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New kitchen at Whaley House vs Old Kitchen

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Jul 20, 2007
2:22 PM
Name: Elizabeth
City: Orange County
State: CA
Date Experience Occurred: June 9, 2007
Approximate time: 11:00pm
Where did you have this experience?: Whaley House
With whom did you come in contact?: No idea
In what area did this occur?: Dinning Room
Other: Nursery, Outside
Do you have paranormal pictures or voice recordings?: yes
Did you experience cold spots?: yes
Moving furniture or lights?: yes
Knocking or other sounds?: no

Please explain your experience: My best friend and I are both experienced photographers. The day we visited was the day the renovation of the actual kitchen was completed ... that morning was the "grand reveal." Upon entering the dining room about 10 minutes after entering the house, I noticed a black "shadow" dart up the wall and disappear into the ceiling, behind one of the chairs. Thinking I had blocked the light and created the shadow, I apologized for "ruining" my friend's shot. Upon reflection, we realized that I was not in the correct position to make that shadow, and no one else was in the room. Standing in the same spots we tried to recreate it, and were not able to come even close. Later that night we went back to the dining room. The second we walked in my friend started sobbing and ran out of the room (she is not one prone to panic attacks, or sudden high emotion). Realizing something was going on I quickly snapped 3 photos from the doorway. (At this point the house was closed and the lights behind me had been turned off). 2 of the photos turned out normal, but a third showed a large black shadow directly in front of me. At the top it has a vaguely humanoid shape, though the majority is rectangular. It extends from the ground directly at my feet to the ceiling. Again we were unable to recreate the shadow,and I had not seen it while shooting the photos. The most interesting thing about this shot is that the "shadow" does not bend when it hits he ceiling, and you can clearly see my flash reflecting off the back wall. It looks as though something is floating in the middle of the room, and the flash is passing through it. (The flash residual exactly matches the pattern found in the other 2 photos, containing no "shadows"). When talking about it later, my friend told me she felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and regret ... as if someone felt their space had been tampered with. (Remember, this is the morning the kitchen was reopened. A docent at the house confirmed that the table that had previously stood in the dining room had been moved to the kitchen and a different table placed in the dining room that morning.)

That same evening I was standing outside to the side of the house (where you can see the windows of the parlor and the nursery) when I noticed something rocking in the nursery window. It looked to be a small rocking chair or possibly a cradle. This continued for approx. 30 seconds, during which I took several photos. The film I was using at that point was very old, with poor resolution (unfortunately, it was the film I used outside, as a result all of the photos turned out grey instead of black, with a grainy quality that completely blanks out most of the contents of the photos). Once developed, the photo I took of the nursery window proved to be crystal clear black ... and many trails of bright color exploding in front of the window. There were no lights in the area save a soft glow from the street lamp and the lamp in the nursery, and the camera was functioning properly. Nothing to explain the bright colors captured on the film. If you look closely at the photo, you can still see the window and lamp behind the streaks of color.

One final occurance, though from a different visit. On the floor of the nursery there is a semi-completed puzzle. We asked the docent on duty if the puzzle peices ever moved or switched, and he said not to his knowledge. To test our theory, we took several photos of the puzzle. On a visit this past weekend I made a point to compare our photos with the puzzle on the floor ... sure enough, several pieces had moved, as though someone had been working on it.

I have since been told by several people that the nursery and kitchen are considered the most active rooms in the house. I'd have to say after my experiences, I agree!

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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

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