to shut down this case early on, as it should have been done. [So why didn't they hire Mesereau?] But apparently, the law firm of Zifferin, Branca etc. was too greedy, or unwilling to let Mesereau have access to case & info, known only to the top people in the firm, whose offices are VERY Close to the "Private Bank of California". In fact, if you look out the 22nd floor window of the Bank toward the window of the Branca Law offices, you could read messages held up to the window. THAT is close. Of course, they have more modern means of communications, but my point is they are THAT close. Physically and financially {?}. Is that just a coincidence. F.D. Roosevelt, President during WW2 said, in politics "there are no coincidences". if it happens, it was made to happen. And this MJ case is pure politics. Money. the root of politics. Laws were politically changed in 2002-2004 in California specifically to allow Sneddon to bring up past aLLEGATIONS, WHICH under the prior long standing

Howard Weitzman, did not do much talking at the hearing on April 21, and he did not talk much back decades ago when Bert Fields resigned by letter to MJ business agents, but when Weitzman does open his mouth... weird stuff happens.

But in the end of it... it now more than ever... appears... a "Settlement"
out of court, will be made, and leave the MJ Estate able to focus on IRS claims, exaggerated or not by the IRS. But MJ legacy will be scared forever, in the minds of the Public, that is barely aware of the skullduggery and betrayal that Saint MJ has had to deal with INSIDE and OUTSIDE his own birth and business family since he left the J 5.
the S.M.A. effect -
Reminds me of what my elder brother told me many decades ago.
"No good deed will go unpunished!" And Saint MJ did at least $350 million worth of "good deeds" even for scum like Gavin & Janet Arvizo. MJ did not discriminate, he saw all as in need of blessings and to be "LOVED"... "more". And he suffered for his unconditional "love" and "charity" and now even his Legacy and his fans suffer for it, because they loved either the spirit [God] in MJ or his sexy on stage persona. I personally hope, that God intervenes, takes John & Howard out of the Loop of control of the estate, and puts Thomas Mesereau in charge of the Estate and the defense. I would wish and I pray that happen, though it is the most unlikely possibility given the appearances in court today, and back on April 21st.
The S.M.A. effect...
It is in GOD's best interest, however, and after all , God is.... well GOD, and nothing is impossible to GOD. IF 100 million Christians, Jews, Islamics, Budhists, etc. etc. were to all pray the same PRAYER, to end this attack on the Legacy of Saint MJ, who in the end of it, was only doing GOD's will in promoting ...
"Heal the World" concept. ... "to make it a better place". Just Maybe it would happen! God is in the Miracle business !

Once upon a time their were three Hebrews who refused to worship a earthly king. { book of Daniel ~ 3-25 } and they were thrown into a pit of fiercely hot fire, and the three were seen standing with a 4th who shown like the "son of god" and they were unharmed. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - the S.M.A. "effect",
and I project... that in the Time of GOD's schedule... Saint MJ who was not perfect, but certainly a charitable Saint, more concerned with "HEALING the WORLD" than Living like a Rothschild Bankgangster... will out shine the liars, schemers, and users and so called "victims" for $$.

I truely wish Saint MJ's estate attorneys would fight for MJ, instead of brokering a "deal" and "settlement" as Weitzman did in the Chandler case in 1992-3... but I have no say in any of this. I just report what tid bits of truth that can be distilled out of the crock of simmering crap... we in california call our "justice system".

Sadly, I say, it IS what I first said, ... when I first commented on the Robson case, its all about ATTORNEY's FEEs... not about molestation that never happened.

I Smell a Settlement coming! ! ! ! which will leave a stain on MJ spiritual legacy to the world, while the manipulators will profit fantastically from the celebrity Legacy of MJ songs & performance. I wish the aethists among the MJ Fans could join us in prayer for a clear victory for MJ's sake. Maybe they can THINK good thoughts, since they can not pray to a God they don't believe in. But I remind them MJ feverently believed in GOD. Mj "brought people together", as Atty. Thomas Mesereau said. He did it in joyfulness of song and dance & yes "entertainment".
But his primary goal was always to raise money to help the poorest children of the World.
They don't just attack MJ & his fans, they attack the GOD of Heaven that sent Saint MJ. And I for one, just have to "BELIEVE" God will ... in the end... punish those who still struggle to smear MJ, one of GOD's saints, who arose out of the most unlikely place, the slime of Hollywood & cut-throat Music industry.

GOD has a strange way of bringing forth Saints from the strangest places. Even Jesus was not born in Jerusalem, but in a tiny village of no great importance at the time of his birth.

For me it is very frustrating trying to report on these never ending MJ saga. There are few sources that are still alive and out of prison, who can be trusted to talk truth. Twiggy below raises a point that has merit. Essentially, Private Investigator Anthony Pellicano, was brought out from Chicago, and literally "set up" by Howard Weitzman. Howard can deny it of course, and probably will deny it. But Pellicano has been sitting in prison for a decade rather than "talk" to the corrupt authorities, and you got to wonder WHY? why not just cut a deal, and get out of prison? What does Pellicano know for fact, and can document it with audio tapes that prove MJ not only was innocent, but there had been a long standing plan of operation, known only to a very few, to build MJ up to Super Stardom, then eliminate him and steal his royal income, generated by the Fans, who only love his Music and spirit and don't really perceive WHO is profiting from Saint MJ music and genius. Is P.I. Pellicano really locked up in prison, FOR THE REASONS publically stated? Or is there much more at stake? If Pellicano were to spill all he knows, and give the incription code to his tapes... would it sink Weitzman and certain Mafia leaders still at large today? And would it reveal local, state and Federal Government agents in politcal bed with the MAFIA?? That would be a reason to remain SILENT as Pellicano is vividely aware of Jack Ruby's murder by Ruby's mafia/CIA agent "friends" to keep the JFK Assassination by everyone BUT Oswald a secret. Better alive in Prison and silent, than free for a few days and suddenly dead. For those who were not alive in 1964 or don't remember, Jack Ruby finally agreed to "talk" to a Congressional Sub committee , but ONLY in Washington D.C. behind closed doors.... and Jack Ruby never made it alive to that hearing. Jack Ruby was ordered to kill Oswald and given access to the Police garage to do so, bye the ALPHABET soup mob. You know, C.I.A. , F.B.I. and the Mafia... Pellicano is not stupidly stubborn. He is smart and still alive, but in prison alive. He comes from a tough neighborhood in Chicago, and had many "friends" in the Cicero Area of Chicago, my own father took me to Cicero, on a tour of Mafia related places while sailing with in in 1965 on the Tug Boat John Roen V, which docked to pick up loaded barges. It was a rare education, I did not fully appreciate back then, and have never talked about, even to my children. It is my educated guess, only a guess, that Pellicano, knows too much, and perhaps even taped Weitzman without Weitzman's knowledge, as he became leery of Howard's true intent in using Bert Fields and Pellicano, himself. the Concept that the Mafia, C.I.A. agents, and F.B. I. all work together is not even conceivable in the mind of most Americans. But one only has to look back to Eugene Vidocq, the first private investigator, who was of France, to see that he hired criminals to catch other criminals for pay outside the French police control. He was a criminal, privateer, but effective agent for those willing and able to pay. That was the start of "private Detective" services in France in early 1800s. Merci Vidocq.

According to a May 16, 2008 LA Times article by then staff writers, Carla H. and Tami A. when news of the high connections of Pellicano began to surface, there was an expectation that Billionaires of great influence... would get prosecuted as well... hummm. "Pellicano's Hollywood clients were questioned but never charged." says Carla H.

What no one has bothered to do is search to see if any of the prosecutors or their very near friends and relatives suddenly got wealthier, with gifts of property on Lake Geneva or Lake Havasu, after or during the trial. Humm... Who is watching the Watchers?

What I have been able to find out, make me very uncomfortable with trusting ANYone in ANY part of our so called Government, "of the people and for the people". Seems more like the Government for the Mafia People, to me.

So... brace yourself for a MJ smearing "settlement", because
"WE the PEOPLE" , children of the Living God have continued to
fail to bring LOVE & LOVE of TRUTH back to this planet. We have
allowed GOD's planet to be run by Evil People. Two World Wars have
been organized by the Evil Bankers, and they can not run World War 3,
if Saint Michael Jackson's message to "Heal the World, make it a better place" takes roots in the hearts of all men, everywhere.

What better way to STOP.... Saint MJ message than to make as
"settlement" with accusers who will NEVER have to face MJ in court or
Thomas "Hurricane" Mesereau, who knows exactlyh how to blow away the
lies with raw truth, that can not be denied.

Yes, the MJ Fans along with MJ Charitable Legacy will be thrown into the "Fire".
but look for a - - - S. M. A. Effect. Its coming... and believe in the Jury
verdict of 2005. I was there. the JURY got it exactly correct. I certify that fact.

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