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Jan 04, 2006
6:33 PM
does the whaley house ghosts really exist?
if anyone has watched the "most hanted whaley house" episode, what do you think?
i watched it and didnt know what to believe!
yes i do believe in the paranormal , but what exactly has anyone whose been there experienced? have you seen the skeleton sitting behind the desk? what, do you believe he is he there for? if anyone can anser these questions i would be grateful as i am studying a course and while writing an essay i would like to here of your explanations or your experiences of the whaley house?
coming from scotland and been a teenager i cannot yet afford to visit the house myself first hand although in the future i would like to have these experiences for myself i would be deeply grateful if anyone could contact me via e-mail on sammy10787@yahoo.co.uk in regards to helping me with my assignment!
thing you very much sammy
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Jan 10, 2006
11:02 PM
As I have posted elsewhere, having conducted a decade long investigation of the house in the 1980s primarily, I can tell you there are in fact phenomena in the house. You will likewise find people on this site and elsewhere with similar stories to tell. The original curator of the house, June Reading, wrote a book on the Ghosts of Whaley House in the late 1980's I believe, which may still be available.
There is a more recent book in the works.

Regarding 'Most Haunted' and other such programs, it's important to remember that their primary purpose is to entertain. They are NOT documentaries. They are NOT intended to be historically accurate. They are intended to make money for the producers. I worked in this field eons ago - I really do understand the trade.

There has never been another report to my knowledge of a 'skeleton sitting behind the desk'. I presume you believe you saw it. If so, which desk, as there are several in the house.

The most comprehensive way to thread together phenomena is to understand the history of a place. The book 'Consignment to Eldorado' written by June Reading, is perhaps the most authoritative and complete book on the background of the Whaley family. What many people don't undersand is that June, in her day, was the world's leading authority on the Whaley family.

I wish you the best of luck with your essay, and hope you have the opportunity to visit some day soon!
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Jul 13, 2007
11:28 AM
I was at the Whaeley House Aug 21, 2003 with my kids on vacation...my oldest son took a pic of 3 of us, around 11:30 pm and then I took a pic of him...similiar photos, except the first photo has a white ghostly image above us....Upon my daughter's urging I submitted it to a local radio station for a pyschic Angelina Dianna to evaluate today ....she said it was the ghost of a male sailor...Has anyone ever heard of something similiar...I am willing to email the pic....janet (jaz60rn@sbcglobal.net)
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Jul 13, 2007
11:42 AM
There are many examples of mists and so-called 'orbs' in photos taken over the past 30 years in Whaley House. Some are also visible with the naked eye, many are not.

I would suggest caution in interpretation. We did get an interesting photo recently of a woman who I actually knew in life. It was astounding how similar the image was. The image was taken in a mirror in the house. However, we had to reverse the image contrast to see her. I always am concerned when we need to go to these lengths to see something, even if it seems quite realistic. Two of us examined the image, both having either seen other pictures of the woman or actually known her in life. Was it matrixing or was there an actual image of this woman in that mirror? Good question.

Regarding the sailor interpretation, anything is possible. However I can say that we never got a sailor in the house during an extended continual investigation spanning years.
This is not to say he is not there, simply that he did was not noted during this extended investigation.

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