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Many personal experiences at the Whaley House.

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Oct 16, 2008
1:19 AM
My experiences might be due to the fact that I'm a descendant of one of the families that originally inhabited Old Town, (in fact there are many of them buried at El Campo Cemetary).

I have been to the house a countless number of times and below are some of my most memorable experiences:
I had brought a camcorder and was filming everything I could. Nothing downstairs, but upstairs were tons of experiences. I filmed into one of the bedrooms upstairs, (the bedroom right next to the Daughter's room). With the naked eye you saw nothing, but on the viewfinder was what looked like a young girl's face floating over the bed. You could see her mouth moving as if she was talking and everyone else in the house at the time all rushed behind me to watch the apparition appear on the camera's viewfinder. There were a total of 12 people squeezed in the small space. The apparition went away after several minutes and I immediately went to play the video and to my luck, even though the camcorder was recording, there was nothing...it was as if I never hit record. The red light was on and on the top corner it stated REC, but the video cut off the moment I pointed the camera into that room. After that I went to check out the Whaley Daughter's room. Unfortunately I was sick to my stomach all of a sudden and couldn't enter the room. It was like getting hit with a horrible case of food poisoning. I guess someone didn't want me near their room. Upon leaving upstairs I got a few steps down when my right arm became freezing cold. I asked someone to feel my arm to see if it wasn't just me and they confirmed it was ice cold. Immediately after that I got a feeling from behind me like someone touched me with two hands on both my shoulders, which made me almost fall down the stairs. I stumbled one step down and then thought it would be a good idea to leave, since I wasn't really comfortable having an arm that was freezing cold and originally thought that someone had pushed me. Three days later my arm went back to normal.

On a separate occasion I entered the master bedroom and noticed the curtain that separates the room from a closet was moving very strangely. There was no draft in the room and it was moving so strange that no gust of wind could cause something like that, (very solid and stiff movements). I decided to ask questions and sure enough the curtain would move in one direction for yes and the other for no. Based off of the questions asked, the movement was caused by Yankee Jim who was angry. According to a friend who visited the house the next day, overnight the room was thrown about with the carpet being moved and items moved around like as if someone was in a fit of rage. I have no idea if it's common for Yankee Jim to be located in that room or not.

The more recent visits. I always go in the back yard, because I was told that as a kid I encountered the spirit of a girl in the backyard, (I can't remember it, but my parents claim that I told them that I saw a girl when I was around eight years old on an elementary school field trip to Old Town) and was hoping to get another chance to see her again. In the area between the wall and the house I could smell the strong scent of a woman's perfume. It wasn't the flowers, since there were very few that had little to no smell. This was clearly a perfume, because it was a mix of flowers with something like cinnamon. It was so sickly strong that I choked on it. It was as if I walked into a department store and one of those perfume ladies accidentally sprayed perfume down my throat. I had a family member with me at the time and they could smell it too. There were no people in the area and no sort of vent or device that could spray scent out. This went on for about 15 minutes and then finally went away. While leaving the back yard I walked by the court room and the strong scent of a cigar came out. The doors to the court room were open and no one was in there. Not to mention you can't smoke in the house. There were also no smokers anywhere in the area.

For anyone that takes a visit to the Whaley House, I highly suggest going into the back yard and smell in the area right outside the courthouse. If you don't experience anything, then keep trying for 30 minutes. I've had this experience every time I've been back since finding those spots.

As for the experience upstairs with the daughter's room. For some reason I can't go in that room. I don't know the real story, but I sense her death isn't what everyone thinks it is. I want to say that it was not a suicide like everyone claims. That's just the vibe I get, but like I mentioned, I don't know what the true story is. I also cannot enter the El Campo Cometary at night. I get some strange sensation like something is pushing me full force towards the exit. Then again, I do have family buried there and it could be them protecting me from getting involved with something very bad, since nothing good comes out of vising a cemetery at night.

My mother has seen the dog several times and claims that it doesn't stay in the same place that it is always running from place to place. Supposedly she sees it running from the porch to the front door. My brother went on a night trip there and took a disposable camera and got a bunch of unexplained photos from the courtroom. It looks like a full room of figures sitting in all the chairs with large orbs over each one.

Personally I have had absolutely nothing happen in the theater or in any of the downstairs rooms. I do get a ton of activity outside, though for some strange reason. Possibly due to the fact that the back yard is being ripped to heck! It looks horrible and it's been over 5 years since the flowerbed has been there. They've also been excavating a section in the back for several years and even though it states that the excavation will end in 2006, it's been in a horrible untouched state for years.

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Jul 08, 2019
2:55 AM
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