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The image on the Dining Room Wall

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Jul 07, 2004
4:55 PM
What are your thoughts on this? I know several people have sent photos of this to me. I checked the wall personally and it is not flat. There is tape about 2 inches wide under the paint. The tape is not running in a straight line either. It is at an angle. A former docent used to direct people to take a picture of this wall. The image does show up often. Is this a spirit or a trick to the camera's eye? There is no doubt in my mind that there are spirits still in the house, but is this one of them? If so, who do you think it is?

Mrs. Whaley
Mr. Whaley
Yankee Jim
Someone else

Bonnie Vent
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Jul 14, 2004
5:26 PM
I too have looked at the dining room wall plaster repair. We compared pictures from previous visits before the change from kitchen exhibit to dining room (the current exhibit). We have seen, felt, and photographed unusual phenomena at the house, but the plaster patch on the dining room wall is interesting because so many people are seeing something that only started to occur after the wall was patched and repainted.

We too were directed to the wall in an after hours tour. All I see is a plaster patch! Sorry.
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Jul 15, 2004
7:30 PM
Yes. I to have felt the wall where the image shows up. I'm still trying to figure the wall out. Real strange, but amazing. I have taken pictures of the wall and i see 2 different faces in it. I wish someone has a real explanation for it. I'm so eager to know.
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Jan 05, 2005
5:54 PM
My thoughts on this are of three spirits who reside in the house. I have to taken a picture in the dining room and showed it to my friend Rob Wlodarski. He said that it looks like Thomas Whaley with his arms crossed in front of you, but also said if you look really closely it looks like Violet or Anna Whaley.
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Apr 25, 2005
3:37 PM
I can offer some background on this dating back to the early 1970s. I actually engaged in a long continual psi research study of Whaley House working with the original curator, June Reading. My memory goes back to the period when the house was under restoration prior to its opening to the public.

June was very excited the first time someone captured a picture of what she characterized must be 'Anna Whaley'.
I did not share June's enthusiam since it was clear to me there was an anomoly the flash had picked up caused by the nature of the plaster on the back of the courtroom wall (to the right of the bench and left of the jury rail).

I mention this because June was the one expert on the Whaley family at the time seemed and was reasonably certain of herself. We disagreed on the source of the image. I deferred to June on the form. None of the Whaley girls was ever considered a potential by June for this image.

Just thought the perspective might be helpful.

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