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Any new Whaley activity?

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Dec 24, 2008
10:59 AM
I live in San Diego and am a frequent visitor of the Whaley House. I've had a few experiences and caught some interesting photos over the years. Some were explainable "dust" orbs and reflections but one notable orb I got was very large and emitting its own light(no flash and dusk outside). One experience I had was while walking up the stairs I smelled a strong smell of cigar smoke and when I got to the top of the stairs I felt a very strong presence on the landing. I was so uneasy I couldn't bring myself to enter the theater room so I visited the other upstairs rooms first then finally overcame my unease and went into the theater where I no longer felt anything. I was the only one in the house besides the docent who was at the front door, so it was very interesting.

My question is to Bonnie or anyone that has recently visited the house. Has anyone had any recent activity? The last few times I've been there, there seems to be nothing happening, the last being this past weekend. I've taken hundreds of photos and recordings and been in the house virtually alone and feel just that, completely alone, no spirits. Maybe the Whaleys have gone on a permanent holiday?
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Dec 30, 2008
7:03 AM
Hi mcsd67,

I did visit the house this past summer. I had a conversation with Anna Whaley. Needless to say she was not happy about the digging and additional "enchancements" to the house. We could really use some community involvement on locating the Whaley Family Papers. According to SOHO these vital historical documents have been missing since they took over as caretakers. These documents have very specific details on how the house really looked when the Whaley's lived there as well as the Old Town area.

I spoke with a local restaurant owner who felt that Thomas Whaley was spending more time at his restaurant than normal.

Certainly there has been a decline in people posting to this message board. Of course SOHO does not allow mediumship or any devices that could be used for spirit communication into the house. Perhaps the Whaley's have decided there is no point in trying to communicate at this point in time. Also, SOHO employees are not allowed to post anything about the house on the internet. This is too bad since they have more of an opportunity to have an experience.

Thx for the post!
Bonnie Vent
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Dec 31, 2008
9:11 AM
Thanks for your response Bonnie. After my post I did a little snooping on the Whaley House website and apparently the papers were located. They have actually posted them online in PDF form at http://whaleyhouse.org/papers/whpapers.htm. Some are very poor quality and illegible but there is some very interesting reading. The writing back them was very flourished and hard for 21st century eyes to decipher but I read a few personal letters between Thomas and the family while he was away at various times. It was very hard times for them as San Diego wasn't doing well in the years they lived in the house. Lillian wrote in her later years that the kitchen was a lean-to attached to the back of the house, which they've at least got right but I too don't like the theater room. It was much prettier as the Master bedroom and sitting room. I would hope SOHO would use these letters for historical accuracy.

There are so many pages of the papers that it would take even the most devout historian months to go through. June Reading did a great job in deciphering all the papers and you can read her original brochure from the 1960's regarding this. I would only hope there is someone within SOHO that is just as dedicated.

It is too bad the docents are so cloaked. I've found they will talk about experiences if asked but too bad they can't post on any boards as there are people that have a huge interest on the topic. I actually love going into the house more for the history than seeking spirits, as I do the Hotel Del, which I live blocks away from. I feel the more I know about the history, the more I understand the feelings of the family at the time.

I wonder if the activity has died down because the papers have been located? As much as I would miss visiting the Whaleys and hoping to have a personal encounter with them, it's time they moved on in peace.

It would be interesting if you went back to the house and spoke to Anna or Thomas and got their feelings on the matter of the papers being found. If so please keep those of us that check these boards informed! Thanks again for your response!
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Dec 31, 2008
11:54 AM
Hi mcsd67,

This is a little bit of good news. I scanned very quickly through the documents. I did not see Thomas Whaley's personal journals listed.

It was several years ago now that Thomas asked me to locate his journals. Thomas Whaley seemed to feel that his journals would provide insight to present day leaders in San Diego. This was before Mayor Jerry Sanders took over and some of the truth of the finances of the city were revealed. I thought this would be an easy request to fulfill. So here we are today with some information available, but the original request from Thomas still remains on my plate.

Thx so much for the effort in finding what you did. Let's hope the rest will be available soon.

Bonnie Vent
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Dec 31, 2008
1:25 PM
Bonnie, you're right. After perusing again I didn't see anything that states "journals". There are memo book and such with entries regarding sales of goods, etc., but nothing that would be a diary type of thing belonging to Thomas. Guess we keep hoping they will be found, or maybe they are but just not on the website.

I have some questions about a friend of mines abilities but will post on the main paranormal boards as they don't pertain to the Whaley House.

Thomas has a good friend in you trying to help him out!
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Jul 02, 2009
1:10 PM
We just had an experience yesterday, July 1, 2009. It was really a surprise. We went with a skeptical, yet "open mind" and prior to arriving, I asked for a sign.

Well, we got it! Actually two. We both had a lot of pressure on our chest while viewing the master bedroom upstairs. It was getting a little uncomfortable.

We took some pictures with our cell phones (forgot the cameras) and sure enough, we caught a very large, white mist forming in the master bedroom. We didn't realize it until we got home, but that is about the same time we BOTH felt the heavy pressure on our chest. I don't know who it was in the mist or what the reason was for the pressure.

Once we went downstairs, within about a minute, we felt great! We have never had anything like this happen before, so we were really surprised to have these 2 experiences at the House.

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