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Doctors Get Visit From Dead Patient

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Feb 15, 2013
6:21 PM

Doctors Get Visit From Dead Patient

Dr Carl Willis

Within hours of their patient passing away two doctors report receiving a visit from him.

Burke Aldridge of Lebanon Tn. was 53 when he was diagnosed with cancer. He told his wife that he would send a fax from the other side should he die, but she dismissed it as the morphine talking. Both he and his wife were devoted Christians and his wife Faye expected a miracle recovery. That was not to be. Within 21 days of the diagnoses Burke passed away. However, another miracle happened instead.

Within hours of Burke being pronounced dead at the hospital, two members of the Nashville medical team who had treated him received a "visitation" from Burke in their own homes – even before they knew he had passed on. What's more, the two men had never met.

Oncologist Dr. Carl Willis and neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Cushman tell of their encounter.

Dr. Cushman explained: "He was holding his arms up and was surrounded by this light, joy and peace. He said 'This is wonderful – and don't ever worry about dying'. Dr. Cushman added " I can tell you I did not imagine this....it happened."
Dr Cushman, arms raised

Dr Willis testified that on seeing Burke: "There was this bright light...I pretty well knew what had happened and who it was – it was just amazing. He kind of shared with me that he was at peace and everything was okay."

In both cases his visit was brief, but his message concise, death is not the end.

A few days later both doctors faxed their accounts to Burke's wife Faye.

Thoughts anyone?
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Feb 19, 2013
2:27 PM
Hi Bonnie,
This is very interesting! The only thing that comes to mind is that the deceased man must have had an intense 'rocket' of desire to make sure, without a doubt, that his Dr's know that all is well where he is now. It's always reassuring to know that physical death is not the end. What an amazing story!

Tks for sharing, Bonnie!

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Mar 11, 2020
12:30 AM
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