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Spirits awareness of this plane?

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Jun 23, 2005
5:18 PM
Dear Bonnie,

Thanks for your responses, especially about the house. But what I guess I really want to know, is can the Whaleys hear what is going on and see what is going on in their home? I know that soho has it's plans for the house. I'm sure they are talking about this in the house. Can Thomas and Anna hear them? Or can they only see what is taking place? Or do they just not see or hear but have some sort of awareness of the presence of 'us'?

I know they are on a different plane of existence than us, I suppose it's parallel. Do they live their own lives like before, see their world as before, or do they live in the house the way it is now, like they are on display in the zoo? Like do they see all the people looking in at them through the glass? Or can they sort of 'shut' that plane of existence off from themselves? I know I ask a lot of questions but I want to know about this. I guess that there's a chance that I could wind up like this and so could all of us. Just very curious how it all "is".
Thanks, Luz
44 posts
Jun 23, 2005
8:44 PM
Hi Luz,

If we only knew the answers to those questions...

What I have observed in my work is that spirits have different levels of awareness just like we do. Some seem to be very current with what is going on around them in our plane. Others seem to observe and still others seem completely clueless.

In the case of Thomas and Anna Whaley they seem to know exactly what is going on and our asking for assistance from anyone they think can hear them that is willing to speak for them. As a person who has the ability to do spirit communication I can also tell you that they seem to use what they find in my brain to communicate their messages. You see the same thing with John Edward. They will comment on current events or use current language to get him to say what they want to communicate. My experience is the same as his. Since telepathy is used in clairaudience (clear hearing) this make sense to me.

Spirits that have the ability to communicate tend to hang around due to unfinished business or because it is a place they enjoyed. Thomas Whaley fits into the unfinished business category. I have asked myself why does he care about a life lived so long ago. The answer I received from my Master Guide is that the past present and future all affect each other. Those that are knowledgeable in quantum physics and string theory say the same thing so there is some known science to back this up. It is way over my head but I just feel it is correct.

Just think of spirits as people without a body. They have their personality intact. They are not demons nor are they saints. They are not all powerful either. They are learning in their dimension just as we are in ours.

Thomas talks about his dimension being next to ours and that changes made in our dimension need to be reconciled in his. This could explain a common belief that renovations of buildings and land seem to stir up paranormal activity.

I hope this helps with some of your questions. I am sure that this will generate more questions. Asking questions is the only way to get to the answers we are seeking. The hard part is figuring out the right questions to ask. Known science has barely scratched the surface on this.

Thanks for the post!
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
8 posts
Jul 03, 2005
6:38 PM
Taking Bonnies comments, there are at least two things going on in most sites deemed 'haunted'. First, there are 'hauntings', replays of events with no interaction with the viewer. Then there are true 'apparitional' events that manifest themselves to the viewer or experient. These are more rare, and often involve some interactive context.
Both are going on in Whaley House and have been since the late 1890's. This is by no means a new phenomena. Even when the house underwent a massive restoration, the phenomena continued and some might have said, increased.

Looking at other sites especially where events of the 'haunting' variety are reported, it is not uncommon to discover that major changes in structure, such as removal of walls and especially original materials, causes the events to cease almost completely. This had led to a rather controversial yet compelling theory in psi research that there is a physical connection between what some might call the 'spiritual' and the 'physical'. Intriguingly, such disruptions do not affect apparitional events in most cases.

Most interesting is the apparent attempt by the Whaleys to communicate with others. For example, I studied the site and its occupants for decades. But only now, when there is in fact no one to speak for them, as Bonnie put it, do I feel compelled to flush out the real history of the place.

History has a funny way of stepping up to us and striking us in the face when we get things wrong or out of step. I strongly believe this is precisely what is going on in this instance.

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