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Possible Haunted School in Mira Mesa, CA

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49 posts
Jun 27, 2005
3:21 PM
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share this story with you to see if anyone has more specific information regarding this school in Mira Mesa, CA. This e-mail was sent to me by Kathyrine.


For some reason I wanted to look up information on this school in my neighborhood that is, as rumor says, is haunted.....but I couldn't find anything, and that's when I came across your web site. I just moved back here to Mira Mesa and the stories I heard about this school I heard about 9 or 10 years ago. My parents haved lived here for about 12 or 13 years and they've even heard about the school. I'm not talking about Mira Mesa Monster Manor or what ever it's called in the Target Shopping Center (I never went there) I'm talking about a real school. I haven't gone by there recently, but the last time I did, it looked like a real school that was shut down and surrounded by a wire fence. The stories I heard were when this middle school opened school supplies were flying in the air and they shut down fast. Why is this story kept on the down low?! In the past 5 years Mira Mesa has gone through a lot of change. This once quiet town is now packed with traffic and A LOT of new residents. I bet none of them have even heard of this school. I don't remember the name of the school( it might be Whitman, but there's already a haunted school named Whitman in a different state) but I think it's located on Polaris Dr. I know it's between Westonhill and Black Mountain Rd. Maybe you can find out the real mystery to this story. It's an abandoned school surrounded by houses that people live in, you can't miss it. I'm sorry but that's all the information that I have. If you find out anything I would really like to hear from you. Thank you for you time.
2 posts
Jun 27, 2005
7:55 PM
I live in Mira Mesa neighborhood and the only two middle schools located between the area you specified are following:Mark Twain and Weingenheimer Middle school-Home of the Wildcats.First one is located right next to Mira Mesa high school and is part of Mira Mesa facilities,and is not closed or abandoned.The other is across from Miramar college and is not abandoned as well.

50 posts
Jun 27, 2005
8:06 PM
Hi Z-Racer,

It was an e-mail from Kathyrine. I had not heard of this either so I thought I would put it out to everyone.

Thanks for your information!!
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
3 posts
Jun 29, 2005
11:22 AM

I have ,once again tried to find the school,all in vain.No school or schools currently exist in the area.I need to find out more background,specific info regardind the school.

If you or anyone has some information,please post it here.
4 posts
Jun 30, 2005
9:18 AM
We need to see the pictures and proof,physical proof.
54 posts
Jun 30, 2005
9:53 AM
Hi Z-Racer,

Thanks for going the extra mile on this!!

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
5 posts
Jun 30, 2005
10:36 AM
I also found that there is a "Whitman" school,but the problem is this:It's an elementary school,and it is located in Clairemont Mesa not Mira Mesa.It's on Appleton street.And,once again,it is not closed,it is an active school.

I have a suspicion about one thing:On westonhill street,there is a community park,that looks like it was recently built.Maybe it was built on the grounds of an abandoned school?You see,with the prices of real estate,shortage of land,and the busy population of Mira Mesa,it is hard to believe that there is going to be "an abandoned" property,whether it is a school or a house.
6 posts
Jun 30, 2005
10:40 AM
I mean,look a crappy old house in Clairemont or Mira Mesa area is going for more than $500,000 and that is for a fixer-upper.and the weird part is:These houses sell as soon as they hit the market.Do you really think someone is going to let all that property go to waste???Not Today.


If someone knows more specific info about this,please let all of us know.

And Bonnie,You are a clairvoyant right?Isn't there a way you can tap into the paranormal and find the school?
55 posts
Jun 30, 2005
12:01 PM
Hi Z-Racer,

I only get information if there is a compelling reason. I tried to tune in when I first got the e-mail. I did not receive any information. That is why I posted it on the board to see if anyone else knew about it. I thought perhaps it was an Urban Legend.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
1 post
Aug 22, 2005
2:29 PM
I wanted to share this with everyone. I work at 5440 morehouse dr. on mira mesa blvd. just off the 805 south exit. This building has been strange lately and it has affected our work. At midnight 2 weeks ago, I got the first share of this when I heard 4 gunshot noises coming from outside the parking lot and there was no one around afterward. Also, a rattling sound from our blinds and nothing was moving. I also saw a shadow sillhouetted next to one of the offices. Since then, we've been receiving phone calls from an unknown number with evp like responses. It usually sounds like an angry woman or a beast. Just the other night we heard it laugh unhumanly. I also caught a face on my video camera phone late one night which included a heavy breathing sound. The other guys have also experienced things like seeing a woman figure that might've had a witch-like hat. There was also another person who experienced being levitated from the ground where he stated that time stopped for about 7 minutes but felt like more than an hour. He stated that he saw the woman figure with a child. He murmured a weird dialect he never knew and this all happened at about 8:30 on a saturday morning. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of this evil spirit that probably needs help, please feel free to reply or leave comments. Thank you.
1 post
Nov 06, 2005
12:58 AM
This may not mean anything since the question was first asked many months ago, but I went to the school in question. It is now a new community park. The school is on Polaris and was called Breen Elem school. I think the school had a bad name after it was closed down and forgotten. The weeds and tree grew, so I could see how it may be thought of as a place for a haunting.
1 post
Nov 07, 2005
11:32 PM
hi i currently live in mira mesa today, and as a matter of fact i just played basketball at breen park at around 10-10:42 pm, i personally didn't experience anything "haunted" about the park, but when i got there my friends who met me there told me that the park, or at least the property was once a condemned elementary school, we stayed back and played a game but got out of there as fast as we could. So if any of this info helps in developing this case, i would appreciate it.
1 post
Jan 10, 2006
7:36 AM
Regarding the elementary school in Mira Mesa on Polaris Dr. I lived on Polaris from 73-76. I have been in Mira Mesa since 1973 and there was in fact an elementary school there ran out of bungalows for several years. I would guess the school was there in the '80s. The bungalows remained and were surrounded by fencing for quite some time as well. I have never heard a rumor about a haunting. I don't know the reason it was closed down however there is a beautiful county park in that same spot now called Breen Park that opened fall of '05.
1 post
Feb 19, 2006
6:39 PM
I went to the San Diego City Schools site and found that there was a school in Mira Mesa named Ellen Breen Elementary School. The school site was closed and eventually sold to the city in 1995. The new park is great, you should check it out.... don't know about hauntings......
Hope this helps a bit...
56 posts
Feb 22, 2006
9:32 PM
A few thoughts. The gunshot noises and the rattling sounds were probably attributable to normal causes. Often we are unable to detect the most obvious things, which extends to physical effects like these.

The shadow likewise might have been someone outside if there was a window near-by in line with the image you saw. Even if not, there is an interesting visual hallucination that occurs periodically that causes us to believe we are seeing something 'out of the corner of our eyes'. It's more like the brain re-registering the visual plane leaving behind a bit of space that we must account for or we go crazy - hence the peripheral effects.

As to the phone calls, we actually had something similar happen recently during a casual investigation of a well-known historical site in San Diego. The medium's cell phone went off several times as she was attempting to get information regarding an historical figure. She said this never happened to her, and I have no reason to doubt her.
But a cell phone is a physical device, prone to error. This could be an explanation, and synchronicity did the rest.

It would be interesting to hear these sounds you report. If possible you should try to hook a recorder up to the line so you get reasonably good sound quality. Then send us the results should it happen again. Likewise with the image on your camera phone. When those things happen store the image, then e-mail it to sdparanormal.com so we can see it.

As it happens, I have a background in analyzing video and audio signals on various recording media and methods. And if I'm stumped, I have a former colleague who is very close to the industry that is very good at separating wheat from chaff.

Given the number of people having experiences, consider that sometimes we get caught up in the moment and the most ridiculous normal images and sounds suddenly become unusual.
This is why video and audio recordings are a useful way to document what is happening. It makes sense if the events are occurring frequently enough.

The levitation is the event that I'm having the most trouble with. Who else was present when that occurred? Is there any verifiable evidence of it? Again, a video of the event would be useful. Levitations do occur - I have witnessed them personally. They are quite rare though, which is why I accept such an account with more caution.

There are a couple of interesting themes: a woman recurs in all of these events. Those of a more spiritual mind would suggest that she is trying to get your attention. And that if you pay attention, listen carefully with your thoughts, you might get a message in thought that will instruct you what she needs or is up to. But something else gets my attention here as well. Are any of the employees female?

This report reads as if all the experients were males. What else is going on in and around that group, if anything? Any common threads or themes? Sometimes examining these surrounding events suddenly shed light on what might be causing all these impressions.

Last Edited by PhenomInvestigator on Feb 22, 2006 9:37 PM
1 post
Mar 12, 2006
3:06 PM
Okay, I was forwarded this site by a friend that used to live on Polaris. I do indeed know of the haunted Breen school. I don't know what caused the elementary to close down, but do believe it is haunted. I witnessed a few things here and there I think back in the late 80's early 90's. Being a stupid teenager we would try to scare ourselves and went there on Halloween and other nights, late at night. Playing Quija Board. I would like to know if anyone else knows information about the haunted school. I will dig back, way back and talk to my friends from high school and junior his and see if they remeber thestory of Breen. I am curious to know myself. I know for sure, after things that I did see there, I would never bring myself or my kids to play at Breen Park. I hear it is a beautiful park..but tooo scarey for my taste.

Last Edited by Lunora on Mar 12, 2006 3:18 PM
1 post
Nov 23, 2007
5:00 PM
Hello all I live on Polaris Dr. I have seen this school, when I moved to Mira Mesa it was closed down. I heard that the school had burned down. Not sure if that is true. I have heard rumors that it was haunted. I never heard why or what would happen there. It is now a really nice park called Brean Park. The school was called Brean Elementary thats why they named the park after it.
1 post
Apr 21, 2008
9:22 AM
So interesting to see the intrigue surrounding the former Breen Elementary in Mira Mesa!

I was looking up pictures of Breen as part of a story I'm writing. I went there for 2nd grade (1976-1977).

Ellen Breen Elementary was K-2. As far as I could remember, all the rooms were bungalows. After "graduading" from Breen, neighborhood kids went mostly to Ericson or Walker Elementary.

Nothing unusual about Breen back in those days (besides the fact it was K-2). If there was anything spooky going on, I would've heard about it. You know how kids are.

I went to my niece's birthday party at Breen Park not too long ago. Not creepy at all, just a nice quiet suburban park.

Happy hunting,
1 post
Jul 25, 2008
8:28 PM
Hi. I have lived in Mira Mesa since 1992. I now live in Serra Mesa area. I used to go to an elementary and middle school (Walker Elementary and Weingenheim). I know there is a Mira Mesa High in Regan Road, but not at the location the first person stated. I used to live near Weston Hill and did not see one since 92. This may have been another city. Mira Mesa has had its share of ghost stories, check San Diego Credit Union on Pacific Height Blvd. Anyways, just thought I would reply to this. I was actually searching an In and Out phone number, and came to this, Hehe. I am currently working in Mira Mesa, so if you wanted to get some info, let me know.

1 post
Aug 14, 2008
1:54 AM
i live in Mira Mesa and i have heard storys that before breen was a park it was a school that burned and from what ive heard a kid died there so they closed it down until the park was built. I have chilled at that park many times at night and it doesnt feel haunted but i could be wrong iam not sure.
1 post
Sep 09, 2008
8:07 AM
I grew up with Ellen Breen Elementary. That sounds slightly ostentatious, but allow me to explain. I moved to Mira Mesa back in '76 and we put a gate in your backyard fence accessing the Breen field. I went there in 2nd and 3rd grade around '76 and '77. Breen was K-3 at the time. My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Honore who has since passed, and 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Elliston. At lunch, milk was 7 cents(YES 7 cents!) and their pizza lunch and turkey with gravy and mashed potato lunch were THE BEST! After school on wednesdays they sold bags of popcorn for a nickel(yes a nickel!). The eastern most bungalow had a small shack next to it on the baseball field side where after school they would serve as a "craft-shack" where they sold colored nylon string where you made keychanins, and that cost a dime(yes a dime!). That same shack served as the check-out place for getting your playground equipment(bats/balls/etc.). I know that school so vividly I could draw a map of where each building was, where each bump in the pavement was(can we say "bike jump"?), where each of the 2 jungle gyms were, where the pull up bar was, the sand box(there USED to be two, but then they took one out), the bathrooms, lunch room, library, 3 sets of 3 drinking fountains, parking lot, empty field with big "scary" trees(we used to hang out there at night!), the 4-square squares and circles, the hopscotch grid. I used to hit baseballs from home plate over the fence, closely missing windows. We lived in a 2 story house on Penticton Way, and my bedroom window overlooked Breen's playground and bungalows. We stayed at that house even until my high school years, so I spent a LOT(we're talking EVERY day practically) of time at that school. In the summers, it's either "lets go fart around at Breen", or else go to the community pool(on Libra Drive). We'd just go there to play.. be it skateboarding, dog-walking, ghetto baseball, or just hanging out on their jungle gyms. We'd hang out there late at night time doing what normal kids do... basically hanging out listening to music. Playing hide-and-go-seek, looking at shooting stars while sitting on top of the jungle gym. Back then was different... kids were allowed to play outside after dark, as long as we were within ear distance of parents yelling "TIME TO COME IN!", which we were. Quite honestly, I'd be VERY surprised if you found anyone in the WORLD who knows that school better than me(and perhaps my group of childhood friends). We've hung out on the roofs of the bungalows, seen numerous fights(mind you we were kids), and skated and biked and skated some more, and biked some more, every square inch of their pavement. I have TONS of memories of that school. Unfortunately none of them had anything to do with paranormal activity. They did close down the school many years after I "graduated" from it(and went to Walker->Wangenheim->MMHS). The lot sat in ruins with the battered bungalows looking pretty creepy, but now it has become a community park, a far cry from the view out of the same bedroom window 30 years later. My parents still live in the same house and they walk the park almost every morning. They see the same people doing their normal morning routines in that park, and they haven't mentioned anything paranormal. Anyways, I'd be interested to know any of the "haunted" stories and exactly what part of the school they occured, and the facts with what caused the hauntings. Being that school was so close to our house, if any murders or deaths or other "big" things happened there it would have been very hard for us to not have known.
7 posts
Sep 09, 2008
11:12 AM
Found this page online, explains a little about Ellen Breen - very interesting!


Here is what it says about her:

Breen, Ellen R. (elementary) (1885 - ?) Long known as the Dean of Elementary Principals who devoted her life to children and teachers in a school setting. A dozen or more San Diego elementary administrators served as vice principals with her, and the school she administered became known as a "training ground for principals." From 1941 until her retirement, Miss Breen administered the Linda Vista Elementary School. This school opened in a dozen houses in an olive grove in Kearny Mesa and developed into what was for years the largest elementary school in the city. She resided at the Grossmont Gardens Retirement Home until 1984.
10 posts
Sep 11, 2008
9:31 AM
I doubt the location is or ever was haunted, most likely this was due to the school being closed and its run down state until the park was built for a lot of people old and run down=Haunted.
1 post
Mar 17, 2015
1:39 AM
I know this is an old topic, but Ellen R. Breen Elementary School on Polaris did exist from 1976-1990 grades K-3. There is a book of the history of Mira Mesa called "Images of America Mira Mesa" by Pam Stevens that documents and has photos of old Mira Mesa. When I moved here in 1984 the school was operational. After I graduated high school in 1991 I heard the school shut down. I heard it was haunted also. I heard different stories about it. I heard some kids got locked in the restroom and were found dead. I heard of a kid holding a scissors and got pushed by the ghost of the children who died in the restroom and the scissors stab him/her in the eye. Another story was that the school burnt down with the kids locked in the restroom by a janitor, but I didn't find any proof of that happening. I also heard about objects moving as well. Whether any of this is true or not. The School was surrounded by a chain link fence covered with a green tarp along the entire fence line so that nobody could see in. 15 years later on October 19, 2005 they opened Breen Park on the same exact location as the school. During the day the park looks nice and peaceful, but Haunted or not... I still wouldn't go there at night only because of the stories I've heard as a kid over 25 years ago.
1 post
Sep 16, 2017
2:15 PM
i went to ELLEN BREEN SCHOOL and yes there was spirit activity

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