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( Whaley House)Violent Violet?

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2 posts
Jul 11, 2005
3:48 PM
I was watching Dead Famous:Ghostly Encounters(did anyone else see this) and they were talking about the Whaley House. They said that a girl comited suiside in one of the rooms. They also said that she came back as a violent spirit! They also saw finger impressions on the bottom of a window. Does anyone else belive it? I figure it must be true because I've been seeing a lot of shows that talk about the Whaley House ghosts. And they talk about the same paranormal happenings and the history of the house. HELP ME!!!!!
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Jul 11, 2005
5:34 PM
Hi GhostGirl,

I had an encounter with Violet Whaley in 2001. The circumstances of her death had been a secret up until then. A production company came out and did a re-enactment of her death. There is still some mystery surrounding her death and she made it very clear to me that she wanted it kept secret. I would not call her violent. I would call her angry. Much the same way as you or I would be if one of our well kept secrets became public without our approval.

Spirits do not leave fingerprints, they have no fingers so I find that one hard to believe.

There are active spirits in the Whaley House. They seem to be very much aware of their surroundings. Think of them as people without a body. They have their personality intact.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
4 posts
Jul 13, 2005
2:26 PM
Hi! Bonnie do you think there is more to the story of how Violet died? Why did the family want to keep it a secret if she was just upset over a divorce? I know it wasnt real common in the old days but suicide seems a little extreme. There has to be more to it than just that. Also no one at the Whaley house has ever said in front of me that Violet is violent. I heard from them that theres no violent spirits there. They said that the personalitys of the people there are just like when they were alive and since they were pretty nice people they still are. Is it even possible for a spirit to be violent? They have no body so how could they hurt you? I don't get it. Other than if they try to scare you into hurting yourself.
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Jul 13, 2005
8:49 PM
Hi Katy,

There is much more to Violet's story. Violet really does not want to talk about it but she did say it was an assisted suicide. An inquest was done at the time of her death. The story told by Thomas Whaley to the authorities would back up this claim. I have never known Violet to be violent. She got angry when I asked her about what happened and also does not like people to talk about her death. The prior caretakers of the house had an agreement with the Whaley family not to talk about her. The new caretakers did not have that agreement so the information came out in 2001.

People do take their personality with them when they cross. That includes the good and bad, but they are just like us minus a body. There is a life review process so I do find a lot of spirits with a lot of regrets. I take this as a lesson for us as well. I try very hard to walk gently with people and to live from my spirit not my bank account. I do not want any regrets when I leave here.

If you have seen the movie "Ghost" there is scene where Sam is learning from another spirit to move things. Spirits can move objects and touch or shove people. If you saw the Heartland Ghost story they video taped someone being scratched by a little girl spirit named Sally. I know Peter James and he is the real deal and would not deceive anyone so I believe him when he says this actually happened. I have had a spirit superimpose himself over me and was pushed up against the wall. I really think this was done for my safety so that I would not fall over. I did not sense any ill intent.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
3 posts
Jul 30, 2005
1:26 PM
I guess you cant belive everything you see or hear on TV! I do belive that there is life after this, but im kind of skeptical that you can come back as a spirit! A part of me knows that in the bible it says you go to heaven or hell not in between, but then i keep hearing the same things from different people about the Whaley House, so im not sure!
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Aug 02, 2005
6:13 PM
Hi ghostgirl111,

It is not that we come back as a spirit. We are a spirit in a human body. When your physical body dies the body goes away but your spirit which is made up of energy cannot dissipate. Energy can only transform it cannot go away.

Thanks for the post!
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
15 posts
Aug 07, 2005
12:54 AM
I need to weigh in here as one who ran the longest continuous phenomena investigation in the country, ironically of the Whaley House.

During a period of over a decade we came upon most of the phenomena that has been reported since here and elsewhere. We were quite aware of Violet and had some insight into her background. She was a beautiful girl, who had a dark past. Simple as that. Bonnie is quite correct when she says that a person like Violet or Violet herself would not want that coming out.

Her story took quite awhile to unravel. The family was very guarded with the details. We were guessing at some of the salient points to be honest. But this was in the 1970s and 80s. By the 1990s the story was beginning to leak out. Even June Reading, original curator of Whaley House, talks about Violet I believe in her own book on the Ghosts of Whaley House (a fascinating read by a dedicated historian and talented author btw).

As Bonnie has said, there is more to know about Violet. Hers is perhaps one of the most intriguing tales of the place. That all said, don't get hung up on any story like this.

And for heaven's sake don't believe ANYTHING you see on television 'documentaries' about phenomena. I have just enough contact with many of the more well-known sites all over the country to tell you categorically that a majority of TV shows are just downright wrong. Take it for what it is: entertainment, not history.
1 post
Aug 30, 2005
12:56 PM
I watched the Dead Famous episode as well. I was at the Whaley House this weekend (8/27) and I asked one of the docents about the filming of the episode and they had no recollection of it at all. Anyways... I was disappointed with the whole thing. The guy in the episode I'll call him "mr sensitive" was a little dramatic if you ask me. HOWEVER... while filming, in the same room of the alleged attack, the host girl had a flash light and kept feeling like someone was behind her.. am I the only person in the world that is concerned about the dark figure DIRECTLY behind her that she apparantly didn't see otherwise she would be flashing her flashlight directly at it instead of just skimming by it as though she couldn't see it??? Please, if anyone saw this dark figure, or saw the episode, can you please let me know if it was part of the cast, or something she was unaware of entirely?
23 posts
Sep 11, 2005
1:36 AM
please see my comments on the other thread that addresses this show. Bottom line, likely a crew member.

Last Edited by PhenomInvestigator on Sep 11, 2005 1:38 AM
1 post
Sep 23, 2005
2:45 PM
I don't know CitizenZero I saw that figure on the episode too and it creeped me out. On the show they kept saying that the woman didn't see the figure as she was panning her flashlight on it's head, and they also said it was not any member of the crew and they wondered if it might have been someone who came in to watch the filming off the street.

In any case that was the creepiest thing I have ever saw, the face of the dark figure was smiling and kinda looked like part flesh and part skull to me.

I would really like to see that episode again.
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Sep 25, 2005
2:05 AM
The most comical pic I have yet seen attributed to Whaley House is of a supposed and I quote 'big busted woman' standing on the house porch facing the front door. The pic is taken in profile and you can just make her figure out as she stands parallel to the columns. You see only a small part of her in shadow. Just down the porch a man is peering into a window, somewhere around the court room I would say.
The picture was shot from the other end of the porch.
On the whole I would dismiss it as a bored girlfriend or a freak of shadow play. The photographer swears no woman was on the porch and that the photograph was not tampered with.

A good illustration of what can happen we our minds become too creative. Just thought someone might be interested.
1 post
Mar 03, 2006
12:28 PM
Hi there,
This weekend I will be taking a trip to San Diego. My younger sister and I enjoy doing our own version of ghost hunting expeditions. This weekend we will be staying at the Hortin Grand Hotel, and will be sisiting many of the places on this web site. Can you give us any interresting facts, or places to see. For example specific bed rooms, or offices in locations. We are really excited, and looking forward to our expedition.
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Apr 12, 2007
9:24 PM
I watch a show from time to time on the Discovery Channel called A Haunting and in one episode there was a spirit harming another spirit could that happen I was just curious?

Last Edited by on Apr 12, 2007 9:25 PM
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Jun 10, 2019
4:38 AM
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