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Michael Jackson channeled session 12/10/11

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Dec 23, 2011
8:59 AM
Hi Everyone, This is only a portion of the entire session, but this message needs to go out to all that truth seekers.

Happy Holidays and blessings to you all!

Michael would you like to come forward? Do you have something you would like to say?

Yes Bonnie, I do. I would like to extend my gratitude to those that are seeking the truth. I know how difficult this has been. It does however provide some insight into the tasks that I had in determining truth. Sadly I was very often wrong when trying to determine a person’s true motives. Everyone seemed so helpful at the time. I would get caught up in the enthusiasm. The choices were many. These same things are being presented to my children. I protected them as a father should, but I did not know that I would not be there into their adulthood.

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Dec 23, 2011
10:34 AM
Hi Bonnie,

thank you so much for posting Michael´s words.
They are very deeply touching and heartbreaking and I am close to tears.

To Michael I want to say: " WE A R E HERE and we will continue to help you bring out the WHOLE TRUTH WITH ALL THOSE INVOLVED !! There will be no resting until everything will be done what needs to be done !
I only wished that some people would take certain decisions here.
Thank you, Michael for being you and for bringing so much Love and Light into this world. Truth will follow!!
For your childrens´protection we will continue our prayers and raise those energies that will protect them , always keeping in mind and our hearts that there is something bigger than ourselves beyond all that we see.
Hold on! WE L.O.V.E YOU.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE !"

With Love,

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Dec 23, 2011
5:16 PM
Hi Bonnie,

I was just wondering if you were going to present this session in its entirety?

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Dec 24, 2011
8:09 PM
Oh, Michael...
My heart just broke into a million pieces again. And the tears are back ...
You are so very welcome sweetheart. 
Yes, please know we are here. Yes, it has been immensely difficult at times to find the pieces of the puzzle we are faced with. But we are NOT walking away. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL CONTINUE TO SEEK THE TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU...
And please know that you are truly loved by all here.

As to your children, you did your very best. You were a wonderful father. Please know that. WE know that. And we are all keenly aware how frustating and painful the latest developments around them have been for you. And we will continue to send positive energy to them and pray for their protection...

And Bonnie,
Thank you for posting this message for Michael and for your selfless efforts to assist him. You have been a tower of strength through all that has been unfolding.

Happy Holidays and bessings to you as well!

With Love,

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Dec 24, 2011
8:35 PM
Thank you, Bonnie, for once again helping Michael (and others) to communicate thoughts and feelings to those of us who are here in this time, place and plane of existence. Thank you for doing this.

Seeking the truth is not easy. It takes a lot of work. It means setting aside personal prejudices and beliefs - at least temporarily - in order to make room for more information to come in and to be analyzed. It also means dealing with the possibility that one may learn something that one does not want to accept as true. I sometimes have to remind myself that when I am seeking the truth, it must be THE TRUTH, not MY truth or someone else's version of it. Yes, there are variations of the truth in some instances, as we each perceive an event or a situation through our own eyes and life experiences, but sometimes, people seeking the truth may actually be looking for confirmation of their own personal beliefs. I mention this because it can be a very easy trap to fall into. I have been guilty of it myself in life.

Michael, the task of finding decent, honorable and honest people was probably 50 to 100 times harder for you than for most other people. When someone has a lot of money, or fame, or industry connections, that person is probably more likely to be used, lied to or deceived by others. Because of your fame, celebrity and inherent desire to see and bring out the best in everybody, you were perhaps more vulnerable. You also saw much of life and people through the eyes of a child - that is to say, through INNOCENT eyes. I don't believe this was the case when you were conducting business transactions or signing your record deals and contracts, but in a general sense, your inner child was very trusting. Elizabeth Taylor, your dear friend, had commented on how incredibly trusting, open and honest you were - to a point of being extremely vulnerable.

Sometimes, the truth does not reveal itself immediately. I find it takes time and patience. The more complex the situation, the longer it takes. I also find it can be staring a person in the face, and he or she may refuse to 'see' it.

Your children are much too young to be in a situation where they have to determine a person's true motives. They are much too young to have the level of maturity, insight and life experience necessary and needed to effectively gauge the true intentions and motives of others at this point in time. I wish they had someone in their lives who could and would help them in this key area, and who would do so without ulterior motives or expecting anything in return.

Your children could not have asked for a more loving, generous, protective, kind, gentle, sensitive, loving and affectionate father. You were a very special Daddy. There's a saying I recall reading somewhere, and I never forgot it: Anyone can be a father. It takes someone really special to be a Daddy - or a Dad.

No parent is able to predict how long he or she will be physically present in his or her children's lives, unless the parent has a terminal illness or is planning to die. You are not responsible for the timing of your passing, Michael. I am going to be very honest and publicly say that I am very, very concerned about the current and future welfare of your children. I am not referring to their physical care or financial well being, as I believe both those areas are being tended to.

The choices your children are making are being guided by and influenced by people who may or may not have their current and future best interests in mind. You mentioned in "Moonwalk" that "When you're a show business child, you really don't have the maturity to understand a great deal of what is going on around you. People make a lot of decisions concerning your life when you're out of the room." I suspect this is what is happening with your children now as well, Michael. I am greatly concerned about some of the things I've been seeing and observing, and I'm truly very sorry that I am powerless to interfere - or intervene.

If I could share some things with your children, I would. I have tried via letter in December 2010. I'll never know if they received my letters. If I had two pieces of advice or information to give them, and this is geared towards the two oldest who are eager to become a part of the motion picture industry, it would be the following:
1) Ambition must be tempered by strength of character.
2) Value your chosen craft - and develop it to the best of your ability - and value your craft above money, fame and celebrity.

You knew this already at a very young age, Michael. God guided you on your ambition as well as your craft, and your father Joe was the stern task master and teacher who taught you well the importance of being the best you can be at what you do.

You and your children have not been forgotten, Michael. Know this and carry it with you wherever you are. I can do nothing more to help your children, unfortunately, but I have more work to do for you. Please be patient.

Thank you again, Bonnie, for being the voice, the eyes, the ears and the hands of those who need you.

With love and very warmly,

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Dec 25, 2011
6:56 AM
It pains me to have read the last sentence. Thank you Bonnie for posting this.
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Dec 27, 2011
5:58 AM
Michael I will continue to pray for you and your children and may the angels watch over them and guide them along their way. I send my love and support.

Bonnie thank you for assisting Michael and for being someone Michael can trust. You are one of the few people on this planet who doesn't exploit your relationship with him and for that I am very grateful.

Happy New Year Bonnie. With love, Jane

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Dec 28, 2011
9:06 AM
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Dec 31, 2011
6:34 AM
thank you bonnie for the posting-its difficult when a soul has such purity to see that people can be capable of "not so nice things when money/fme etc..are involved. I am so glad he had such a beautiful special friend such as elizabeth Taylor.hopefully they have been re-united again
It must be difficult for Michael to see what is happening now with his children. I really hope his parenting gave them a good grounding for things to come and they are not exploited too much because of who their father was. - thank you carmen for your words also -
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Dec 31, 2011
8:04 PM
Thank you, Bonnie, for posting the interview with Robin Gibb. I enjoyed it very much. It confirms everything I've come to know, understand and believe about Michael. It's so nice to hear someone who also works in the music industry talk about Michael as a PERSON and HUMAN BEING, and not just as an icon and a super star.

Hello Sat, and thank you for reading my post and responding kindly. :)

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Jan 01, 2012
8:15 PM
I agree Carmen.
Thank you for posting the Robin Gibb interview, Bonnie. I am so glad to know Michael had such a good relationship with the Gibb family. It is nice to hear somene speak about Michael as a human being and a real person, and not necessarily as an idol.
There are some additional tidbits about the Gibb family and Michael here:


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Jan 10, 2012
8:57 PM
In keeping with our search for the truth I want to post this Will.i.am interview here:

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Jan 14, 2012
9:49 AM
Bonnie - Please, please post the rest of the session........
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Jan 14, 2012
10:07 AM
Sorry, I only post what Michael wants made public.
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Jan 27, 2012
5:33 AM
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Jan 27, 2012
5:55 AM

I and many others continue to send good energy your way and are praying for the security and well being of your children.

Your reflection is in your children, I can see you in them. You were a wonderful father.


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Jan 27, 2012
9:59 AM
Hi Mango,

Michael was very clear on this while very much alive. He was asked in more than one interview what his reaction would be if his children wanted to go into show business.

He wanted them to enjoy their childhoods. This is why he kept them out of the public eye. He said in one interview that he would explain to them the positive and negative sides of the business. If they still wanted to be in the business after being completely informed of what they were getting themselves into, then he would give his blessing.

Michael cried yesterday when Paris was putting his glove into the cement. Not happy tears. It is very clear they are being groomed to be part of the family business. This goes against his wishes.

Very sad,
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Jan 27, 2012
11:01 AM
Michael, my heart aches for you. This pain must be more than anything you endured while in physical form. It must be so hard to not have control and have to watch it.

It is very sad Bonnie.

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Jan 29, 2012
3:36 AM
Yes, it's all very sad and I often wonder if the pain will ever end, if there will ever be a way to make it OK or at least endurable again? Sometimes I do lose hope and feel terribly helpless...but then I try to remember that we are so many with the same/similar feelings, same fears and to know that we are not alone in this gives me back some strength and some hope that there MUST be a way!
Please don't lose hope Michael, as I (and we all) try not to lose it too!

"...be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subsciousness, being GOD..." MJ
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Jan 30, 2012
7:52 AM
@ Mango,

Prince has not had it easy either with having to defend his choice of girlfriend.

Both Prince and Paris have grown matured so much. And Blanket is getting there too. When looking at Paris you forget she is just 13 years old. You see a young woman. This alone can attract all sorts of weird people and comments.

Personally I wish the family would stop the children from going on the social networking sites such as Twitter.

The children should not be allowed to be in a position where they inadvertently enter into dialogue, having to defend against lewd comments or in general their choices, their family and their Dad to complete strangers.


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Jan 30, 2012
8:19 AM

Marina did well at expressing how we feel.
We ALL feel your pain and frustration.

You were an incredible father. And I do believe your children will NOT FORGET what you taught them.


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Jan 31, 2012
10:18 AM
Thank you, Bonnie. Just wanted to clear that because there's too much confusion of whether Michael would have been happy or not. I sensed he wasn't.

It's sad to hear Michael cried. Everything he did for his kids are being ignored. :(

@Jane - I did come across a retweet on twitter. I wasn't sure what the situation was. There's too much younger fans of the kids. I couldn't agree more about the attraction from some weird people. Their lives are all over twitter.

Like usual, wish Michael was here. Things would be a lot D I F F E R E N T.

I feel really sad for him.
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Jan 31, 2012
4:49 PM

Hi to all of you,

I did not watch that "ceremony". Kind of my personal protest against the (emotional) exploitation of Michael´s kids and himself. And protest against the fake estate!
But I saw photos today in the online press which was very painful.
I feel and agree with all what you expressed so deeply and warmly here.
With all that has been going on I have also felt very devastated and sad and no one seems to want and stop it and Michael´s wishes for his kids are being by no means respected....

But just now the following happened to me:
Michael sent me this song while I was thinking about him and all that has been happening since they murdered him and how to support him further.... it made me chills to listen to it. It was very touching...
I am very sad on one hand but it delivers hope on the other hand.
First I thought - why would he send me this song? What does he mean?
I understood very fast - it is meant symbolically about the system, what they did to him, his experience with them throughout his life, how he felt, is still feeling - what they now have been doing to his kids and that he will survive i.e. he will keep on and not surrender!!
He cried last Thursday - HE IS BACK NOW!!



Interesting that I found THIS one while I was searching for a good video version of this song to post here - a fan montage:



First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side
But I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong
I learned how to get along
and so you're back
from outer space
I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive

It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken heart
and I spent oh so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry
Now I hold my head up high
and you see me
somebody new
I'm not that chained up little person
still in love with you
and so you felt like dropping in
and just expect me to be free
now I'm saving all my loving
for someone who's loving me

Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive..........(repeat.s)

Hoping and praying...,
Thank you,

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Feb 01, 2012
9:21 AM

Santa Maria man shares story behind Michael Jackson's "The Broken Heart Stone"

Posted: Jan 26, 2011 4:31 PM by Monica Quintero
Updated: Jan 26, 2011 6:03 PM

A twist of fate is the reason a Santa Maria man says he ended up with a unique piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia. It's being called "The Broken Heart Stone" and there's quite a story behind it. If you can believe this, it was actually lost for more than two decades before being found again.

The king of pop was at the top of his career with the Thriller album. In fact, Jackson won eight Grammys and his career seemed unstoppable. During that time, the pop star also created something special. Andrew Wilson, Jackson memorabilia owner, said, "I really believe it's something the world should see." It's a 500 pound cement slab dated June 1984 and features a hand print, footprints and autograph of Jackson.

Wilson said, "I was at the right place, at the right time." The former five time international Kung Fu champion and Santa Maria resident had formed a business relationship with Jackson. He said, "I was very supportive of him during the trial." Wilson even wrote a letter of support for Jackson to a local newspaper. "I got word back from the people at Neverland that Michael had seen it and was very pleased about it," said Wilson.

Wilson says that twist of fate came on the day Jackson died. He arrived in Las Vegas and ran into some of those same people. He said, "People at Neverland knew me and said oh my gosh, I think Michael would love for you to have this." They put him in contact with the then-owner of the impression. Originally, it was made for the Walk of Fame project for the city of Las Vegas but that never materialized. So what's shocking, the stone stayed hidden in the basement of the Riviera Hotel for more than two decades before being sold.

Wilson said, "You can actually look at his hand and you can actually see a heart print." The left palm print features a heart shape design with a crack running through it, that's how the name "The Broken Heart Stone" came about. "A broken heart represents not only Michael but the fans that loved him in his quick and immediate passing," said Wilson. He goes on to say, "I think it's kind of a statement to the world. Yeah, I died with a broken heart and I have fans who have a broken heart because of me."

It's a one-of-a-kind tribute now up for grabs. "The Broken Heart Stone" is being auctioned by a company specializing in Hollywood memorabilia. The auction ends Tuesday, February 15th.

Topics: KSBY News, Michael Jackson, The Broken Heart Stone, Andrew Wilson

Thx to Irina for sending this to me.
This just might be part of the validation from the last channeled session with Michael.

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1196 posts
Feb 01, 2012
9:27 AM
Yes, It may be.
Thank you for posting this Bonnie!
I was not sure where to put it.


Edited to add:
Interesting how this stone went under the radar during last weeks ceremony, which was obvious exploitation of Michael's children for the promotion of the Immortal tour.


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Feb 01, 2012
3:39 PM
I agree with you Bonnie. Irina you hit it on the head, I wondered the same thing. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.

119 posts
Feb 02, 2012
10:23 PM

"...be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subsciousness, being GOD..." MJ

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Feb 06, 2012
2:57 AM
Thank you MlovesYou for posting this video and thank you Irina for your comment, well summarizing and pointing out to very important information that we should always keep in mind.

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Feb 06, 2012
3:01 AM
I found this video while searching for some other information. I did not quite know where to post it best but as it is Michael´s everlasting message included in that interview and photo footage, I decided to post and share it in this thread.
It is an interview - Piers Morgan with Michael in the "Mirror" back in 1999.

It´s All About L.O.V.E,

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Feb 08, 2012
10:58 AM
Hello dear friends,
It's interesting that I chose this utterly heart-wrenching thread to try to catch up a bit with the latest events, including the most sad of channelings.

Yesterday I watched the YouTube video of the full half-time Super Bowl performance, and was shocked to see that the entire thing was a 'blatant' satanic ritual. All the symbols were there throughout the performance. I'm only mentioning this as it's just another reminder of what our beloved Michael was always faceing, and what I know he fears for his children. I also wonder why his family are allowing the children to be pulled into all of this without interveneing in some way. I do know that they want the best for them.

I also find it difficult to understand how after all these years, and after all her intense spiritual training, change of lifestyle, children's books, etc. that Madonna would willingly participate in a performance like this. I JUST DON'T GET IT!!

BELOVED MICHAEL, I too, feel exactly as the others here, who have expressed their love & careing for you so sincerely and beautifully, from their hearts. After all is said and done, for my own peace, I ultimately must come to trust that from the point of their soul's intention for this life, your precious children will experience what is needed for them to learn, for their own development. I know you understand this as well, sweetheart, and I also know at the same time, it is still heartbreaking, no matter what, as my own tears are blurring the screen as I type.


As always, "It's all for love"
1201 posts
Feb 08, 2012
11:39 AM
hi Chaturi,

As far as your question concerning Madonna, she is rather past choosing this late in the game.
Here is a good take on the Super Bowl ritual from Vigilant:

And here is an earlier one, which paints a broader picture of the public rituals involving other artist who are quite "hot" today (Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift), indicating that they are among the chosen ones.
It is all quite blatant and in your face and many people are mesmerized by the sheer audacity and they still do not catch on. It is disturbing because many kids watch this stuff and they are simply not aware that they are being conditioned to let's say witness violence in the form of a blood sacrifice.

Edited to add: To the best of my understanding all her spiritual training is related to the rituals.
Most likely Madonna would not have reached the "superstar" status, if it were not for the existence of these particular elements (system) controlling the music industry and her participation with them. The tentacles extend into Hollywood, Media, fashion, etc.
By all appearances there's little chance of getting out and feeling safe once you are pulled in and initiated.

This is precisely why Michael is so very much concerned for his children.


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Feb 08, 2012
2:23 PM
Hi Irina, I know what you're saying, however she could simply say 'no' to participating, in spite of the fact that she'd sacrifice enormous income. I'd think she could find other ways to earn $$ without selling her soul to the devil, so to speak. Wes Penre is a good example of someone who did just that, if I recall correctly.

I'll check out the links you posted asap. Tks!

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Feb 08, 2012
6:34 PM
Hi Chaturi,

Somehow I don't think it is that easy to say no. Michael said no and his reputation was ruined. For the artist it is all about the creativity and the performance. They will take that away and perhaps even your life.

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Feb 09, 2012
8:23 PM
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Feb 09, 2012
10:28 PM
Sorry, off the current topic but I thought I need to post this here:
This is an interview with the wife of Peter Lopez. Now I am no native speaker but as far as I understand what she says at the beginning (starting around 0.30 min) it seems that there is another theory regarding Peter's death and that he may have been shot by someone...


"...be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subsciousness, being GOD..." MJ

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1833 posts
Feb 10, 2012
11:13 AM
This was the first I had heard about her having a stalker. As I recall in the 911 call she said that she did not want to go outside as she felt she would be shot too.

Brian Oxman made a public statement that Peter Lopez was going to blow the whistle on the estate attorneys. If true, this is a very powerful motive. Strange that she does not know if her husband's case is being investigated.

287 posts
Feb 10, 2012
8:36 PM
If no weapon was found at the scene, I'd think that would be fairly solid evidence that he didn't kill himself. Also, there's always the possibility that LAPD corruption was involved in calling it as they did. Questions arise here. It's likely I haven't said anything here that you all haven't thought of as well.

I also wonder if Mr. Lopez's wife is possibly 'afraid' to ask if his death is being investigated. She has children.

Unfortunately I could not view the video MlovesYou posted. There was an error msg on the screen.
1213 posts
Feb 17, 2012
9:07 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Jermaine Jackson Interview

Michael and Jermaine (Photo credit: Bet.com)

In September 2011, controversy surrounded Jermaine Jackson. A misquoted portion of his memoir had sparked outrage. A planned tribute concert in Cardiff had caused a rift in his family. Amidst all of this, Dr Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial was mere days away. Shelved without explanation by the Huffington Post, Charles Thomson’s interview with the star provided a window on his state of mind amid the brewing storm. Precisely five months later, fans can finally read it exclusively here on the Orchard Times.

It’s mid-September and Jermaine Jackson is winding up a grueling UK book tour. He’s spent the last four days making back-to-back television and radio appearances. When his car picks me up in Wood Lane, London and drives us into the BBC Studios, he has just appeared on Loose Women – Britain’s answer to The View – and is on his way to be interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Richard Bacon.

As we’re led inside, several dozen teenagers on a BBC walkabout lose all interest in their tour guide as they spot Michael Jackson’s brother passing through the building. I feel self-conscious as their stares follow us through the foyer but Jermaine seems not to notice. It comes with the territory, I suppose. As one of the figureheads of America’s most famous family, he’s become accustomed to outsiders constantly looking in. The problem as he sees it, though, is that what they see is often a warped image presented by the media. This, he says, is why he has written his new book, You Are Not Alone: Michael Through A Brother’s Eyes.

“How was Loose Women?” I ask him, as we wait for an elevator.

“Well…” He half-grins and exhales loudly. “They were loose.”

I watch the Loose Women interview later on YouTube. Like many of his recent interviews, it was combative. As Jermaine tried to speak about his brother from a firsthand perspective he was repeatedly interrupted by the hosts. Michael was a ‘complex character’, they tell him. He ‘must have been a sick person.’

The assumption by many that they know more about Michael than his own family is a bug-bear of Jermaine’s. This attitude, he says, is the result of a decades-long battle against inaccurate media coverage. “This would become a recurring theme for the family,” he writes in the book, “a showdown of fact versus perception – and fact would always be the underdog.”

According to Jermaine, even his initial attempt to write a book, back in 2003, fell flat because publishers were unwilling to print a factual account of his brother’s life.

“I had tried to write something with Judith Regan with Harper Collins in New York and they weren’t interested in the truth then,” he tells me as we sit down in an empty radio studio. “They were interested in the gossip and all the things that were not true. They wanted dirt and I said, ‘I have no dirt’, so they turned me down.”

Eight years later, Harper Collins has come around to Jermaine’s way of thinking. His book is described by the publisher as “an intimate, loving portrait of Michael Jackson.” But Jermaine hasn’t forgotten the 2003 debacle. “They tried to put me on the Judith Regan show on this book tour,” he says. “I said, ‘No way.’”

The book has been mired in controversy. As Jermaine flew to London, a storm was brewing over a portion of his prologue. Writing about his brother’s 2005 child molestation trial, Jermaine wrote that he was paranoid Michael would fall victim to a terrible injustice, so he hatched a secret escape plan. He arranged for a private jet to be on standby at the nearest airport, ready to whisk his brother to Bahrain if things looked bleak.

But many journalists, apparently too lazy even to read Jermaine’s nine-page prologue before writing about it, got it monumentally wrong. It all started when one story misquoted the prologue and said the Jackson family had planned to spirit Michael away to the Middle East after he was convicted. Copy-and-paste journalism took hold and the story was replicated hundreds of times by newspapers and websites including the New York Post, NY Daily News, Denver Post and Washington Times. Even the Press Association got it wrong.

The nonsensical story made Jermaine’s book look like a work of fiction, a situation worsened when Michael’s 2005 defense attorney Thomas Mesereau publicly blasted the claim.

“One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that my words would stand for themselves, in context,” says Jermaine. “But even in the newspapers’ coverage of my book my words were misreported. There was never a plan to get Michael out of the country ‘if convicted’. Thomas Mesereau had to issue a denial based on something that wasn’t true in the first place. That one change of context showed how one inaccuracy can snowball and how myths are made. I sat back and thought ‘This is what Michael faced all the time’.”

“The pyjama day stands out a lot in my mind,” he says, referring to the morning during his brother’s trial when the star arrived at court wearing pyjama trousers. Michael had slipped in the shower, he later told Jesse Jackson in a radio interview, and bruised his lung. He received a call at the hospital, informing him that if he didn’t arrive at court within a strict time limit, he would go to the cells. With no time to go home and change, he sped to court wearing the clothes he was taken to hospital in and hobbled up the courthouse path in his pyjamas, the agony etched across his face.

The media largely dismissed the injury as a publicity stunt – as though Jackson needed the publicity at the time – or a desperate bid for sympathy. That week, his accuser’s story fell apart during cross-examination, a fact that went almost entirely unreported by a media too preoccupied with the star’s bedwear.

“That’s when I went to the hospital and I saw him,” Jermaine continues. “We had a talk and he just said he’s the most misunderstood person in the world. He was serious and he was tearing [up] and I hugged him and it’s like, you see where we come from and we’re no different from any other family but the success, it sort of just overwhelms the human person in him.

“So much, they talk about the legend and this and that but he’s a human being. He’s a father who loved his children, who would spend a lot of time with them.

“I brought my kids over one time and Prince and Paris were acting up. Michael said, ‘I’m very disappointed in you, you all are acting crazy in front of Jafaar and Jermajesty so you’re grounded’. I mean, he was so on them that he wanted them to be good. He would not agree today, if he was alive then he would not let them be on the internet and all this kind of stuff. He was totally against all that stuff.”

Following Michael’s death and his kids’ move into the Jackson family home in Encino, California, videos leaked of the trio singing and playing in front of a webcam. At first the footage was blamed on a hacking but then the kids’ twitter accounts appeared. Are the accounts real, I ask Jermaine.

“Yes. That’s them. Yes. And we’re against it. We have meetings with my mother about it. She can’t control it. She’s 81 years old. They had the computers taken away from them and then they got them back and they say they need them for homework but they’re doing that little thing here and there.”

“It’s like any other parent tackling teenage kids,” Jermaine’s co-writer Steve Dennis chips in.
“Yea,” Jermaine agrees. “Prince got a girlfriend!”
I ask him whether the YouTube videos were in fact released by the kids, not stolen by a hacker.

“They’re doing that stuff!” he replies. “Yes! One person out there got in a confrontation with Paris and started calling her father all these kinds of names and stuff and I said, ‘See, this is why they don’t need to be on the internet. These people aren’t all nice. They’re waiting to say horrible things.’”

How does he feel about the kids appearing at the Cardiff tribute, I ask. He looks shocked.

“At the tribute? No. They’re gonna be there?”

I tell him that the press are saying the kids will appear onstage.

He pauses, then whispers: “Ohhh… wow.”

“See, Charles, I’ll tell you how I feel,” he says. “I try so hard to do the right thing because when you put something out there you have to live with it and it’s around forever, more so today than other times because of the internet and twitter and this and that. I had a conversation with my mother and I just explained to her how this is still not the proper time and then in the same conversation she tells me the brothers are rehearsing!

“So I’m saying to myself, ‘But the trial…’ Because, see, this is what I don’t want: What’s gonna happen in the trial is again, [they’ll] humiliate him, say the most horrible things and all this kind of stuff….But [the family] don’t see how two weeks into the trial, to do a show when the world is focused on getting justice for him… The performance can come later.”

The trial he refers to is that of Dr Conrad Murray, the man charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Opening statements are just weeks away and Jermaine has vowed not to promote his book once the court case is active. But Jermaine says he is sceptical as to whether the trial will provide the answers the family wants. For years Michael confided in friends and family that he believed he would be killed for his music publishing, whose value ran into billions of dollars – several times his much publicised debts. The family remain suspicious that his death wasn’t accidental.

Jermaine points towards the differences between his brother’s treatment and Conrad Murray’s as proof that the establishment had an agenda against his brother.

“We know somebody did this,” he says. “Whether we’ll find out or not, I don’t know. The trial is just a procedure, but just look how long it took. It makes me feel like they didn’t care. Look how long they took to arrest Murray compared how quick they put Michael in the handcuffs on national TV.”

Michael’s home was searched in November 2003 and jury selection was underway by January 2005. Conversely, Conrad Murray wasn’t arrested until almost eight months after Jackson’s death and it was another 18 before he went on trial.

“One thing that rubbed me the wrong way is when the judge said, ‘We wanna get this out of the way before the holidays’,” Jermaine grimaces. “This is the problem with LA and the whole justice system. It’s more important for them to have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years than to get justice for my brother. It’s like, who cares about that? We lost a brother! The world lost someone that they loved and they say, ‘We want to get this out of the way for the holidays’. That was the wrong thing for me to hear.”

“You need to hear how they treated him in the very last days”

Jermaine’s suspicions about the circumstances surrounding his brother’s death have been fuelled by tip-offs he has received from people who were inside rehearsals for the ill-fated This Is It concerts.

Perhaps the most shocking portion of Jermaine’s book has not yet been picked up on by the media – unsurprising, given that most journalists covering the book have seemingly not even finished the prologue. The chapter details eyewitness accounts given to Jermaine about his brother’s rehearsal sessions.

The witnesses paint Michael Jackson as a deer in the headlights; verbally abused by crew members, spied on by security and repeatedly showing signs of severe illness – signs which were allegedly ignored by money men pushing him far beyond his capabilities. Jermaine is especially sceptical of the concert film which smashed box office records in 2009.

“One of my sources told me that one day Michael was looking around and he said, ‘Who are these cameras for?’ He didn’t even know! What they did with This Is It, they covered up a lot, but we give you in the book the days that they didn’t show you.

“Michael wasn’t happy with how they hired people, ‘cuz he wanted people that he wanted to hire and they hired who they wanted to hire. So I guess they wanted everybody to be loyal to them.

“I spoke to five people who were either in rehearsals or in touch with Michael outside of them. They told me what they were doing to him. They could see he was hot and cold and so they’re throwing him jackets. Charles, they treated him so bad. Someone said, ‘Just chuck him a bucket of chicken’.

“But all someone had to do was call us up. Any one of us. Even the drummer from This Is It, who has been around us all these years, Jonathan Moffett, who knows us! Pick up the phone! Call me! Call Jackie! Michael would be alive today because we would have went there and said, ‘Can’t you see there’s something wrong? What are you all concerned about? The show? There won’t be no show if he’s not well’. And nobody said anything.

“I was told by one of these five people that they were told to stay off the internet, don’t contact [the family], what stays here, stays here. Just a lock down. So much that they had a person in his room! It reminds me of 9/11 when the thing hit the Pentagon and all the CIA went and grabbed all the little surveillance tapes from the Mom and Pop stores.

“When I tell my mother to this day, she says don’t tell me, don’t tell me. She cries. And I say mother, you need to know this. You need to hear how they treated him in the very last days.”

Dr Murray’s defence initially relied on similar testimony and his attorneys had requested permission to show outtakes from the documentary to prove Michael was already frail. However, they dropped the request when they were unable to find any compelling footage of the star looking feeble onstage. Participants in the rehearsals have publicly denied some of the allegations made in Jermaine’s book.

As Jermaine prepares to move to another studio for his next interview, I decide to part ways on a lighter subject. I ask him whether we’ll be seeing a return of the Jackson brothers’ reality TV show, Jackson Family Dynasty.

“No,” he giggles. “They don’t wanna have us back after that series?”

Why not, I ask.

“I don’t know,” he replies.

And what about a reunion tour? He may be opposed to the family scheduling a tribute concert in the middle of Dr Murray’s trial, but would he consider reuniting after the case concludes?

He beams: “I would love for the brothers to make a huge, huge press conference announcing a tour in Michael’s name. Just with the brothers around the world. That’s what the people wanna see. I’m going to work my butt off when I get back to try to make that happen. I would love to and that’s my goal. It should be the Jackson brothers doing a tour in memory of Michael. Playing the music around the world. That’s what it should be.”

Post Script: Conrad Murray was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson in November 2011. Later that month, he was given the maximum sentence of four years in jail.

During Murray’s trial, This Is It director Kenny Ortega testified that Jackson had missed numerous rehearsals. He told jurors that on June 19th 2009, Jackson’s condition at rehearsals had been ‘deeply troubling’. Jackson was ‘chilled’ and ‘incoherent’. “He wasn’t there,” said Ortega. “Something was wrong.” Ortega suggested Jackson go home early that night.

In an email written to concert promoter Randy Phillips about the incident, Ortega said Jackson was like a ‘lost boy’. The email spoke of organisers having already ‘played the tough love, now or never card’. It said Jackson was rapidly losing weight and ‘terribly frightened’. There was talk of ‘pulling the plug’. “As far as I can tell,” wrote Ortega, “there is no one taking responsibility (caring for) for him.”
The email said: “Everything in me says he should be psychologically evaluated… He asked me repeatedly tonight if I was going to leave him. He was practically begging for my confidence.”

Concert promoters denied ever being concerned that the shows could be cancelled.

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Feb 17, 2012
12:31 PM
Thanks for posting this Irina. So sad... If only a phone call was made we might still have him with us.

I found his comments a little alarming about the Michael's children and the internet. I am sorry the family can't can't control their access. Teenagers are a handful this day in age especially for a 81 yr old! I know it is not easy.

Keeping the children in my prayers and surrounding them with positive energy and love.


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Feb 17, 2012
4:23 PM
Thank you, Irina, for the article and interview on Jermaine Jackson by Charles Thompson. I find some things mentioned by Jermaine rather interesting in terms of where he personally places responsibility in regards to Michael's children, as well as the TOTAL LACK of mentioning any outside disruptive forces, dark forces or manipulative forces possibly affecting the children - or any such same forces from within the Jackson clan themselves possibly affecting Michael's children.

He basically is saying that Katherine Jackson is unable to control her grandchildren, as an 81 year old woman, and that Michael's children are calling all the shots in their lives at this point. Not good, in my opinion, for him to put that out there, but maybe he's being honest about what's going on in terms of the handling of the children, at least as he himself sees it. He's just conveniently failing to mention other things, in my opinion.

Edited again to add: I do personally agree with Jermaine about how Michael was being mistreated by key people on "This Is It," and I agree with him about how Michael was being kept isolated, as I have read "This Is It" insider accounts of these things online in the fall of 2009. Those insiders naturally could not go public with their names and true identities, but I personally none-the-less believe their stories. I also know some things from working in one of the costume houses that helped create some of Michael's costumes for "This Is It." According to my sources, Michael's people were paid AFTER AEG's people.

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Feb 17, 2012
8:53 PM
Jane, Carmen,
You are welcome!

On the subject of the chidren I feel the same. Seems that the family members know how Michael would have felt about the children's access to the internet and them possibly being a target for negative comments.
Yes, Jermaine does not go into any possible pressure coming from outside influences. I have not read his book. It may be stated there.

Still the bottom line is that the chidren are not being protected according to Michael's standards.

As far as Michael and the tour preparations, I agree with Jermaine. I wonder how those who observed and did nothing can live with themselves...

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Mar 18, 2012
7:34 PM
I came across this video clip of Stephanie Mills, who was also part of the collaboration for the "The Wiz" together with Michael. Here she was being asked about Michael and their relationship. I think she put it very eloquently in sayng that Michael was before his time.
Here it is:

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