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Whaley House - Family Speaks out

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Apr 08, 2005
6:58 PM
The Whaley Family Experiment
April 6, 2005

I have been getting the impression for quite some time that the Whaley Family is in need of assistance. They have talked with other psychics/mediums before. The information has been limited and no action was ever taken, thus leaving them frustrated and trapped in their situation. I am going to allow channeling to occur if they are willing. This is an attempt to get out in the open whatever is on their minds.

Thomas Whaley: First I would like to express my concerns about my home. Those around me act as if they have my blessing. They do not. They also attach this notion to my wife Anna as well. I will let Anna express her desires for the decorations but I must say that changes are very difficult. We are in another dimension that overlaps the dimension that you are in. Any changes must be reconciled. If you came home one day and your house was completely different how upset would you be especially when you no longer have the physical ability to fix it. Please ask them to stop telling people this is the way we would want it to be or it is our taste. It is not. There are some areas that I have more of a problem with than others. The General Store, Theatre, and Kitchen are the most difficult. I did not own the General Store in the house and the ones I did own were not successful. This is pointed out by displaying the advert I placed to sell. The Theatre took up a lot of space and the family had to shift around to make room. It too was a horrible failure. The kitchen area was private space for us, now it is not. Anna was very proud to have the kitchen inside the house. I must tell you that Anna did not like having businesses in the house. She saw the need to earn a living but we had many disagreements. Moving the kitchen inside and having a dinning room was a point that was hard fought by her. Everyone seems to know about the issues I had with the County regarding the County Seat and Court House. I truly thank those that participated in bring some justice to this matter. Now I will let Anna speak about the house.

Anna Whaley: I must say that I have been very depressed lately. I cannot believe my eyes. The surfaces were always left natural; perhaps a little oil was used from time to time to preserve the wood. I do not understand why everything is so shiny. I hear others complaining about this too. The material on the front hall walls is truly awful. I would never have such a thing in my home. I always preferred things to match and blend together. To have so many different things that don’t match is very difficult for me. I do like the carpet and wallpaper in my music room. Everything else should blend tastefully. We are grateful that our house is still standing but we do wish to be asked before things are moved about. Please remind everyone that we are people just like they are. We are not characters out of a history primer. We are aware of the comings and goings of people. We do not mind sharing our home, which is something that we always have done, but it is still our home.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
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Apr 25, 2005
3:46 PM
I find these communications interesting. I studied the Whaleys with June Reading, the original curator of the house, for many years.

Anna was of French descent and was very picky about her house. June was careful to get it right when the house was originally opened.

Over the years the house did change. At one point it was hard to maintain due to local politics and low visitation. Sounds like that problem has been solved. I must confess I have not visited recently, but the pictures look materially similar to when I was there often.

If changes have been made it would be interesting to know the extent of the changes, especially structural and refinishing. I do know that June and Bill Reading fought many battles to get the house right years ago.

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