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27 Jun 2005

Name: Nan

City: Tulsa

State: OK

Date Experience Occurred: 6/26/05

Approximate time: Morning

Where did you have this experience?: Other: At home in bathroom this has happened twice in last 2 weeks

With whom did you come in contact?: Other: Grandparents, Dad, First Husband

In what area did this occur?: Other: In the bathroom

Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: no

Did you experience cold spots?: yes

Moving furniture or lights?: yes

Knocking or other sounds?: no


Please explain your experience: Both experiences happened 2 weeks apart.  While in the bathroom my make up mirror starts flashing it has 3 settings: dim light, lighter, and brighter and it rolls up and down.  Prior to this happening my dog was growling at something under the bed and nothing was there.  I asked if someone was trying to talk to me from the other side and it would start blinking through all three lights.  Then I asked if someone was trying to warn me about something and no light came on.  This mirror is plugged in and was in the off position and I never touched it. It is a touch activated light. Well going thru family members that have gone to the other side each incident my first husband was communicating with me and my dad and maternal grandma and paternal grandpa.  I don't hear voices I just see lights flashing. We have set up a unique communication and my current husband has seen this too.  The first time it happened I must have talked for 30 minutes before my husband came home and witnessed this activity.  Yesterday when I told him it was happening again he came in and the mirror would just stay on but would not move up and down like it does when answering yes.  He would leave the room and the conversation would start again but not with him watching.  So he just sat on the bed in the other room.  He could see me talking and would see the lights flashing in the reflection of my glasses so he saw what was happening.  My first husband brought through I don't know if this is correct it is so bizarre my current husband's father.  He wasn't coming through very intensely like he was not sure about it and my husband would ask me to ask questions. I did but it was like a shy responses.  Well I know this happened and I don't know if it will happen again but it happened in the morning and then it stopped because I don't know really what to do besides ask general questions.  Oh I did ask it if they wanted a hug and they blinked yes. I raised my arms up to hug them and felt a chill and cool rush through my arms.  After this happened I talked to my sister who lives in San Diego and had told her about the same experience 2 weeks ago and told her it had happened again Sun morning.  They said they were with her also.  So I went into the bathroom with the phone and we carried on a conversation and I said I was on the phone with Jill and did they want to come through and talk. The light came on just to let me know they were with us.  Ok that is what is happening.  I have had other activity about a year ago when we lived in our condo but it wasn't like this....pictures flying off the wall when I asked if anybody was with me to help me get through the chemo treatments I was having and I took it as a sign that someone was there watching over me. Other things happened in the condo within a 2 week period also. My husband saw someone looking in on me during the middle of the night. He thought it was an intruder and was frightened. It was around 4 in the morning.  He can describe the man and what he was wearing. When he turned on the light he was gone. That is my experience.  Well am I actually experiencing those communicating from the other side?  I just wanted to tell someone that might really understand.




Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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