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Toddler see's things

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1 post
Feb 02, 2006
8:04 AM
I have a 21 month old girl, who gets up every night around
2-3am.She points to her wall screaming and saying something.
She refuses to go in her room, so I take her in mine, and she points at my walls screaming in fear, and is hugging me
so tight.
This is really disturbing me as I do not see anything there.
Last night she didn't go to bed until 6am...and she fell asleep on me scared to look around!
What is going on...do I have Ghosts?
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Feb 02, 2006
9:05 AM
does she do this only in your home? try bringing her to someone else's house and see if she does the same thing....
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Feb 02, 2006
10:16 AM
She once did it in my friends home...whom she says her grandmothers spirit is still there...but no.
Its so weird...she is terrified, she will actually hit the wall.
When she hurts herself on something she hits it and says bad.
This is how she was with the wall...but so terrified to go near it and needed the lights to be on.
I don't get it!
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Feb 02, 2006
12:05 PM
yeah that is weird. children are a little more keen to seeing things we sometimes don't. the strange thing is that she is only 18 months, so she's not old enough to make stuff up like that...but old enough to notice something strange. maybe you can do some research on the house, or find out what was there before....when my wife and were dating we lived in an apartment complex built back in the early 1900's. i'd experience a whole bunch of weird things that my wife wouldn't....that was weird. come to find out, some one had died in the there sometime during the 1900's...but i would be the only one to experience it.....
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Feb 02, 2006
12:05 PM
my bad.... i meant to say 21 month old girl!!
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Feb 03, 2006
6:06 AM
Ok...lastnight it happened again, she refuses to even sit on her bed...screaming, finally @ 1am, I brought her in my room, she went to sleep.
However I couldn't sleep...I was concerned now, and I thought I was drifting off and I felt the bed shake, and said to my husband, honey did you feel that, he said no!
He is a deep sleeper, I think I was just over tired.
The buliding is 30 years old.
And it belongs to hubby's father, he rented it out for years
now we live in it.
What do u think about smudging?
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Feb 03, 2006
8:17 PM
yes, I was actually going to suggest that!! try it out.. I actually had my home blessed one time and it worked. (not trying to push religion on you). the weirdest thing happened to me today... i was laying around and my ceramic beagle statue stare at me in the eyes...and i know i moved it away the other day... today its back in the original position.. so thinking about smudging also....
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Feb 12, 2006
1:27 AM
At 21+ months, your child is in a stage where they are beginning to integrate what they have been sensing up to this point in her life. These memories will bury themselves deep in her subconscious and likely will resurface decades from now and color her future behavior. But how about this current behavior?

While I would love to tell you that grandma is the culprit, and she might even be, its a bit far-fetched to believe that this child so young could even identify her grandma that clearly (I am presuming grandma has passed). It is far more likely that she is seeing plays of light and dark on the wall and has yet to integrate those shapes and images into her own conscious mind, recognizing them for the harmless shapes they are. We often forget our decades of learning that children don't have.

Your one encounter can be chalked up to stress and a very late night. Were the activity to pick up and you began to experience things similar to your child, I would think differently. The best advice: hold her, nurture her, distract her, be straight with her.

Let her see how the light plays on the walls during the daytime or perhaps outside. This will quietly set into motion the necessary learning I believe she needs to do to get past this period. Check her diet. Young children can be quite susceptible to excesses of sugar for example that can cause some amazing behaviors. See a neurologist if this behavior persists for another year.

If you feel comfortable smudging by all means do so. It just might clear everything out after all. You never know.

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Feb 21, 2006
12:34 PM
i have some odd things happening in this house! we have lived here almost two years and when we first moved in i had a snse there was someting here. not malevolent , but wary.. does that make sense.
anyway my daughterin law is finding herslef to be extremely psychic.she has been all her life but was afraid if it.. is now getting less scared and allowing herself to explore her talents. she has had some of the things checked out(eg she lives in a 300 year old house and 'knew' the names of past residents cos they told her!! checked it on the deeds and she was right. lots of things like this have happened. ) anyway she recently told me that every time she comes into this hous she gets the name jean... she thought that it was a message for someone called jean. we aske our neighbour who told us a woman used to live here called jean(!!!!) who now lives a few doors away. anyway my daughter in law was sat on the loo and an ornament that is heavy, secure and wasnt touched flew accross the room! this has since happened to me in the same room... and tonight a small vase exploded without being touched..... my oldest cat sometimes acts very oddly and stares into space! whats going on and what do i need to do?
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Jan 05, 2007
12:23 PM
I disagree with Phenominvestigator. Babies & toddlers are often associated with paranormal phenomena such as this. Grandparents frequently hang around them too.
I would have the house blessed in whatever religion or to go along with whatever spiritual beliefs you have.
I do not know why she would be afriad of the ghost, unless her grandma was evil etc. It could be pretending to be the grandma, or an evil spirit with the grandma.
If this continues to be a problem I would contact a psychic for more answers. There are many things you can do. Do research online too.


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Jan 13, 2007
2:45 PM
Actually, Phenominvestigator is right on target.

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Jan 30, 2007
5:20 AM
I almost died when I read this! I googled "toddler sees ghosts" and this came up. My daughter started doing the EXACT SAME THING around 18 months and still does it at 32 months! And this was before she could really communicate. We knew she was scared of something in her room but didn't know what since she couldn't really talk. We took out all of her stuffed animals. Then she started talking about 'kitchens". She had a toy kitchen and we thought it was making shadows on the wall or something so we took it out. THen once she could communicate more, she started saying that someone was standing by her crib at night. She calls him "kitchens" and another one in there she calls "tree". We assume she named them these things because at that age, she doesn't really know any appropriate names. Anyways, we moved her crib from against the wall she's terrified of to the center of the room. She still cried every night. We put blankets over the top of the crib like a fort and she would hide under them, still scared. Well we moved her to a toddler bed and she is still SO SCARED! She says they just stand over her and watch her. She has to have the lights on, even during the day. She sleeps with it on too. She points to the wall and cries. It's EVERY NIGHT! We tell her nothing is there and she just can't comprehend it. It has shocked me that this woman before me has the same exact problem. She's never slept anywhere but in our home, so I don't know if she does it elsewhere. People see her room and think we're crazy because of the way it's dimantled. The hutch is off the dresser because we thought she was scared of it. Her bed is in the middle of the room because we can't have them against a wall. Her toys are all pulled out into the hall. What can we do??? We're at our whits end, we just want a good nights sleep and we want her at peace!
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Feb 21, 2007
7:24 AM
I am a stay home mom who keeps 3 children in my home. I noticed one of the little girls acting the same EXACT way these other toddlers are acting! She is 24 months old and very normal, loving, and friendly. Theses "episodes" that happen to her happen in day and at night, at my home and now her mothers home. She will be playing and carrying on like any 2 year old and then out of the blue she points to one specific corner in my living room and starts yelling at the wall, screaming and sometimes crying. This only lasts for a minute or so, then it is back to normal, like nothing ever happened. She has done this in my home approximately 4 times , last night her mother called me and explained that she had done the same thing in her bedroom and ended up sleepint whith her last night, but she still was afraid of something even in mom's room. This has us very comcerned now that she is exhibiting this behavior in other places/ Could this be her spirit guide, an evil spirit scaring her, or does she need to see a therapist?? I read the post about light play on the walls, but the corner that she sees this is not in any direct light where there could be any light play, i have payed attention to this too. Any suggestions i can pass on to her mother?
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Apr 03, 2007
12:49 AM
I am not a medical doctor, and this is not medical advice.

However, from what you are reporting and my own personal experience, I would suggest consulting a neurologist.
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Nov 19, 2007
9:19 AM
I have a 2 1/2yr old that is on the autistic spectrum. Well, one night he woke up screaming wanting me to hold him. He would not touch the bed and kept looking at the center of the bed, and then burrying his face into my chest. He then jumped off the bed and shifted his focus to the side of the bed screaming histarically at what ever he saw. It seemed as if there was really something there because he would walk back over to the side of the bed,look for a second then get startled and run screaming again. He did not want to go back to sleep and kept looking around the room in fear of it coming back. Everytime I fell asleep, he would tap me. A month ago he woke up and kept staring at my window,(laying in the total opposite direction of the window)and would keep looking back at it. Now I've been living there for 2yrs and the person before me moved out leaving behind alot of personal and important things ( birth certificates, shot recordes, income tax etc.), and she was there less than a year. I called her to come pick them up but she never came. The lady down the hall approached me when I first moved in and from what I could make out,( she has a very heavy carribean accent)she said that the last woman who lived there for awhile was crazy. Should I be concerned about the house or should I take my son to a psychiatrist
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Nov 19, 2007
9:37 AM
Hi Ms. Homes,

My advice would be rule things out as much as you can. It is very odd that the former tenant left her belongings and never came back. I would follow up on this again and see if you can speak with the former tenant. Be honest about what is happening with your son and see if she had similiar experiences in the home. If she did, then you might want to consider moving.

I am concerned that your son is so scared. If he is truly seeing a spirit, most professionals will not believe him and will put him on medication. On the other side of the coin if he is already on medication check and see what complications are noted with that medication. There are so many things that can cause this type of thing. I would check with medical professionals first and make sure he is ok physically and mentally.

Be sure to stay calm yourself when these events happen. If you act scared he will too.

I hope this helps! Please keep us posted on what happens.

Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
1 post
Dec 10, 2007
6:30 PM
I have a three year old little boy who says he sees ghosts. This has been going on about six months now and I don't know what to do. He's seeing very vivid images of things that at three, he should not know. My child does not watch scary movies yet he seen one person/ghost and said she had no hands and feet. I had a uncle who passed away a few weeks ago and he swears he talks to him. My son wasn't that close to him because we moved away from my home town before my son was born. He probably saw my uncle 3 times. I laid out 10 pics across the table and he picked my uncles' pic and said that was uncle Tim and he's now a man ghost.
Please help !! I don't know how to deal with this. I can find him in corners crying and talking to someone who isn't there. I really need some advice this is scaring my child and I don't know how to help.
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Feb 25, 2008
6:35 PM
My niece called me today and told me her two year old is possibly seeing a ghost? She was in the bathtub when her little boy said he needed to go potty. The two year old was standing at the toilet when he started screaming at the doorway, "scary man, mama,scary man!" His mom said, "what scary man, baby? There is no scary man! Her two year old said, "right there, mama and he jumped into the bathtub with her and clinged to her crying with his clothes on. She is not sure what to do or think. She just moved into this brand-new home, but it is in an old neighborhood. Please share your thoughts!
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Feb 28, 2008
7:53 AM
I stumbled upon this sight while searching for my 2 1/2 year old who has been "seeing things" at night. She has always been a great sleeper, never any problems, until the last couple of weeks. Last night was the worst of it. She woke up talking about a "mean witch lady" that she was seeing in the shadows. She is a very verbal 2 1/2 year old, and can tell me whatever she needs to in order to get a point across. What made me the most nervous was that when I went into her room, it was FREEZING. The house is only 50 years old, but 20 years ago, the owner died in the house. She was in a hospice bed in the dining room for months. Paranormal activity seems to follow me, since my father passed away when I was 3, I have always sensed him. My oldest daughter (now 11), used to see him when she was 3. She used to tell me that her grampy was under the bed, and he used to tell her to "sssh sssh, go to sleep" at night. She described him to a tee, and obviously had never seen him. Very strange stuff!
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Mar 12, 2008
3:32 PM
My 2 1/2 yr old has had some weird things over the last few days.
Day 1 - 11:45pm runs out screaming from her room, when we meet her she points back to her room saying "lady talking" we take her into her room and she points to the cnr saying "lady, Lady!". Of course we can't see anything. So it then takes us about 30mins to calm her down after she says - "you stay, you stay". Then nothing for the rest of the night
Day 2 - 11:50pm same thing except she says the lady is talking on the phone. Again 30mins to calm down after daddy searching inside and around her window.
Day 3 - 12am midnight - Same again.
Day 4 - 7:30pm bedtime - "Where's my lady gone?", Me - "Maybe it's an angel", Her - "She says hello to me"
Day 4 - 12midnight - crying in her room, we go in, she is pointing to the same spot, but only crying. She doesn't say a word until I try to leave and then - "you stay, lady talking". then nothing
We thought maybe she was just wanting me to stay, but when she wakes up at other time in the night, I give her a cuddle and she has no probs with me leaving her. She has nothing in the cnr that could reflect light, nothing that can move in the wind etc. House is only 2 yrs old........?? any ideas????

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Mar 18, 2008
2:05 PM
Most tots are psychic, they will lose it by the time they are 5 or 6 very rarly do they keep it there whole lifes
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Mar 19, 2008
5:48 PM
Rosey, I notice that most of the events you report are happening at the same time, late each night. I'm wondering if this is a case of your girl seeking attention or feeling uncomfortable for some other normal reason.

While it is possible your child is seeing someone, it may be that this is a ploy to attract you. Think about not only what you are doing at that time, but also what the significance of a 'lady' might be to her. This could go back to the first weeks of life. Are there other children in the house? If so what are the personal dynamics?
Given the reaction and the time required to settle the child, whatever is going on clearly has personal import.

Keep us informed of your progress, and all the best to you.

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Mar 21, 2008
1:52 PM
Toddlers are about as psychic as a wash rag! At this stage the child's mind is constantly developing that is always under construction as children began to take in the world around them they occasionally will rehearse conversations and patterns of speech that might seem odd to adults, talking to walls talking to stuffed animals this is completely normal. The second part of this behavior which has already been discussed, if a child notices that this behavior is getting your attention they would do it quite often just to get a reaction. Believe me children children watch you very closely unlike adults they don't have a thousand distractions there zeroed in on you.

To link to this normal developmental behavior to anything paranormal is doing both you and most importantly your child a great disservice. If for whatever reason you are completely at a loss I would highly recommend that you talk to your pediatrician.

Best of luck, BatBoy
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Mar 28, 2008
11:43 AM
For the past couple of days my 28 month old boy has acted scared in his room. Last night I put him in bed, and he came to the livingroom and told me that he was scared, he is usually fine in his room and sleeps well.
When he fell asleep I took him back to his bed and then I went to my bed. He wakes up in the middle of the night crying and wanting to sleep in our bed. He cuddles up between my husband and I and keeps staring at the hallway, he then says that he is scared and would try to hide under the blanket, then he would look up and turn into my husband and bury his face. He is shaking, and looks very terrified in his eyes. Is he possibly seeing something?
He's never acted like this before.
Even today, I layed him down for a nap and he ran in here and said the same thing. He asked for his cars out of his room, and to test him I told him to go get them, and he just looked terrified telling me he was scared again. But, if it was something in the kitchen that he wanted he didn't have an issue to go get it.
We then went to my room to play, throw him on the bed or what not, (trying to defer his attention) and then he looked at the first part of the room where you walk in and acted as if he saw something and wanted to leave.
I am confused because we are not in a house but in an apartment, that have only been built for a couple of years, if. So, I doubt if there is any history.
Also, about an hour ago, I asked him if he was still scared and he looked over his shoulder and around the room then said no.
Any suggestions would be great!
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Apr 10, 2008
5:55 PM
most children are psychic. They have ability's up until they are 6 or 7. Tell him they won't hurt him. (i can see them and I promise they won't)
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Apr 11, 2008
7:20 AM
I have a 21 month old daughter, whom I belive is seeing things, be it a ghost or whatever. She has started talking about a "woman" in her room. This started three nights ago she woke up around 5 am. I heard her talking for a little while but i couldnt understand what she was saying through the monitor but then she just started crying and screaming. When I went to check on her she wasnt standing up at the crib rail like she usually does, she was laying flat down when her eyes wide open. When I asked her what was wrong she replyed, "woman....crying....woman.....talking". I picked her up and kissed her and told her it was just a dream, not real, and that it was ok to just shut her eyes and go back to sleep. When she woke up again about an hour later saying the same thing but not crying. I took her to my room to play while I got ready for work. As we were walking out the door she stopped and ran back to her room tell me "woman crying....go get her", " get her mama...crying". I went in the room and told her no one was there and we needed to go. She ran back into the room and sayed "bye-bye woman" and left with me.

She didnt say anything else about it all day unil we got back home that evening and she started telling about a woman crying "in there" pointing toward her room. She kept talking about her saying "woman crying... talking...Where's Sissy?... hear it?" She knows no one by the name of sissy.

Shes tells me about the woman cryin and talking and asking where sissy is everyday since. If it were just a dream she would have forgotten about it by now, whouldnt she? Shes not acting afaid at all now, but she constantly telling me about the "woman" now. Does anyone have any advise on how to handle this?
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Apr 14, 2008
4:09 PM
Hi, I am new to the board:
I just came in from work this evening...as I walked in the door my 25 month old meets me, grabs my hand & is continually asking, "what's that" while pointing to the dining area by a window and when she is not pointing she is chewing on her nails and fingers. Her paternal grandmother kept her while i worked and says to me, "the weirdest thing just happened"...she goes on to say Emma was rocking on her lap, hopped down and started whining and pointing to the dining area saying "what's that" over & over and she has not stopped asking for about 30 min prior my arrival. The grandmother had done the same thing I did when I got home, by taking her over to the area and trying to see something different, but she just fixed her gaze toward the window. Emma can identify birds, bugs, etc if she sees one. When asked, she would say "monster" or "ghost", now she does have a 12yr old brother who will aggravate her and say he is a monster and chase her around the house, she laughs when he "catches" her & she has watched some Scooby Doo with him,which has the theme of monsters/ghost.
Now I am concerned due to her bewildered gaze and continual questioning. The house was built by my father in the 60s. My oldest brother (died at 7), mother (59) & father (69) have all passed but lived their until their deaths. A distant relative (5) was crushed by an old horse drawn mower years ago in the field by my house (died as my grandfather was trying to get her to a doctor) and her "ghost" was actually seen by my brother as a young child, we learned about the story after he saw "her". Finially, it is rumored that their is native american burial sites around our property. My great uncle would tell us stories as children about the sites and how the "mules" would refuse to go near the sites. I grew up on this rural property in NC and have had strange experiences over the years. As kids we played with Ouja boards with weird experiences related to that too. I have never felt afraid in the house, but have had some chilling occurances while outside that I donot share with people as they think i am nuts.
Is their anything I should be concerned with?
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Apr 17, 2008
6:34 PM
My toddler is 2 1/2 and this afternoon when she woke from her nap she was acting really weird. She wanted me to hold her constantly and she was looking around saying no no no. She would look behind me as if there was something there. Then she got out of my arms and ran behind me like she was hiding from something. We went into the bedroom and she starting screaming close the door. She has never acted like this before. I was thinking maybe she had a bad dream and was still scared. The babysitter said that she had been acting really weird all day. The sitter stated that she would start screaming and crying all of a sudden and didn't want anyone to get near her. The only think I could think of to do was to read out loud some bible scriptues for protection and to cast out anything ungodly that's in the house. She has me so spooked that I'm starting to look behind my back to see if anything is there.

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Apr 19, 2008
10:21 PM
As I was re-reading these posts, something just came to mind. While I can't offer you a 'cure' perhaps some knowledge will be useful instead.

We have been looking at complex magnetic fields as sources of hallucinations producing very rich experiences that are quite similar to hauntings and apparitional events. There is nothing supernatural about this, it is an area of inquiry that is beginning to solidify nicely.

So it may not be anyone or anything where you live beyond the location itself. You might try re-orienting where you spend your time. If you live in a small place this could be more difficult. See if your children ever report these events away from the house.

These could also be light-related effects. A colleague of mine in Los Angeles first noticed this in the 1970s in the now famous "Entity" case. It appears that ultraviolet light, to which children are more sensitive than many adults, may enable them to have visual experiences most adults cannot. How they interpret these experiences is likely highly variable.

I offer these as alternative explanations, while respecting the possibility they are exactly what they otherwise seem.
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Aug 18, 2008
6:18 PM
My message from March still continues as this:
My daughter is now 3yrs old and she continues to tell me about this lady. However, she no longer screams during the night. I did creep up to her room about a week after the episodes stopped to find her talking to the corner - she could not have been doing it for my benefit as her back was to me. She then got up and went searching though her drawers, pulling out her hair clips and putting them on the desk near the corner and saying to the corner "these for you coz you lost one". Then she climbed back into bed, looked at the corner and said "nighty" and I crept out. Ever since then she frequently stops in the middle of doing something and starts talking to "someone". We thought it was an imaginary friend, but this "friend" appears only at home and in the car. One night I heard noises - I got up to find my daughter in the hallway talking to the dark empty dining room. I have checked and there is no light what so ever in that room - so still quite baffled as to what it is...............
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Aug 26, 2008
4:49 PM
my 2 year old daughter recently started acting like she sees things that i cannot see... we were at the playground when all of a sudden she turned around and pointed at the basketball court, and said " oh.. the fire" and sounded very sad. - she has never seen a fire. i asked her what she was talking about, and she just kept pointing at the same spot- i asked her if there was a fire there, and she said " yeah- right there!"... also, on 3 seperate occasions at home, she has become very scared, clinging to me and looking like she is going to cry. when i ask what is wrong she says she is scared and points to our hallway. she is so scared she will not even get off my lap to show me what is "scary"- could she be seing ghosts?
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Aug 29, 2008
1:13 PM
My daughter is now 12 years old, I have wanted to further explore to see if she has any clairevoyant talents - please give input on this:

When she was a baby - very young - 6-8 months, Wherever she was being held or lying in our livingroom, she would always look at one spot on our wall and start laughing, even if she was on someone's lap, she would turn her head and look up at the same spot and start laughing. We decided it may have been either my Grandpa or our pet dog. My Grandpa was never in our apartment, but our pet, who loved kids, but never knew my baby lived there with us.
- We didn't have alot of lighting or sunlight coming in the livingroom, either, so I don't think it was that.

Then when she was early elementary schoolage, she would have dreams of significant meaning, or tell me about the dreams, then a couple of weeks later something would happen that was in her dream.

Then when she was older, mid-elementary years, a couple of close people in our lives, passed away and she said she saw them after they passed, when she was out somewhere and they were watching her, smiling. The last one, her Great-Grandma was watching her when she was playing at school and she waved to her. This was in 2007, shortly after she passed.

My daughter is very interested in the Paranormal, like me, but I don't think I have any talent in the field, but I do think she might? Also, would it be worth exploring, or is it just a childhood thing?
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Oct 16, 2008
11:08 AM
My 1-1/2 year old daughter is seeing a man in the hall of my sister's house that is terrifying her. It started by showing its self to her as a cat that she wanted to play with and now its scaring her. She actually runs to either my sister or me in horror saying "man" and we can see absolutely nothing. It has me scared becasue I do not want anything to happen to her. It even came to her as my deceased mother one time becasue we show her pictures of my mother ans she'll say maw-maw, well this particular night she was pointing down that hall saying maw-maw. I really would like a little advice on how to handle this or how to help her.
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Oct 17, 2008
10:12 AM
Hi ACollins,

Go back and read the posts by sdparanormal and phenominvestigator.

My best advice is to document the events without drawing undo attention to the child. It is possible that she is seeing a cat, a man and grandma. Please don't scare your child by making her think something evil is morphing for some sinister purpose.

Thx for the post.
Bonnie Vent
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Nov 07, 2008
6:55 PM
I find these posts interesting. I have a 21 month old girl who I think may be seeing things at times. You see, I believe this is possible because of many reasons. I have been "sensitive" to things all my life and have seen things in my peripheral vision, heard things or felt things that should not be. Last year my father died and I felt his presence after his death. I was not surprised. What did surprise me is that my then 9 month old girl (now 21 months) seemed to register his presence too. I went for a walk in my father's back yard after he died and carried my baby with me. No one else was there. I felt my father's presence over my left shoulder. My 9 month old kept looking over my left shoulder while giggling just like she used to when my dad was alive. I turned around to face the direction of his presence and she turned herself around to resume looking in that same direction. Did she "see" him? I can't know for sure, but my guess is that she at least "felt" him there as I did. All I know is nothing is out of the realm of possibility.
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Dec 06, 2008
10:47 PM
I find this very interesting, my 20 month old started doing a similar thing just 2 days ago. He has never been afraid of his room and this is the second house we have lived in with him. The first time was nap time and I have to say it really scared me. I heard him on the monitor scream and cry like never before. When I went in to get him he was huddled in the corner of his crib I picked him up and he was cold(normally very warm) but his palms where sweaty. He kept pointing to the corner and screaming (he doesn't talk) I said what? you want the radio off and he signed no then pointed at the dinosaur night light I said what the dinosaur and he shook his head yes and continued to scream,cry and shaking then he started covering his mouth and shaking his head so I took him out of his room. He refused to go back in there and he always goes to play in his room. When his dad came home I started telling the story and as soon as I said dinosaur he started grunting and pointing towards his room. So my husband went back there with him and took the dinosaur out and showed him that we threw it away. He still won't go in his room, we have to rock him to sleep which we haven't done since he was 6 months old! He randomly points at the room and starts to grunt and get upset. I just don't understand why he would go from having no problems to all of a sudden this ?

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Feb 24, 2009
12:00 PM
My daughter will be 3 this summer and has always gone through the list of everyone in the house when she's saying goodnight or I love you, etc. (i.e. I love you Mommy.. Daddy.. Joseph.. Grandma... etc.) Lately, when she's going through her list of people she also adds the lady. And when I ask what lady she tells me the lady is hiding. I have always believed in ghosts and have heard the children can often see them more then a lot of adults. Is it possible that my little girl is seeing one? She doesn't act afraid of 'the lady' at all..
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Feb 24, 2009
6:24 PM
I found this site looking for answers to my sons recent ghost encounter. We were in VA for a funeral and I went to the graveyard afterwards to write down some family names off the tombstones. This was the first time my 3 year old had been there and had never heard me talk about any of the people there. It wasn't until hours later that he started talking about George. He told my husband when we got back home to TN that George made mommy cry. I had to really think about when I may have cryed in front of him and I had not. I asked him where he saw George and he said outside. I said where were you and he said in the van. I knew then he was referring to the graveyard. The wind was blowing hard and had made my eyes water really bad. I asked him what George was doing and he said walking. I asked him if George said anything to him and he said No, he's dead. I don't know how he knew he was George. I didn't remember a George in the family, but when I looked at the sheet of names I had wrote down there was in fact a George in the family. I asked my 3 year old why George was walking around. He said he was looking for you(referring to me). I then asked him if he was smiling or mad and he said smiling. My dad knows who the man is and said he was short. I then asked my son if he was as tall as his older brother or younger brother. He said the younger brothers name which would be about as tall as George was. My husband and I both believe he saw this ghost, but we are not sure why. My son said today that he saw George in the van. Do spirits attach theirselves to living beings like this? Did this spirit follow my 3 year old 500+ miles? If so, why? Is this good or bad? I'm not freaked out just a little concerned. Any ideas?
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May 31, 2009
5:12 PM
Hi. My daughter Ryleigh is 2 1/2 years old. In the past few weeks she began talking about a "ghost". She was speaking of the ghost in a very calm and happy way. I kind of dismissed it. She would say something once in a while about the ghost was here and now he's gone, etc. - no real details - until today. Today she woke up and told me that the ghost was here but left. Then she told me the ghost has a namd and it's Argrarius. So I decided to press for a bit more information. I asked her if the ghost was a girl or a boy. She told me he is a boy...then went on further (without me asking)to say that they play together and he lives in her room or on the stairs. She also said he is not in the ground, but he is from the ground (which I didn't quite get), and he is nice and is her friend. I asked her if she is afraid of him and she looked at me like that was a crazy question, and said no (with a big smile on her face). Then I decided to do a little Google search.

Of course, at 2 1/2 I couldn't ask my daughter how to spell the ghosts name, but I kind of guessed on it from sounding it out. I decided on "Argrarius". I Googled "Argrarius" and to my surprise I came up with this from Merriam-Webster OnLine:

Pronunciation: \?-?grer-?-?n\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin agrarius, from agr-, ager field — more at acre
Date: 1600
1: of or relating to fields or lands or their tenure
2 a: of, relating to, or characteristic of farmers or their way of life b: organized or designed to promote agricultural interests

So - now I was really intrigued. The Latin origin of the word is "argrarius". OF or relating to fields or lands - that just jumped right out at me. Ryleigh had told me that her Argrarius is not in the ground, but is from the ground. Can you imagine my shock?!?!

Now for the backstory...I have had MANY paranormal experiences myself over the years. Most have been with very unpleasant and downright malevolent beings. I have not anything go on in probably about 10 years now. I have learned to close myself off as much as possible to taht realm for my own peace of mind. As a matter of fact, the house in which we live (we've been here just a bit over 2 years) is the most spiritually comfortable place I have ever lived - I have such a sense of calm and safety here.

So...my question...is my daughter really having a paranormal experience with a spirit that is calling itself "Argrarius", and is the reason I'm not aware of this spirit is because it is friendly? Should I be worried?

Any assistance would be appreciated!!!

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May 31, 2009
8:18 PM
My 3 year old grandaughter will not come out of her room. She is afraid of the house and the "man in the hall". He scares her. She will allow my son and daughter in law to carry her outside and then she is fine. She does not have these problems anywhere else but in that townhouse. They moved in in Jan. She is petrified and so much so that she will pee if forced out into the rest of the room. Now she will sleep with her mommy and daddy but all doors have to be closed at all times 24 7. Their dog will not enter into her room for anything and when she (The baby) is in there she becomes very angry when anyone enters uninvited. Out of the home and you cannot imagine a sweeter more loving little girl. This has been going on for almost a month now. Things have begun to move around in the house. Is there anything we can do. Her fear is VERY REAL!! Thanks for any ideas..
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May 31, 2009
8:47 PM
"So...my question...is my daughter really having a paranormal experience with a spirit that is calling itself "Argrarius" NO!! You've gone through incredible leaps and bounds to connect the dots to convince yourself that your daughter is having a paranormal experience. The reality is children are fantasy prone and at this age they need to be reassured that there are no evil clowns under the bed. They DO NOT need a parent giving validations to the most basic of childhood fears or fantasies. This will not turn out well.

Believe me you are not doing you or your children any service this goes for everyone on this thread. It's time to stop it, and at least give your children a shot at reality. If you feel that you cannot handle it I would advise to seek out the help of a professional. Not anyone connected to the paranormal but a real psychiatrist or psychologist.

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Aug 21, 2009
10:23 AM
My son is 16 months old and has a history of experiencing things...

Ever since my son came home from the hospital he has had a special presence with him- and I honestly believe it's my grandfather...

A couple days after my son came home things started happening-- at first I noticed a smell of mens cologne in the doorway to my room-- I'm a single mom and there hadn't been a man w/cologne in the house in quite some time-- and it wasn't in the hallway or inside the room, just at the doorway-- like someone was standing there. My son slept in my room at that time- and his bassinet was about 2 feet from the doorway.

Then as my son started getting a little older and he would lay in my room he'd look around the room and giggle and 'talk'. He'd follow something around the room-even rolling over to get a better angle and it wasn't a bug or anything like that-- I checked. One time he was 'talking' up a whole conversation and when I asked who he was talking to (joking about it honestly) he said "him"... and looked up and smiled... he was only about 5 months old at this time so I'm sure he didn't really say him, but my mom heard it too.

THEN as he got older and would go into my room he'd say "pop-pop" and has recently started saying 'andaddy'. I had a picture of my grandfather on the wall from when he was in the military about 18-19 years old, taken in the 1940's. My son will reach out to that picture and take it off the wall, hug it, kiss it and say POP POP (my son doesn't give kisses)... My grandfather died before I even got the chance to meet him-- how does my son know who this is?? Growing up we called my grandfather papaw when referring to him--

The real real kicker was about 3-4 weeks ago. Even though my son's room was right across the hall from mine and I could hear him w/out a monitor I kept one in my room... he was sick one night-- coughing and would wake himself up crying b/c of this... well I heard him coughing and crying, before I could get up to go to him, over the monitor *BUT NOT FROM ACROSS THE HALL* I heard my sons name being spoken by a man... my son then sighed real big and went back to sleep and slept peacefully for several hours after that... I was a bit unnerved and double checked that no one was in there-- a couple of days later my son didn't want his diaper changed and while I was trying to get him changed he reached his arms out toward my room hollering "POP POP... anddaddy!!!!!!" looking at the door to my room-- I simply said, "Grand daddy can't help you right now." and he looked at me like why not? and gave in to get his diaper changed.

My son is 16 months old and has a significant hearing loss so it's not like he's got a typical vocabulary so GrandDaddy and papaw aren't words we work on-- especially since my dad passed away recently and he doesn't have a grandfather. ALSO I've had other children live in my home (as foster children) and none of them have reacted this way-- and the 'smell' wasn't there w/the other kids and I was the one who experienced that...

We just moved into a bigger house and I hadn't brought the picture of my granddad to the house yet... last night when I did my son took the picture from me and HUGGED it tightly and giggled POP POP!!! Then refused to give me the frame back-- carried around his area for 5 minutes or more loving it and just saying "anddaddy", and "pop pop" and when I made him give it to me (I was afraid he'd break the glass if he dropped it) he laid on the floor and cried for Pop Pop... he doesn't do this with ANY other picture-- infact is oblivious to other pictures and I have many many photos in the house.

I think it's entirely possible for kids to sense things that as adults we have closed ourselves off too-- and if he does see my Grandfather-- apparently it's a huge blessing and I know my son is being watched over by someone who loves him.

It's also cool b/c my son is adopted but he looks JUST LIKE MY GRANDFATHER-- even swings his arm when he walks like my Grandfather did!!!
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Oct 02, 2009
7:36 PM
I have an 18 mth old son who seems to be afraid of one spot in the house by the stairs. When we walk into the house he always checks that location as if there is something there and he will be playing and continuously look over in that direction as if there is something there. This has only been going on for about 5 days now but it is freaking me out that he is not feeling comfortable in the house. When all this started the evening before my husband was trying on his Halloween Costume and he saw him and freaked right out in terror. He wouldn't get off the couch or out of our site at all after all of this happened. I have tried to show him that is just a mask and it wouldn't hurt him. I have tried to move everything from that location and he still will check it out as if there is something there. Could this have triggered something for him or could he just still fear the mask? Could he be seeing a ghost? Any suggestions of what I could do to help him get over this it would be great.
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Nov 23, 2009
2:34 AM
she will be 2 on dec.6 2009 she says she is seein monsters she sees them during the day as well as at nite. it started about 2 months ago, she points at somthing and says monster but i dont see anything she will move her arm like she is following the (monster) around the room.........but tonight it got worse she woke up at 12am and was crying non stop for a hour we thought she dident feel good but she kep saying monster. we went in our living room and she got off the couch and she grabed my hand and took me to the garage door and said monster out there,she did it twice. but the weared thing is she never goes in the garage.........i need some advice
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Nov 23, 2009
10:02 AM
Hi Haven,

It is unusual that a child of this age would call a spirit person a monster. Since you mention that this started about 2 months ago perhaps this has something to do with an experience during Halloween season.

Please post any updates.

Bonnie Vent
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Mar 21, 2010
9:09 PM
I can totally relate to these post... I have 26 month old boy girl twins... Both of my twins act as if they see things that we can not... More so my son than my daughter... In the beginning my son would actually take books into his room look at up the ceiling and then point to things in the book and look back up again. As if he was reading a book with someone. Both of them have actually reach up towards the ceiling and acted as if they have been tickling someone while saying tickle tickle tickle... We have older children also how have actually asked us what or who do they see... And said things like Mom he looks like he is making eye contact with someone... My son seems to be more affected by this then my daughter. We have had nights that he has been in our bed and he has been yelling at something we can not see to "go away" He points and looks all over the room. Last night he actually would point to something we could not see and then hide under the covers. When we would attempt to get him to come out from under the covers he would look around point to something again and say no no and then hide again. I have read several books on children seeing ghost which said that children are more likely to see things from the afterlife because they have not been trained not to. I also have been senitive to things but do not actually see spirits... We have tried trying to tell our son that he needs to tell it its time for it to go away that he can not play right now... Of course he is not talking a ton yet so we say it for him... Trying to teach him to take control of the situtation... At first the fact that at he was afraid of it scared us... But then we started thinking about it and if someone was in my room that I did not know in the middle of the night it would also scare me... I do not believe that this is negivite energy and not really concerned but would like to do what other might think about our situtation and if they think we are handling it correctly????

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Apr 26, 2010
9:20 PM
My daughter started seeing things at a very young age, about the age of 2 months old. If we were in the living room she would look at the one corner of the room or over by the stairs and smile. By the time she turned about 8 months old, night terrors started and her being scared of her room and giving scared looks in our house. When she started talking she would say there was a bad man in her room and once in awhile she was play with someone in the house, who she said was a little girl.
My husband and I found out that in our house (which we have now moved out of back in August of 2009) there was a little girl who use to live there, her name was Sarah. Sarah was killed in our house in the attic. A man, who we heard was her father, pushed her down the attic stairs and Sarah broke her neck. Her father has since died as well, not sure when. Sarah was about the age of 8 when she died.Sarah use to play the flute and once in awhile in the attic we could hear a flute being played. Sometimes we would hear crying in the attic or basement. We always wondered if they were the 2 people our daughter would see.
Even though we have moved out of the house, our daughter still continues to have night terrors and such. She will be 4 in August and is fully potty trained for some time now. But the last month she has been waking up in the middle of the night anywhere between 2am and 4am, screaming bloody murder and wetting herself. Last night when she woke up screaming for me, she told me someone had grabbed her. I don't know what to do to help her.
I don't know how to explain what I have, I have a feeling sometimes that I am being watched and sometimes I fear for my life, when no one is around.I know when I am being followed or when someone is behind me. I feel as if something is going to attack me. I have realized as well that sometimes when I feel uncomfortable or having a feeling of being watched, that is when my daughter would say "bad man". I want to take our daughter to a sleep study to see when her brain is being active during the night. If her brain is most active just before she wakes up screaming, because right now that is the only thing I can think of to help her.
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May 02, 2010
6:46 PM
Hi everyone. After reading these posts as well as some other websites I have noticed that a lot of boys see male figures and girls see female figures (although not all). I have always been interested in the paranormal but also scared of it. However with my sons behaviour, it is hard to ignore and although it scares me, I have to put that aside to try and find out more about what is scaring him and help him. So two nights ago, rather than distracting my 2yo son when he started much the same behaviour as the above (staring at the wall and covering his eyes and stating 'man, man'), I decided to ask him about it. Him and I live in a granny flat on my parents property in which there is only one bedroom that we share. Every night that we have slept there in the past month, he has exhibited the same behaviour. At the start he would bury his head in my chest or the pillow and I would touch his face in the dark to find his hands clamped tightly over his eyes. He has never cried or spoken to anthing but remains very quiet. Sometimes I think he is asleep to discover him simply laying awake silently, often checking that area, out of the corner of his eye. So 2 nights ago I asked him where the man was and he said 'door'. I then asked if he is a good or a bad man and he said 'bad'. He actually seems to want to talk less at these times. after these initial questions he will simply ignore me. Although this was scary for me, I realised he wasn't going to tell me anything else so cuddled him and distracted him with songs and things. Although I believe in the paranormal, I have also noted what batboy and phenominvestigatior have said (obviously in opposition to the paranormal or at least intent to disprove it) as I also strongly believe in the power of events and lifestyle on childrens behaviour. Obviously the suggestion of seeking medical advice for ALL of our kids that exhibit such behaviour is not the answer as they are not sick! It seems to be very common and most of us are simply concerned about their welfare or interested in what they see. My son has been so good ever since birth and I thought terrible two's would kick in as a compensation for the past 2 years of having the 'perfect' son! He has slept through the night since a few months old yet does feel uncomfortable in the dark. However i can't put this down to fear of the dark. Also, I know that people who believe in the paranormal seem to look for ways to prove their belief and tend to disregard opposed opinions. Because of this, I am trying to look at these issues in a neutral way, considering both environmental influences and spiritual possibilities. On the spiritual side, my grandad passed a month ago and had been at my sons birth but only saw him once afterwards (he lived in another country). My son sometimes spends the night with nana (my mum)in the main house and dosent claim to see the man but says 'man not get you'(he refers to himself in saying you) as if looking for reassurance that the man is not coming. There are no shadows on the wall he looks at as the room is pitch black, and lately I have had a night light on in case it was the dark. He did not recognise the picture he saw of grandad and because he claims the man is bad, I had to consider other possibilities. At our previous house, he had night terrors and would cling to me and I had to sleep with him on the couch because he would not let me step foot in the bedroom again. Since then he has become much more vocal and able to communicate. With the 'man' I initially ignored it and distracted him as I myself was uncomfortable or just went to sleep and he did the same (with his hands over his eyes, or laying cuddled up to or on me). Now, he will lay silently and the past 2 nights I have woken up at all hours to find him awake and either laying there or talking. The 1st night it was about 1.30 in the morning and he said there was a man and that was it. I went back to sleep and he must have too. The 2nd night (last night) I woke up at 11.45pm to him talking and I asked him why he wasnt sleeping and what was wrong and he said 'man not get you' yet again. I dont know why he would lay awake just seemingly in his own world when the other stories here descibe crying and/or desperation to get away. He dosent talk alot, I am only woken up by 1 or 2 words. I would probably put it down to something scary he saw on t.v or fear if it had not been for the constant checking of the certain area in the room or covering his eyes and declaring 'man'.
On the 'rational side', we have moved around a lot in the last year and his dad recently relocated for work. At all other times, he is happy and loving and full of cuddles and kisses and laughs. He goes to daycare 3 days a week while I am at uni and sometimes spends the day with nana which he loves. He plays on the large property with 4 small dogs and plenty of toys. He communicates well and is learning at the normal speed for his age. He has had regular check up's and is not ortistic or disabled. He has seen some movies that he gets scared of and runs around the other side of the kitchen table ( yet this occurs even at the start when the production company's logo comes on the screen and the music plays!!!). He gets a lot of attention from me also so that is not a factor.
Overall, other than the possibility of t.v influences and previous instability in his environment (which could be a major influence), I don't think the rationality side convinces me that the man is made up or an ploy for attention or that he needs medical help. On the other hand, I would have expected him to recognise grandad if it was him and as he dosent, I don't know who or what it could be (especially as he claims it is bad).
I think with so many of our toddlers acting this way, we all want an explanation or possible solution but the fact is we can't look inside their heads (which would be handy!). We can't know what is happening and those who try to say it is a medical issue and we should all book our kids in with psychiatrists or physicians, is unrealistic as medication is not necessarily the answer and most doctors will be likely to dismiss it as some kind of developmental stage etc. I am not trying to discourage medical opinions but I think most of these cases are real and it has been said for a looooong time that children can see what most of us adults can't for one reason or another and these experiences would appear to support this. Personally I am going to dig around for a legitimate psychic and find some info on the property to explore the spiritual realm before I consult a doctor and even then, I will wait and see how he goes as he grows. Good luck to the other parents experiencing the same things and I will post the results of my 'investigation'!
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May 15, 2010
4:34 PM
I was just searching the web for this too. My son would see ghosts at our house and my dad's house when he was a bit younger. He last saw one a few months ago at a graveyard. When he was almost 2, we got him on video seeing one and talking about one. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLZUNin65Dk&feature=PlayList&p=8350EB0FAAFB4A80&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=22

Anyway, I am working on a documentary about this because there are so many people who have children who see ghosts. I would like to get people who have kids that see them or if you saw them as a child that would be good too. I would also like to interview experts on the subjects, both believers and skeptics. Please let me know if you are interested in being involved. My email is danica824@gmail.com.
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May 17, 2010
3:18 PM
My son is 21 months old...we recently moved into a new house. Since day one he's been scared of the dining room, he doesn't like going in there, and it doesn't matter if the lights are on, and it's a bright sunny day. The past couple weeks it's gotten worse. He refuses to set foot in the dining room, he screams and cries when we have supper in there, even if he's sittig on our laps. When we are in the living room at night, he points into the dining room and starts screaming and crying. We really don't know what to think. He isn't scared of any other room in the house. My husband and I both believe the house is indeed haunted for things we've seen & heard...however we don't find our selves scared of whatever is here. We've never discussed this in front of our son either. We're not sure what's going on...could he be seeing the ghosts we've heard?!? Also to note, we've taken several pictures through out the house, and there seems to be a large concentration of orbs in the dining room...and nowhere else in the house.

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