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message to Michael Bonnie please help

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Sep 12, 2014
9:13 PM

You are quite mis-directed in your conclusions.
And since you are here, and I know that Bonnie has graciously allowed you to join, you need to be respectful. And it was also very kind of Michael to post a message for you. He does not do that often. Let alone you received the gift of a personal message. And Michael certainly does not deserve this sort of accusatory tone from you or from any other fan!

People tend to forget that Michael was a performer, yes, but he was NOT public property. When he was alive he truly gave all of himself (body and soul) to his fans when performing. You can see it in the prolific body of work he left behind. And in his live performances in particular. But when not on stage entertaining, he was only a human being with pain and personal struggles. Just like the rest of us.

And incidentally Michael was not a drug abuser as the media, and certain entities perpetuating this image, would have you believe. Michael needed pain medication because years of performing, the severe burn he suffered and the fall with the bridge, took their toll on his body and caused long lasting injury.

If you do decide to make an effort and scratch the surface of what truly transpired in his life and how he was affected you will be less quick to judge him.

Michael was a devoted father and he would never risk loosing his children...

You need to start thinking of Michael more as a genuine human being and less like an idol. You may just start to find out things that will make you feel less accusatory and more compassionate toward him. And likely with that understanding you may gain some relief from the pain you feel.


Edited to add:
If you study Michael NOT as a PERSONA, but as a WHOLE PERSON, one of the many things you will START TO UNDERSTAND about him is that he was NOT careless. But rather quite the opposite. And it is evident both in his work and personal life.

As for the people that hate him, I say that they are disconnected from who they truly are and the LOVE that is their true inheritance.

Last Edited by Irina on Sep 13, 2014 12:14 PM
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Sep 13, 2014
1:56 PM
Wow Suyana that was the most insensitive post I've heard in a while. You don't know what it was like walking in his shoes nor do you have a full understanding of the circumstances, so how can you judge?

Also, your post reads as if you are blaming MJ for YOUR pain, which I do understand is coming from a place of hurt - you'll have to deal with that for yourself. I'm sure one day you'll see that you are treating MJ unfairly in this regard, even if you don't see it now. But point blank - MJ did not owe us anything when he was alive. We should not feel entitled to his life or his choices just because we we feel pain.

More likely than not, I'm sure that pain is being caused by something else other than Michael Jackson, especially if you hold such resentment towards him for dying UNINTENTIONALLY (surely commonsense will tell you that he had NO intention of leaving this earth when he did). You'll have to discover what is causing that anger and pain for yourself.

Most importantly if you were a true fan, you would not judge him in death in the same manner as he was judged so harshly in life.

Last Edited by Mystic on Sep 13, 2014 1:57 PM
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Sep 15, 2014
12:16 PM
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Sep 16, 2014
6:15 AM
All is noted Suyana. Thank you for your apology. I am sure Michael saw it too. :) I know your frustration comes from missing him and not knowing what really happened.
So just to add one more point for a better understanding, you should know that Michael was being OVER-MEDICATED and CONTROLLED with drugs for a number of reasons.
It is up to the fans to stop being puppets and DIG FOR THE TRUTH. It is the only avenue to justice for Michael at this time.

Last Edited by Irina on Sep 16, 2014 6:16 AM
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Sep 16, 2014
7:17 AM

Yes, do that and/or perhaps shift all that anger and pain into love and healing. Turn it into an effort of bringing MJ's desires in life into fruition - healing our world!
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Sep 17, 2014
7:02 AM
I would like TO GIVE YOU a BIG BIG APOLOGY TO ALL THE PEOPLE in this board. Im my first post I WAS TOTALLY
EXAGERATED. I can assure you that I am VERY ASHAMED of my message.
You, probably,reading my first post, you had a VERY DIFFERENT idea of me. You surely thoght that I must be
an evil and indifferent person,instead I am TOTALLY the OPPOSITE.
this is the reason way, when Michael died I FELT A PAIN UNBEREABLE. I had a BIG DEPRESSION. Michael death was was so exhausing to me, it caused me even physical problem: I had even to go to a doctor. After Michael died, I CRIED SO MUCH for years ad years SO my EYES HAVE BEEN ALWAYS RED since Michael went away.
I can assure that I am a person even TOO SENSiTIVE.
1553 posts
Sep 17, 2014
9:52 AM
You are in the right place then Suyana.
I recommend you explore the information about Michael stored on this site.

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