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Jul 18, 2011
6:52 AM
Good Morning Marta,

Yes, Murdock was terrible, but I think someone even worse from the illuminati decided to take him down because he served his purpose with Michael Jackson being dead and for other reasons. I am waiting for the other foot to drop.


One of Murdoch’s holdings, Harper-Collins, published “The Satanic Bible” and owned Zondervan Press, the publisher and copyright owner of the New International Version (NIV) “bible”. By owning the copyright to the NIV, Rupert Murdoch was indirectly provided financial assistance to publish “The Satanic bible” and other Biblical corruptions. Therefore those who purchase the NIV are also helping to support Satan in his “send the world to Hell” effort by promoting worldly and ungodly TV networks, newspaper articles and many other immoral publications around the world.”


See more about the Harper-Collins SATANIC BIBLE at:


I predict Obama will win the next election. Murdock was behind Obama in 2008.


News Corporation chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch has used his newly acquired technology conference D6 to throw his weight behind "rock star" Barack Obama's presidential campaign, as well as giving his views on the Wall Street Journal.


The Murdoch family is the most powerful family in the Illuminati Media...A FACT...so more OBVIOUS ILLUMINATI support for OBAMA
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Jul 18, 2011
3:42 PM
Thanks for posting this, Mar. I believe you're right about Obama being re-elected. I've seen it all over the alternative news outlets as well. He will be elected because he is 'THEIR' man, the executioner of their plan.

I will still try to keep an open mind to the possibility of something shifting between now & then. At the rate that consciousness & awareness of these matters is growing, who knows what the outcome will be.

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Jul 26, 2011
6:27 AM
Heard Valmai Owens interviewed on Blog Talk radio by Rev. Catherine Gross. They were talking about Murdoch and tabloid journalism. I heard this in that interview.

Ryan White's mother recalls time with MJ below:

Ryan White quote from the book "My Own Story" by Ryan White and Ann Marie Cunningham. published in Aug. 1992

I liked “Man In The Mirror” the best. Michael’s not flaky or weird, like you read in those newspapers you can buy in the supermarket. He’s real quiet and softspoken. Sometimes he takes a while to say things. He’s just kind of gentle and peaceful. He was a nice new friend for me to have. “Next time you’re in L.A., we’ll get together and have some good old fun,” he told me. Well, I couldn’t wait.

Powerful and beautiful quote that refutes the tabloid garbage. We need more of this type of journalism, we need to hear more.


I hope this is a new beginning for journalism and lessons are learned from Murdoch scandal.

I couldn't embed videos have to cope and paste on your browser.


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Jun 29, 2019
6:44 AM
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Need a reading, mandala or some jewelry?  Check it out. 

Bonnie Vent products and services website


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