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Recent Visit to the Whaley House

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Nov 28, 2004
5:53 PM
Hello Everyone...

Recently my Husband and I visited the Whaley House. This was my second visit (I had not seen it since childhood) and my Husband's first. I had never seen the cemetary, either. I wasn't expecting to, but I captured several orbs and I am quite excited about it. I wasn't sure I believed in any of this (though I did believe in the possibility). I just thought I would share my excitement with others who have had similar experiences and would love to see other places and try to capture more orbs in the future. I would love to hear about your experiences as well.
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Nov 30, 2004
3:17 AM
I visited the cemetery on Halloween this year and got a photo of an exceptionally bright orb near Yankee Jims grave. If you would like I can email to ya.

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Dec 01, 2004
12:05 PM
I would love to see it....would you be willing to e-mail it to me at KagedKitty@aol.com?
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Dec 29, 2004
11:08 PM
hey kaged kitty, you know who I am....
personally, and no offense to anyone, I don't thinks orbs are all that exciting, I believe they are a thing of the camera lens. then again I could be wrong.
I will be at whaley house this weekend and with my EMF meter and camera and tape recorder. I don't think I have caught any orbs before, except when photoing underwater....
having some expereince wihtthe camera, if I see any orbs in my pics, I might be swayed some.....
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Dec 30, 2004
9:42 AM
I would focus more attention on picking up EVP with your tape recorder. Just make sure no one else is around you or you could mistake another visitor to the house as something paranormal. It has become increasing difficult to get good pictures. With the recent remodeling most surfaces are shinny. This prevents us from being able to tell a real anomaly from camera flash and flare.

Good Luck,
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
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Mar 02, 2005
10:18 AM
Interesting to hear some others have recently caught orb photos in or near the Whaley. On Feb. 25th I shot two in the Whaley courtroom. Both are strong images and I'm reasonably confident at least one (blue-tinged orb over judge's bench)is a bonafide phenomenon.

I intend to post them on my website as soon as I complete construction there. They will also be in my new book which goes to print in June.
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Mar 20, 2005
7:00 PM
My son, his girlfriend, and I recently took the Ghosts and Tombstones tour. At the Whaley House, Crystal and I were trying to take photographs of the area I belive is the parlor. Both cameras became non-responsive as if the batteries had suddenly gone bad.

For a fleeting second, I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck and then both cameras started to work again.

We just thought it was so odd that the entire night, neither of us had experienced problems prior to or afterwards with our cameras. But when both cameras malfunctioned at the exact same time in the exact same spot, this was just a tad bit odd.

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