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Recorded Messages from Anna

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Jul 13, 2008
1:39 PM
In March 2008 My wife,toddler son and parents visited the Whaley House. We are from North County and have heard stories about the house. As we were touring the house my son was very uneasy and seemed strange also we had a video recording camera that also snaps pictures, I did not follow the instructions and ended up recording some footage in the house.

I was told by a friend that he had gone around the grounds with a sound recorder and asked questions such as "who are you?" and "where are you?" and at the time did not hear anything, but later on that night they played back the tape and a little boy's voice responded almost as a whisper "we are ghost" and "You are getting closer" I, not thinking this was possible laughed and believed the was trying to build suspense around the house because he knew I was visiting, nevertheless I brought my recording camera just in case.

As I was in the master bedroom(???) I was telling my mother as I was recording: "Yes mom and he said that he asked things like -what's your name?, and they answered.-
my mother is very sensitive to paranormal activity and has had a share of experiences of her own, and shortly after that, she wanted to leave the house she said she felt heavy and her chest pressed so we left.

Looking back days after at the footage, when I'm speaking to my mother about the questions and I was "what's your name?" a woman's voice almost as a whisper but very loud as if it was whispering right at the microphone says "Anna" after my question.

This really blew our minds since we couldn't find any logical explanations. I thought I would never be back to the house for respect now that I know that there is something and I did not want to upset anyone.

Yesterday, July 12th 2008 we went again we had visitors from out of town and while dining in the area we passed by shared our story and re-entered the house. My friend was recording with her picture camera and she asked " Why are you here?" to which 4 seconds later she got a response of "I want to be here, that's why" it was no whisper it was as loud as the question but what intrigued me the most was the old accent in her words, you can tell its from another time.

I have both recordings and I respect the subject very much, I hesitated to post this message but I felt to a sense obligated after finding this website of truthful dedicated people who understand the subject more than we do. Bonnie If it would help in your research to have the videos or the pictures with orbs please let me know I would be more than happy to contribute.

We feel a bit scared having trouble sleeping is there anything that I should worry about?

Both times we've had Anna ( And she seems kind) is there any reason why she makes contact and not the other spirits?

Do you think spirits can "follow" us out of the house? do they travel out?
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Jul 17, 2008
12:51 PM
Hi Jorge and Mary,

Please send your documentation to:

Could a spirit person follow you home, yes, but they would need a reason to do so.

Thx so much,
Bonnie Vent
Spirit Advocate (sm)
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Oct 04, 2008
5:50 PM
I have some of these recordings too//they are called EVP's... got one in the theatre as we were video taping saying so sad so sad....and I have another I recorded as I was asking if the whaleys were there and I got a response of "yes". I think the first one was of violet whaley as it sounded younger and I think the other was anna whaley as I was by the master bedroom. They were taken in spring of 2008. I'm going to the ghost hunt on the weekend before halloween so I am hoping to catch some more.

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