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2 Aug 2007

Name: Sophia
City: Ventura
State: CA
Date Experience Occurred: 7/12-7/13
Approximate time: Evening
Where did you have this experience?: Other-Fill in box below
Other: Queen Mary
With whom did you come in contact?: No idea
In what area did this occur?: B deck
Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: no
Did you experience cold spots?: no
Moving furniture or lights?: no
Knocking or other sounds?: no 

Please explain your experience: Our family, 2 boys and husband, decided to spend 2 nights on the Queen Mary.  We thought it would be fun being that it is a ship and we would also see some o of the local sites.  We selected the weekend of July 12, 2007 -July 14, 2007, Friday being July 13, 2007.

We got to the ship and everything "seemed" normal.  It had a front desk like a hotel and resembled a hotel.  We checked in and were assigned a room on B deck.  We went to our room to place our bags in there and then left to tour the submarine next to Queen Mary.

After dinner we went back to our room to turn in for the evening when it began.  We had a room with 2 queen beds.  The boys selected the bed next to the portals and my husband and I selected the bed next to the restroom.  The temperature on our side of the room dropped to about 40 degrees.  My husband and I were shivering with sweatshirts on and under the covers.  The boys side of the room was fine, no temperature change.  I told my husband I would crank the thermostat to kick off the air.  I turned the dial to 85 degrees and there was no change in temperature.  I called the front desk to have someone come and look at it.  Meanwhile, the boys decided to take pictures of the room and we had five orbs in the room. I assumed the camera had reflected off the light so I turned off the light and we still got these perfectly round, white circles in our pictures.  They resemble a circle of swirled clouds.

Engineering came to our room to correct the temperature problem.  He stated that nothing was wrong wit the thermostat and manually shut it off.  I told the boys to open the portals so that we could get fresh air during the night.  In Long Beach the temperature stays very cool at night, around 50 degrees.  

Then at 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. there was strange noises outside our door that prevented me falling to sleep.  The sound was as if someone was banging a steel door and then stomping away.  This would happen every 2-3 minutes.  I asked my husband to go and look out in the hall for the culprits but there was no one there.  AS the evening progressed our side of the room became hotter and hotter.  It had to be close to 100 degrees.  My husband Nada I were sweating, yet the other side of the room was fine.  The thermostat was turned off so there was no heat.

I could not sleep the entire night.  Shear panic overcame me, which caused me to sleep with the sheet over my head despite the heat.  I was afraid to look around the room.

In the morning I complained to the front desk and they decided to move us across the hall, yet still on B deck.  Since I did not get any sleep I suggested that my husband and the boys to go see the local attractions while I stayed on the ship and read. I walked around the ship and the staff was very jumpy.  One maid was pushing her cart down my hallway when a guest behind her passed her on the side.  She jumped 5 feet out of her skin.  It was very unusual for staff to be very jumpy if the ship is not haunted.  The more time I spent on the ship the worse I began to feel.  I started to feel as if there was someone following me and watching me.  I became very tense ans claustrophobic feeling, as if I was on pins and needles.

The family returned and we did a ship tour which was uneventful.  We proceeded to have dinner and upon returning to our room the entire fire alarm system on the ship went off.  Concerned I went to the front desk and they stated it was a false alarm.  We proceeded to our room walking down the hallway on B deck.  I could not shake the uncomfortable feeling.

WE rented a movie and sat in the room.  around 8:00 p.m. the banging and footsteps began.  I told my husband, "gee who is making all that noise? Why don't you go see?"  He went and opened the door and the entire hallway was empty.  Then the fire alarm went off again.  I called the front desk and a flustered clerk stated they were taking care of it.

That was it I couldn't take it any more.  WE had our bags packed and left that very night.  The front desk did not argue, and did not charge us for the room.  One of the clerks asked whether I hard the noise between 8-10 the previous evening.  I stated yes and she stated that someone who stayed in that room last week had the same complaint.

We actually stayed 1 evening on the ship.  AS we drove off I did begin to feel better, like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.  I can honestly say I did not see an apparition or something move on its own.  But I did experience what I experienced.  I never in my life felt the fear and tense feelings I felt while on the ship, and I'm a law school student, not adverse to stress.

I will NEVER sleep on the Queen Mary again.

A scared guest

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Bonnie Vent products and services website


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