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Haunted House on Linda Vista Road

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2 posts
Aug 28, 2007
12:39 PM
Does anyone know the history of why this house is haunted? It's located at a corner south of the Genesse/Linda Vista road intersection. This house was turned into a church but didn't last too long. Right now, it's for sale.

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Sep 29, 2007
2:31 PM
Is the Church in the Middle of the Military housing there? There are two churches that you could be describing. One is closer to Genesee than the other one. If you could give more info to the location that would help narrow down researching it. Thanks.
1 post
Oct 15, 2007
1:30 PM
No, This person is talking about the Paul E Kidd house. I have lived in Linda Vista all my life (25 yrs) and have never remembered that house/church to be in actual use. It is near the xstr of genessee/linda vista. It is actually on linda vista rd/fulton, across the street from jack in the box. There was a time maybe 5 years ago, when some church group was trying to revive it or something. I remember there were flyers posted all over to come to service. I think there were maybe one or two services held, and then i never saw anything happen at that place again. All i know is that everyone has always said that place is haunted, but nobody knows the story.
The place is like a small, dilapidated white house.
any info????
3 posts
Oct 16, 2007
10:44 AM
thanks Speed. Yeap! That's the house I'm talking about. I have a realtor friend that is interested in buying the house and turn it into some kind of buddhist temple.
After hearing that the house is still very "paranormally" active, my realtor friend decided not the mess around with the house.

I drive by that house pretty regularly and always wanted to know the history of the house. Rumor has it that a family was murdered there and the spirits are still there. I don't know if it's true or not.

4 posts
Oct 16, 2007
10:45 AM
thanks Speed. Yeap! That's the house I'm talking about. I have a realtor friend that is interested in buying the house and turn it into some kind of buddhist temple.
After hearing that the house is still very "paranormally" active, my realtor friend decided not the mess around with the house.

I drive by that house pretty regularly and always wanted to know the history of the house. Rumor has it that a family was murdered there and the spirits are still there. I don't know if it's true or not.

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Nov 14, 2007
2:22 PM
man, that one is creepy, i wanted to investigate that place but i couldn't. it is said that if you were to sleep there for a night, and when you wake up you would be relocated
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Jan 12, 2008
8:54 AM
Back in the 80's A friend of mine Tina and her younger sister were murdered, they lived in Linda Vista, I don't know what house they lived in, they moved there from the Murphy Canyon area, I wonder if that's the same house.
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Jan 12, 2008
3:10 PM
I remember the murder. It happend in Nov on 7th or 8th, sometime in the eighties. I remember they were both brutally murdered. I think the street was on Greyling, if I remember correctly.
248 posts
Mar 01, 2008
8:09 AM
Hi Melina,

The house is in San Diego.

Take care,
Bonnie Vent
San Diego Paranormal Research Project
7 posts
Aug 21, 2008
1:54 PM
I doubt the story is true, no one would have enough time to rob the house, murder the family and bury them in the backyard.
1 post
Sep 04, 2008
8:59 AM
My family has lived in Linda Vista a long time as well and as far as I can remember that house has been haunted. There was a time when a church tried to use it for services, however it seems like after one or two times, they stopped. My father has lived in Linda Vista for about 35 years and he says the house as been abandoned since then. The story he knows is: a pregnant woman and her children (or child), was murdered by her husband and then he killed himself. The house supposedly has been vacant since, but I'm not sure...Any other stories of that house would be appreciated!

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2 posts
Sep 04, 2008
4:06 PM
My cousin once tried to ring the doorbell as a Halloweens joke. Their car was parked on the side and when they rang it, nothing happened but when they went back to the car, the shut off and they couldn't turn it on. I think the house does not want to be bothered.
8 posts
Sep 09, 2008
4:38 AM
Does anyone know the address for this property, I would love to research to see who currently owns the property.
3 posts
Sep 10, 2008
11:42 PM
I was just there last Saturday. Sorry, can't remember the address. Spooky place though. Nothing happened like the stories I've heard outside of the house. I'm still wondering if the inside of the house is still true about whoever living there and sleeping there will wake up in another location.
9 posts
Sep 11, 2008
9:27 AM
Where is it located exactly, I will go see the address for myself.
4 posts
Sep 13, 2008
8:15 PM
you can take the 163 to Genessee West, left on linda vista and left at the light with Jack in the box on your right corner. It is the creepy looking house on the corner with a church sign still standing in the yard.
12 posts
Sep 14, 2008
12:18 AM
Thank you, when I have some time I will go find out what the address is.
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Oct 12, 2008
11:22 PM
I use to live in San Diego when I was a kid. I use to hear stories if you could spend a night in the house, you would get one months rent free for every night. I have heard stories that a priest had tried to sleep in the house, and the house talked back to the preist "why" he was trying to get rid of them. I have also heard the story of if you slept there, you would wake up with either yourself relocated or your belongs thrown outside along with yourself. I have not heard of any successful stays at that house. There use to be a huge cross at the door, but no longer.
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Oct 18, 2008
2:39 PM
Wow. That is odd. A big huge cross on the door? How long ago was this?
But it seems to me that the most accurate story about why the place is haunted is the pregnant wife.
I do have to say though, when you pass by it, it doesn't seem haunted. Inside is a different thing however.

Last Edited by on Oct 18, 2008 2:39 PM
5 posts
Nov 09, 2008
12:35 PM
this house is definitely something you'd have to experience inside. Everytime I go there, I don't see anything. My friend however keeps hearing noises. It was also strange when we got there the corner post lamp was off but turned on when I parked. There is still an eerie feeling being around the house but don't really see anything unless I am inside there. I don't know if I'd really want to be in there either. Did anybody ever go inside and stay longer than 2 hours?
10 posts
Nov 10, 2008
10:44 AM
DPSFIRE - Sounds like you actually went in there? Did something happen when you went in? Also, can one enter it at this time, is it closed to the public since it is uninhabited (by live beings, at least?)
272 posts
Nov 10, 2008
10:51 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have to say we do not encourage people to go into uninhabited locations. If you did go in, I hope you had permission from the owner, otherwise you have committed the crime of breaking and entering as well as criminal trespass. If you stay on the sidewalk you are fine, if you enter without permission you are not and can be arrested.

Please be safe and responsible out there.
Bonnie Vent
6 posts
Nov 13, 2008
11:24 PM
no worries Bonnie, I did not go inside the house. I don't think I even want to try to go in that house. It is definitely not a public house you can just go into. I too do not recommend anyone to try to break in that house.
7 posts
Nov 13, 2008
11:29 PM
Bonnie, what qualifies for you to investigate a paranormal site? Reason I ask is because many of us seem to be just telling stories we've heard but don't know for sure about the true history of this house. I would love for you to do some investigation on this house. If you need help, I'd be glad to participate.
1 post
Feb 19, 2009
1:07 PM
so i was just told about this house but have not yet seen it...i am moving relatively close to it and i would love to stay in this house over night, or at least try to. lol
17 posts
Feb 27, 2009
1:34 PM
Bonnie - Have you ever investigated this site or do you know anything about it's history?
281 posts
Feb 28, 2009
8:52 AM
Hi CuriousCat,

Sorry, I have not been to this location or done any research. As far as I know this house is empty. No one living or dead appears to be asking for assistance. Being a "Spirit Advocate" I provide a voice for the spirit person. I do not go to locations searching for spirits. If they need my help they seek me out.

19 posts
Mar 02, 2009
1:08 PM
Thanks Bonnie, - I have alot to learn on this!

Do spirits communicate with you often, out of nowhere, or is there a certain time? I noticed you've mentioned "Channeling" before; I will read up more on it. Anyone have a copy of Paranormal for Dummies? :}
1 post
Apr 08, 2009
4:31 PM
I grew up in Linda Vista all my life and I am glad I found this site to express what has occurred a few weeks ago. Before I tell my story let me backtrack to my youth.

I have rooted fears of this house. All the testimonials on here sound too familiar as I grew up about 5 blocks from the Paul E. Kidd home.

I was about 12 (I'm 28 now) and I remember riding in the car with my father as we drove by this white duplex. I recall asking my father, "Hey dad, how come all the furniture and stuff are outside the house". My father didn't know. Later, I heard some of the circulated assumptions of this house. It was haunted.

I've heard it all before and in different forms, but here's what I've heard growing up. The house has been there for a long time, as long as anybody could remember. A pregnant woman was killed there, but not sure how or why. If leased to a tenant, the tenant would wake up outside of the house with all their belongings the following morning.

To feed my curiosity, me and a couple friends decided to go to Linda Vista about 1am in the morning. We were at a local bar in the Penasquitos area. I wanted to show them my disdain of a supposed haunted house I grew up fearing. A couple of my friends doubted the legitimacy of this haunted entity. In my mind, I had no way to describe how creepy this house is other than to show them. I proposed the idea and they agreed.

So as we arrived at the house we've all agreed that we'd stay in the car. We drove by once, turned around and drove back. We passed it again, yet nothing. Then we headed south from the house to make a u-turn to face the house. We stopped at the stop sign and my friend uttered the words, "This house is bullshit, we could have gone to Sorrento and be more scared". At that very instant, the street light above the house turned off. Ironically, most houses around the block were either dim or the porch lights were off. We were surrounded by darkness.

It was completely silent for a second. I asked the my friend the driver, "why did you turn off your lights?" He replied, “I didn't!” Then and there we all noticed an eerie feeling surrounding us as we sped off. I get chills every time I tell this story.

For one, how coincidental would it be for a STREET LIGHT to turn off at that moment? Wouldn't street lights flicker before it would eventually burns out? And two, pretty good timing I might add.

Anyways, as we drove off back to the Penisquitos area we've all expressed what we've witnessed. We got back at the bar and stood outside to discuss. The same friend that doubted the haunted house said, “I think it was coincidence”. Less than a second after, a Street Light behind him turned off. YES it did! At the exact moment it should to freak out 4 grown men. Keep in mind that there were a row of street lights in this parking lot, maybe 30-40 feet away from each other. Why would the one behind my friend turn off, AND at that moment?

As my friend apologized and said, “Okay, we believe I’m sorry”. The light turned back on, and it was white. All the other street lights in a row were yellow.

The hair on my arm still stands up. Believe me or not, but this happened. I have 3 other witnesses.

Last Edited by on Apr 08, 2009 4:36 PM
1 post
May 21, 2009
12:58 AM
7152 Fulton St
San Diego, CA 92111

i GOOGLED paul e. kidd

Anyway, I was actually there tonight. after one of my friends mentioning this place at dinner. we decided to drive by since it was near. it was a very eerie place. it's funny after reading some of the posts here because that light post right there on the corner... it was ON then it turned OFF when we were there! so yes, we obviously left after...
1 post
May 26, 2009
2:05 PM
I know this place. and I also know about the murder that happen in the 80s that was mention by latteluv...I use to live in Linda Vista for 28 years...The story that I've heard was that a man did murder his pregnant wife there...sad huh? I guess years later people who had lived there moved right out, in and out all the time because they said strange things was happening. Some even left leaving behind all their belongings there which I know is true because I had peeked inside when I was little through the window and saw stuff in there like if people had still live there...There was also a time when people was saying that anyone who wanted to live in there could move in there for free..There has been report that the cross on the side of the door facing the streets had turned backwards numerous times but i believe someone had probably play a practical joke to trip people out ( which was not funny at all ). My father had seen it backwards..But i dont know if he was joking or not..the house did turn into a church not just one time but two times...Once it seem like a baptist church that alot of African Americans had attended and then later a Hispanic Church. Both did not last long...maybe 2 to 3 months the most...As far as the murder that happen in the 80's. I believe that was on Greyling, its not far from where that Paul E Kidd house, not sure but what happen was a woman and her sister who was also a cheerleader at Kearny High was murdered by an ex boyfriend one early morning, If I remember correctly...The baby was not killed , I think because the killer didnt notice it..I remember on the news the neighbors had said that when it happened the music was on loud but they didnt think anything unusual because they had always blast their music loud in the mourning right before they took off to work or school whatever.....But you know there is more hauntings in Linda Vista then just the stories you've heard...Despite these stories and hauntings I and many many others love and are proud that we are or were from that community..
1 post
May 29, 2009
4:07 PM
I have passed by this house many times. This is the story that I have heard from a friend:

A Laocean family once lived there. A young Laocean girl died there due to illness. The family moved away after her death and it is said that her spirit is angry because of that. The owner of the house wanted to sell the house but had a hard time due to it being possessed. He/she hired a Buddhist monk back in 04-06 spent the night at the house with the intention of freeing her spirit so that he can sell the house. The monk ended up on the roof(FROM WHAT I HEARD). This was actually on the news.

My friend have visited the house before it was made into a church a few years ago. They were not able to actually go inside the house since it was locked. My friends told me they felt the temperature was 10 degrees F colder when they were on the property. They also said they saw a silhouette at the corner of the house. They also said that they saw the blind move as though somebody has walked by it. My friend is not the type that would lie about something they saw.
1 post
Jul 13, 2009
3:19 PM
I've lived in San Diego for 25 years and I've heard many of the same stories and rumors mentioned above in regards to this house. I've driven by a few times (not intentional) and never had anything interesting happen other than the typical eerie vibes I get from just being in the area.

So anyway! as I was doing a little research on the house and reading some of the other posts on here, I decided to google map the location using maps.google.com and switching to satellite view then street view to get a good look at the house.

okay, seriously, while I was in street view, my internet browser crashed 3 times. Each time it happened, it was when I was in street view and a couple of clicks from being able to see the house straight on. I finally got it work and was able to see the house using google maps.

For the record, I've looked up many other things using google maps and the same browser (mozilla) and have never ever had this issue.

coincidence? you decide.
1 post
Jul 19, 2009
2:21 PM
Dear Msom
I read your posted message. I tried it myself to google map that address, even go to street view, EVEN look around the house. I even tried it more than 4 times.
Result: Nothing wrong with my computer. My internet browser (Firefox 3.0.11) did not crash, and I used my T-Mobile Edge IP connection.
I'll try look at it again using google earth, who knows it will trigger something.
Note for other, I create this message not to start hate discussion. I also interested in paranormal activity.
I'll try to drive by there tonight and validate about the street light claims.
2 posts
Jul 20, 2009
12:06 AM
SO I went there twice. at 10:15 pm, and 11:27 pm to confirm about the light post problem.
Yes, it did turned off and on by itself, BUT it has it sequence.
Calculated by time, after the bulb went off, about 33-37 seconds, the light bulb will turn on again. Then about 20 - 25 seconds after the light turned on, it went off. I confirmed it up till 4 cycle and i'm bored and decided to go home.
By my deduction, there might be something wrong with the bulb, cable, or circuit it is no where near to be haunted.
I have yet to confirm about relocated sleep, and yet I got no permit to go inside anyways.
Hope for those still haunted by the stupid light bulb thing will have more breathing room.
And for those who had their hope up for having this hause being haunted, sorry to dissapoint you
3 posts
Nov 18, 2009
6:01 PM
Wow,Curious.I lived in Oceanside for 8 years,and have been past that house you are talking about. It's very old,right? I remember hearing about a family that lived there and was murdered about 30 to 40 years ago.
So weird you should mention that place.
I always would get the eeriest feeling every time I saw it to the point I would find another way around just to avoid it. It's really in terrible ruin at this point,isn't it? Haven't seen it in a couple of years.
Have you found out anything about it yet?
You might try the local library.In Corona,I found out that they had a historical section where anyone can find out a little bit about a certain property.Maybe there is something like that there.
Let me know what you find out,ok? I'd be very interested myself to find out once and for all what happened there and when.Thanks
1494 posts
Sep 23, 2011
2:29 PM
I received this email yesterday: Please read carefully.

I was reading on your web site about the house on linda vista rd in san diego.If iam correct it is 7152 fulton st.If it is I would like to set the record straight.My family lived in that house from 1964 to 1985 I believe that after my grandparents moved out the Paul E Kidd church took over.To our knowledge there has never been any murders in that house.If it is haunted it is our family.So I just wanted to set things straight.I do believe in the paranormal myself.My grandmother loved that house and never wanted to leve.She passed in 2006.Maybe she went back and all my other family that has paseed as well.
1943 posts
Jun 02, 2012
1:06 PM
A message from Camille:

I have lived in San Diego all of my life and I'm am over here laughing at these crazy stories about this church. I used to attend this church as a little girl. I attended this church all the way till I was like 15 yrs old. So like I'm like wow when I read this mess people's are writing. It became a church in 1979. I was there for the mortgage burning in let's see it was around 1990. We have fellow shipped, had people come to visit us and it wasn't abandoned until about 10 yrs ago. Lol yes this was a church. People who say it never was a church are obviously not from Linda vista. I was baptized in that church and so was my first daughter back in 2001. Please people get your facts straight and do your true research. I am a living testament. If you would like to contact me my email address is camillebrwn@yahoo.com
1 post
Jun 11, 2015
11:40 AM
2015... they tore the property down... maybe there was some legitimacy after-all.
1 post
Jun 10, 2017
5:13 PM
2017... 7152 Fullerton is now a very bleak looking fully inhabited apartment complex. Still not much info on the history of the place. But wonder if the folks living there have any stories...

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