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Michael Jackson moving forward

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1715 posts
Nov 09, 2011
4:33 PM
Many people have written to me over the past few days wanting to know how Michael feels about the guilty verdict of Conrad Murray:

He is frustrated because so little of the truth came out during the trial. The scope was very narrow. Michael said very early on to look past Dr. Murray, that he was a puppet, and to follow the money. This same sentiment is being reflected by those who knew him best. There is no celebration, justice, or truth. At least not yet.

I am posting this article below because it illustrates what Michael said back at the beginning. I am sure someone will buy his death bed. I wish them sweet dreams. (sarcasm)

Thanks go out to those who have stuck by Michael:the person, the man, the Dad, and the Son.

Blessings to you all!

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Nov 10, 2011
11:47 AM

Conrad Murray Documentary

Lawsuit to Block Payment to Doc


A cardiology equipment company has filed a lawsuit against MSNBC and others, claiming the network should pay off a debt Dr. Conrad Murray owes them before the doctor gets a red cent for his participation in the documentary.

Digirad Imaging Solutions is a California company that obtained a $147,075 judgment against Murray because he didn't pay his bills.

Digirad claims MSNBC, Zodiak Media Group -- the producer of the documentary -- and others might be paying Murray for the documentary, and Digirad wants its cut from the defendants before they pay the doc.

Digirad is asking for an order forcing MSNBC and the rest to pay the judgment.


822 posts
Nov 11, 2011
10:28 AM
I've read snippets of Murray's comments from the documentary as posted online, and I find myself thinking, "He had his time and his day in court. If he wanted to say these things or share them with the public, as part of his defense, he had his chance - IN A COURT OF LAW AND WITH CROSS EXAMINATION."

Murry is a coward. Period. He acted like a coward on June 25, 2009, and he continues to act like a coward.

He may feel and believe he did nothing wrong, but his actions as observed by other medical professionals in that court room indicate he most definitely did a number of things wrong. His actions and his inaction reveal a man with questionable ethics.

Anyone can have their say under controlled and edited circumstances, just like O.J. Simpson did back in 1994 when he had his own documentary made. However, in the court of public opinion, if you have something important to say, and you have nothing to hide, then you can get your rear-end on that witness stand and speak your mind and state your case.

Murray is violating his doctor/ patient relationship and its privacy just as Arnold Klein has done. These doctors seem most inclined to betray their former patient(s), in this case Michael Jackson, when all eyes and ears are focused soley and squarely on them and their actions.

And when they're not blaming the victim, they're attempting to humiliate, belittle and degrade him and his memory.


Thank you for the updates, as always Bonnie.


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1722 posts
Nov 12, 2011
12:40 PM
Hi Veronica and everyone,

Was the documentary played outside the United States one hour or two? In California it played twice back to back but was only one hour. Just wondering if they did a last minute edit to take out the most outrageous parts that the estate attorneys and the family were so upset about.

41 posts
Nov 12, 2011
3:11 PM
Hello Bonnie,

It seems that the UK version was uncut and the USA version was edited;
People that saw the UK version told there where statements from Murray about some really private things ..they kept out of the USA version .
Maybe the anger that people showed made them take that decision.
I`d like to think ,and hope, it made the difference .
33 posts
Nov 12, 2011
4:55 PM
Hi Bonnie,

roughly one hour xx.
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Nov 13, 2011
3:29 AM
I watched it two days ago on youtube, although I am of course not happy about the whole thing. But now that it is made and out to the public, I had to make my own opinion about it because I hate to rely on written articles and opinions others have of something. It was interesting to hear him talk and see his mimic to get a feeling of what kind of person he is but it is very hard to say what to believe. He is strange in my opinion but there may be pieces of truth to it. What he said about the conversation with Randy Philips is interesting and also that he gave Michael only 25 mg, which would make him slep for 10 minutes. He said we waited 20 minutes next to Michaels bed to see if he would continue to slep after the Propofol wore off and since it seemed so, he went to an adjoining room to make his usual morning telephone calls. He insisted that this was normal. He stayed nearby to hear if MJ awoke but did not stay in the same room, so he would not be disurbed when finally sleeping. At some point he said he went to a restroom which was located on the other side of the corridor - but I did not get at which point in time he did check on MJ again....
Also - if I understood him right (english is not my mother tongue) he said that he did not put the IV on MJ but gave him an injection. So where the IV comes from would be an interesting question, if it is true what he says....
"...be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subsciousness, being GOD..." MJ
1726 posts
Nov 14, 2011
2:43 PM
A message from Paula:

I've watched and listened to all the tapes of Michael survives and I truly believe it's him. Thank you Bonnie for helping him. I read in the message board he is frustrated with the verdict. I hope and pray he will find some peace knowing how much he is loved and cherished always. As for the selling of his deathbed, I agree with you Bonnie! Anyone who buys this or is involved in these activities have no respect at all. God bless you and love always! One more thing please keep in touch if Michael has any more messages. Thank you.
238 posts
Nov 16, 2011
7:16 AM
Thanks Bonnie, Carmen and all for the information.

I hope the US weekly article is accurate Carmen because anyone that buys a "death bed" in my opinion, well...that is just too creepy.

By the way, this just in from the Washinton Post:

Star defense witness in trial for Michael Jackson’s doctor set to fight $1,000 contempt fine.


LOS ANGELES — A scientist who was the star defense witness in the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor will be in court Wednesday to fight a threatened $1,000 fine for contempt.

Dr. Paul White is a pioneer in the use of the anesthetic propofol. He clashed with Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor over comments in and out of court during Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial.

Pastor says White deliberately brought up banned information in his testimony.

Pastor is giving White a chance to appear Wednesday and explain why he should not be found in direct contempt of court and fined $1,000. A member of the trial defense team, Michael Flanagan, is representing him.

Murray is in jail awaiting sentencing for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death and is not required to attend the hearing.


1728 posts
Nov 16, 2011
9:06 AM
Note from Bonnie Vent: I have not read Frank Cascio's book, but I do find the bias here one that continues to play out over and over again. There seems to be a disconnect between what George considers to be allegations in Frank's book and what Frank is saying in response to these leading questions.

I am happy to see Frank be honest and set the record straight on GMA. I hope that he continues to do this with his publicity tour.

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1130 posts
Nov 16, 2011
1:44 PM

I am soooo glad you posted this live interview with Frank. As it is absolutely opposite to what I read in an article about Frank's book which I saw yesterday. This darned article nearly had me convinced that Frank turned on Michael. Here is the link to that article: http://www.artistdirect.com/entertainment-news/article/michael-jackson-s-former-manager-to-reveal-his-drug-use-in-new-book/9745688

The above interview on GMA certainly clears things up for me. There is just so much BS flying around it is mind-boggling! So much mis-information that I am starting to be afraid to trust anything that is said in any of the print media. It is absolutely scary.

Seems every effort is being made by the MSM to come up with drug addict/ propofol addict scenario in regards to Michael. They seem to be grasping at anything and everything where there is any sort of discussion about Michael and his possible use of medications. It is relentless. And it is rotten to the core!

If any of the news outlets are reading this I hope you realize that this sort of journalism is the lowest of the low. Truly shameful. I do not know how those people in the media that stoop to this type of misleading low level type of reporting can live with themselves.

385 posts
Nov 16, 2011
2:37 PM
I agree and I am also happy to hear him set the record straight.
There is just one thing that will not leave my mind - Frank Cascio sold tapes with Michael´s music to $ony.....
Perhaps or let´s hope he changed his mind and keeps on that way.

827 posts
Nov 16, 2011
3:38 PM
I may be in the minority here, but I'm not impressed by Frank Cascio. This is the same man who was part of the Cascio family group who sold their music to Sony - the music supposedly involving Michael's vocals, vocals which may or may not have been Michael's and which Michael did not authorize for release. This is the same FAMILY that took Michael's music and sold it to Sony. So many fans questioned the authenticity of the vocals that Sony hired their own forensic expert to validate them.

Sorry, but I see Frank and his family as opportunists. They sold what may have been unfinished music made with Michael's collaboration to Sony, and now Frank Cascio is continuing to cash in on his 'friendship' and long relationship with Michael with his book.

I watched his GMA interview and was not moved or impressed. He strikes me as someone who has a book to sell to both MJ fans and the general public, and he knows he has to be careful not to offend Michael's fans, or to go to any extremes in his views or recollections.

As with ALL the other books out there about Michael, written by people who claimed to know him and/ or love him, I think you'll find some truths, some lies, and mostly a lot of personal opinions and points of reference.

Sorry if this post makes anyone uncomfortable, but I took the stance of not buying the Sony album "Michael" after Michael's death, and I believe Michael really did communicate through Bonnie that he didn't want his unfinished work released or sold. So, to have someone who betrayed Michael for money, and who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT MICHAEL WOULD AND WOULD NOT HAVE WANTED SINCE THEY WERE SUCH CLOSE FRIENDS, I find it odd that Frank Cascio would 'respect' Michael with selling unfinished music and writing a book.

I'm not impressed. I just see another opportunist cashing in and trying to play his cards right - and sell as many copies as possible.


P.S. The Michael I've come to know and understand didn't have flings. He was certainly very sweet and charming, quiet and gentle (talkative when very comfortable with someone and close to that person), but a ladies man he was not. Flings and groupies were not his thing.

Just my personal opinions. Cascio has a book to sell, and he's selling it.

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1730 posts
Nov 16, 2011
3:56 PM
Hi Carmen,

Don't get me wrong. I am not backing him or his book. I just thought it was interesting that the questioning and the answers were in such conflict. In no way am I suggesting that people buy the book. Actually I got the impression the book does says inflammatory things and that he is no longer willing to stand by those statements.

1131 posts
Nov 16, 2011
6:14 PM
Hi Carmen, Ute, Bonnie

I do recall what happened with the recordings which were ultimately on the Michael album.

I am not a big fan of Frank. I did notice he stayed very low key and in the background during the time the Cascio's appeared on the Oprah show at the time the Michael album was being promoted.

I am not sure that I want to call them opportunists. I do think they are being misled. And from what I read at one time it was Di Leo who closed the deal on the Michael album. Again I am not sure how this transpired but Di Leo was instrumental in this transaction. And as we know Di Leo and Branca go way back in their business dealings involving Michael and by all accounts have maintained a long term association.

You are most likely correct Carmen in that Frank is trying to appeal to all sides and trying to sell his book. My position is that I am just glad that he did try to say things in a more objective way when being interviewed live.

I recall Frank Cascio being interviewed on the day the news of Michael's passing broke and he sounded pretty much the same.

I do not plan to buy the book but I would certainly like to hear if he did paint his observtions of Michael in a much more harsh light than what I've heard in the interviews.

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386 posts
Nov 17, 2011
10:59 AM
Hi Bonnie, Irina, Carmen and all,

I wanted to come back to this, posted article from HuffPost by Carmen.
Thank you for posting it , Carmen. It shows what I have kept thinking about while listening to the interview:

"I'm very happy that John Branca is one of the trustees [of Jackson's trust] because, through their ups and downs, he was always great to Michael. He always did the right thing by Michael."

Frank Cascio is still pro fake estate attorneys. That does not minimize what I commented above. But we should keep that in mind nonetheless whenever Cascio talks. The fake estate people are mostly behind any merchandising actions to make money out of Michael´s likeness but hide behind such weak? people, to remain the good guys but they play to the fans which is really dirty. It is just that I wanted to repeat that Branca has never been great to Michael. NEVER! He has always been great to himself and to those behind him that have been protecting him until today. He shifted partly large sums of Michael´s money on his own abroad accounts and more concerning Michael´s publishing catalogue (there is evidence by La Toya according to her book).
That is the real John Brance until today!
Also Frank DiLeo. Same here. Only exploited Michael and had mafia connections that have been played down as having been unimportant or untrue.
But he involved mafia people into certain businesses for Michael. This is known too. But all of that had been played down by saying that there had been usual business going on. Yes, in the meanwhile we have learned what those words or comments really mean - at least mostly when you have to deal with a Megastar.
Michael was not scared of and did not by accident talk about the mafia on those tapes that had been published - I think it was during or before the 2005 trial.
Again two "best friends" of Michael´s that only wanted the " best" for him like Conrad Murray who was Michael´s " only best friend " in the time prior to his murder.
Yes, and therefore Michael is dead now with so many "only best friends" by his side. I want to replace the word "best" with "cash" or add the word "cash", so we would have "Michael´s only best cash friends" - that would do it for me!
How more disgusting can something be? (all referring to the quote above but also generally).
I think, Frank Cascio might be under pressure and scared, once he had gotten to do with those fake estate people.
Nonetheless I stick with what I said above.


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1133 posts
Nov 17, 2011
2:01 PM
Hi Ute,

I feel on the level of Frank Cascio, he is not necessarily being intimidated. I believe Branca & Co. are too smart to let their true colors show by doing that. It may be more likely that Cascio is being appeased/ placated by Branca with monetary incentives. Such as a stake in the "Michael" album. And I believe he is but one of many such examples.


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387 posts
Nov 17, 2011
6:34 PM
Hi Irina,

Yes, may be that this is the case, that he is appeased by Branca with monetary incentives.
There is just one more thought of mine. Were they - the so-called so "close" friends - not aware of those dealings and wheelings of those people like Branca? I know we are all human and not always immediately aware of everything going on around us. But he also said he worked for Michael, so I think at one time he could have become aware of it. Dieter Wiesner e.g. did....
Just a thought.

1135 posts
Nov 18, 2011
7:32 AM
I would say all else aside Frank sounds like he is still struggling to cope with the loss of his friend. And I believe he is sincere in his answers here.

Of course the controversies which have arisen since Michael's passing are not being touched on in this interview.

Frank Cascio discusses his friendship with Michael Jackson
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST on Nov 17th, 2011


Watch live streaming video from myfriendmichael at livestream.com

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239 posts
Nov 20, 2011
8:27 PM
Hi all,

It looks like Dr. Paul White got off free of charge for his nasty comments concerning Anesthesiologist Steven Shafer. The $250.00 fine White received for referring to his private talks with Murray during his testimony is less than a slap on the wrist compared to what Dr. White makes annually. Below is the article.



The defense anesthesiology expert in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor was found in contempt of court Wednesday for referring to his private talks with Dr. Conrad Murray during his testimony.

Dr. Murray did not testify in his own defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial and the judge refused to allow Dr. Paul White to base any of his testimony on anything other than what Murray told police.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor gave Dr. White 30 days to pay a $250 fine, but he also dropped a second contempt citation for derogatory comments he allegedly made about a rival witness.

Take Care All,

34 posts
Nov 21, 2011
4:37 PM
With regard to the Frank Cascio book, I believe that if someone is a true friend then you cherish that person with all of your heart and would never betray them in life or in death. I believe that you don't betray confidences and most certainly don't make money out of your friend by writing a book about their personal life and experiences that they have shared with you. Is Frank Cascio donating the money that he makes out of this book to a charity?? Is Frank Cascio the true friend of Michael and his family that he claims to be?
1141 posts
Nov 21, 2011
6:55 PM
Did anyone read Frank's book? I think he misses Michael along with the rest of us.
As far as his actions with regards to doing business with the estate and coming out with positive statements about them I agree, they have not put him in the best of light. I would certainly like to know how much or how little he knew about Michael's business affairs. Was he aware of the dirty backstabbing or did Michael shield him from all of that?
36 posts
Nov 23, 2011
10:58 PM

I've got so much respect for La Toya. So RP was there that night as someone told her that they had saw him. I'm so shocked because all of this is being ignored.

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1738 posts
Nov 24, 2011
11:24 AM
Hi Mango,

Thanks so much for posting this important video. I truly feel that La Toya is trying to get the truth out while protecting her safety. I stand behind her on this information. I hope that people really listen to what she has to say.

282 posts
Nov 24, 2011
9:33 PM
Hi Mango,

I also thank you for finding and posting this. I wish I could have heard all of the names that the audience was saying at the same time, in addition to RP.

This is likely to be a long shot, however, since he seems to be planning to'beg' Judge Pastor for mercy during the courtroom sentencing (if he's even allowed to do that!) could he possibly be desperate enough, at that point, to reveal what he may really know? It's probably more unlikely than likely, but the thought popped up, so just thought I'd share...

Hopefully more will be revealed. I do wonder though, how they'll ever be able to actually prove anything beyond CM, without the surveillence tape.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday today.

1150 posts
Dec 04, 2011
7:07 AM
I am so sorry. This not what you would have wanted.
My heart aches over some of the developments involving the children. They are being directed to a path which I believe Michael would not have wanted them to follow.

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38 posts
Dec 05, 2011
2:37 AM
Bonnie, what are Michael's thoughts on this? (Reality show)

Already, Paris is filming for Lundon's bridge and will be on Ellen's talk show on Thursday, which is to help funding for schools.
1753 posts
Dec 05, 2011
7:48 AM
Hi Mango,

Michael has been worried from the beginning about his children being caught in the same control grid that he was caught in. He very much wants them to enjoy their childhood. Once adults and with his continued guidance they could be involved in the industry but not in a way where they would be dependent on "the system". The last thing he wants is their personal lives on display and augmented for entertainment purposes.

Ron Howard is a great example of how this can work well. Ron's Dad set aside all his money that he earned as a child star and when Ron became an adult he decided to fund his own projects. You do not see him in the tabloids and his movies are very successful. He calls his own shots.
241 posts
Dec 07, 2011
7:27 AM
Hi All,

Here is a trailer of Paris Jackson's first movie.It is called "Lundon's Bridge: And the three keys. Paris jackson will be on the Ellen show hosted by Ellen Degeneres on December 8,2011...for her first movie...under warner bros film.

You can find the news story at:

I found this information at: http://itisamurdercasenotahomicide.blogspot.com/

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1156 posts
Dec 07, 2011
9:00 AM
Thanks for the info Marlene!

Lundon's Bridge is a school fundraising effort. Here is some background information.

( I could not get the embed code Bonnie. Perhaps you can.)

Here ya go!


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1767 posts
Dec 14, 2011
9:05 AM
1157 posts
Dec 15, 2011
6:40 AM
Thank you for plugging the video into my post above Bonnie!



...the rest of Paris's interview. This clip has the preceding part actually. She is clearly inspired by her Dad.

Worries momentarily aside about where all this may actually lead to, Paris is a very confident, self-secure girl. Michael did a good job. IMHO

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391 posts
Dec 15, 2011
12:06 PM
I feel very different here, Irina. And I felt very strong to post my thoughts and feelings.
I try to see the good side but I cannot push aside Michael´s worries about his children that have turned out to be justified as we see that here.
Michael really did a good job on all of his children. I hope they will be smart enough to survive now that they are being pushed in that merciless business. We all know how it turned out for Michael.
And that alone should lead those who are responsible for them in another direction, to protect them until they will be old enough to decide themselves. This will only be the case when they really know what this business is about i.e. above all the vultures behind it - NOT TO FORGET THOSE OF THE FAKE ESTATE!! who are surely very much contolling them - and will have come to know why their Daddy had to die, what for he was murdered. They are too young now to get to know the truth about their Daddy´s death.
Moreover Michael´s wishes for his kids should be respected.
I am not in their shoes and they are certainly under pressure and control of the estate vultures. But all together they should hopefully be strong enough to protect the kids.
He would have never wanted for them at this age what is happening now.
According to the interview I cannot say anything as I decided to not watch it. I read transcribed excerpts from it and now I see a photo in the background that is absolutely manipulative trying to paint Michael subliminally to be the unjustified paranoid father.
Read or listen to what Paris said about the masks and that is all speaking for itself in connection with this photo.
This photo along with what Paris said is the same as if they still keep on to push Michael in the child molestation corner while showing him holding the hand of Gavin Arvizo or other children whom Michael helped heal and gave comfort to. But along with such photos or footage those who have not done their homework on Michael might think that something could not be okay here nonetheless.
This is evil because it is done subliminally. A rest of doubts may remain.

I pray that things will not turn out here as they are intended to turn out because it is all done on the kids´backs. They are taken advantage of and robbed of their childhood and teenager years and they are still not aware of it.
I understand when they want to speak out for their father, when they want to follow his path. It could also be kind of working on their heavy loss but sadly this is taken advantage of and this feels unscrupulous to me.
So, Paris does not know how manipulative this is, how one is pushed to answer exactly how they want you to answer. Everything is staged anyway in those shows.
I simply cannot overcome myself here and watch it.

Thank you for posting it , Bonnie. It shows what is going on now behind the veils. Michael said in one of your channelings: " The show had to be put on. And it goes on . " Sorry if it is not exactly the wording now. I need to go back and listen to it again.
I will post the Barbara Walters interview with Michael back in 1997.
In this interview Michael very clearly says what he would answer and explain to Prince if he wanted to go into the entertainment business.
Michael - quote: " I would lay it ALL out! " " KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR! " (if I heard that correct).

Hugs to you, Irina, I had to get that off my chest regarding the last weeks´events,

Here is the interview:

Please, listen very carefully to Michael´s answers , especially towards the end at about 11:30 min - concerning then only Prince - entering the business.


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1158 posts
Dec 15, 2011
5:49 PM
Hi Ute,

I fully understand how you are feeling. And I am the last person who would want to see a child this young go into show business.

I do recall statements from various people that Michael's kids were getting lessons in theater and film making. And that Michael wanted to eventually make movies and that his children would have at some point been brought into this.

And of course I agree that Michael would NOT have wanted his children to go into the business this young.

The simple reason for what I wrote above is that I felt Paris handled herself really well. And I just wanted to pay a compliment to Michael's parenting skills.

At same time I do realize that, no matter how much we get mad at our TV screen seeing what Michael would not have wanted happen actually coming to pass, the situation is out of our hands. Michael's children are being guided by his family and the estate.

All we are left with is the task of observing what is unfolding. And all we can do to help at this point is send positive energies to Michael's children and family. And speak the truth about Michael whenever and wherever possible and pray that all will turn out well.

I did watch the interview because I want to keep up with al of the developments where Michael is concerned. There is always the possibility of new information coming forth.

And I do agree with you Ute about the subliminal message there concerning the photo. I hope that some of the more astute people in Ellen's audience will figure out that the children were wearing masks for protection. You may recall that Debbie Rowe laid claim to the mask idea saying that she insisted that Michael put masks on the children because she was afraid they could be kidnapped.

Personally I feel that Michael was present right there with her when Paris brought him into the conversation.

I thought she was very smart to say that her Dad told her to remember what he told her and that she took his advice and that she has. This was worth noting.


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1159 posts
Dec 17, 2011
12:49 AM
For the record.
Just letting everyone know I replaced the 2 minute clip of Paris's interview with Ellen with the full 11 minute version.
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Dec 29, 2011
8:50 PM

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Dec 29, 2011
9:06 PM

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Jan 04, 2012
7:38 AM
So while we were all focused on the trial...

Music to Citigroup's ears - EMI's record unit sold for $1.9B from The Deal on Vimeo.

Sony consortium buys EMI Music Publishing


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1779 posts
Jan 04, 2012
8:24 AM
361 posts
Jan 04, 2012
1:29 PM
Bonnie thank you so much for posting The Hidden Messages Video for us. Wonderful way to begin 2012!

Michael I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given and continue to give. Your message of love, hope,and compassion continues to nourish us and is making an impact on the world by making it a better place.

Thank you so much for giving me strength when I needed it most.

May the light shine on you and your children.
God bless you. Namaste


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362 posts
Jan 04, 2012
1:37 PM
Carmen thank you so much for posting both the articles on the Docs. I too hope it sticks....I must say karma is working and it's coming around.

Thanks for bringing the EMI/Citigroup news to our attention.


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1175 posts
Jan 05, 2012
6:43 AM
This is a great project. I love what she says while introducing her concept for the song. I think many will identify with that. I certainly do.

Last Edited by on Jan 05, 2012 6:49 AM
1782 posts
Jan 05, 2012
8:04 AM
Hey Irina,

Michael seems to like this project. He said "Do it, do it, it is beautiful."
1176 posts
Jan 05, 2012
9:50 AM
Yay! : )

Last Edited by on Jan 05, 2012 9:50 AM
363 posts
Jan 05, 2012
1:41 PM

Thanks for posting Irina and I can certainly relate to her intro!!! I think she has another big hit in the making. Piano part...makes me tingle.

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244 posts
Jan 06, 2012
6:42 PM
Hello Irina,

I just watched the Michael Jackson tribute.
Thank you so much for finding this. It is beautiful!


1181 posts
Jan 07, 2012
11:26 PM
Hello Jane, Marelene

I agree. :) The song sounds great.
There is a link giving additional info about the background of the project when you view the video on You Tube.


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850 posts
Jan 08, 2012
5:35 PM
Thank you for sharing the video on Siedah Garrett, Irina. I like the background music and her lyrics. In a lovely way, she is bringing a moment she shared with Michael Jackson, figuratively speaking, full circle. She's bringing her personal and professional experience with him full circle and sharing it with us in the process.

46 posts
Feb 29, 2012
2:38 PM
And now the hating on Paris begins (poor girl):

Michael Jackson's Kid They FAKED My Dad's Voice on 'Michael' Album

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris made a bombshell announcement to friends ... telling them the MJ album released in the wake of the singer's death did NOT contain MJ's actual voice ... it was an imposter.

TMZ has learned ... the announcement was made during an online video chat with several friends in 2010 ... just before the "Michael" album was released, which contains several previously unreleased tracks allegedly performed by Michael Jackson.

The video chat was recorded ... and Paris joked about the footage eventually "leaking" to the Internet.

Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MJ's parts on the "Michael" album were REALLY performed by an MJ sound-alike named Jason Malachi ... but both Jason and Sony denied the allegations.

During the video chat, Paris played one of the songs from the album, "Hold My Hand" ... and one of her friends asks why the singer doesn't sound like MJ.

Paris replied, "It's NOT him ... the whole album isn't even him!! Go online ... go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That's him!!"

She continues, "I should know if it's him or not because he would sing to me all the time."

TMZ has learned a recording of Paris' video message is being shopped to various media outlets ... and we're told "Offers are on the table."

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Tour of the Carolwood House where Michael Jackson died

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