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May 17, 2010
1:17 PM
Hi Everyone,

Fans are writing to me in the hundreds of emails. I cannot answer every email and still assist Michael with justice. If you are not at peace with his death, you are not alone. If you feel he has contacted you, once again you are not alone.

There has been a lot of articles recently that have distracted the fans and caused needless drama. The most glaring example is the death of Michael Jackson's attorney Peter Lopez. Gay or not gay, sunflowers, and even the good doctor saving a life on an airplane have distracted people from some more important facts surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. Hopefully more answers are to come, but only Dr. Murray has charges filed against him. More hard evidence is needed to get to the root of this, which was set in motion many years ago. If you want to help, then review the information links below and go find additional: evidence, documents, expert analysis, etc. Rumors just add to the confusion.

I do not feel the fans will be at peace with this until Michael is.

Justice is the order of the day and much easier said than done. For those that feel they can handle some TRUTH take a look at these pages:
What really happened to Michael Jackson? Hard Evidence reveals the TRUTH

Michael Jackson attorney found dead in his Encino home

Michael Jackson's highly controversial
Will dated July 7, 2002. Some facts to ponder.

Timeline of Michael Jackson’s publicly known dealings with Sony

If anyone has insider information that can be proven please contact me.

Fans are welcome to provide comfort to each other on this message board. We do try to keep the drama to a minimum. There are plenty of other fan boards for that purpose.

Bonnie Vent

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May 18, 2010
3:32 PM
One way we the fans can really help Michael is not to buy anything that $ony releases, new or old, that has MJ's name on it. Nothing! It is blood money!!! I want justice for Michael and feel so helpless and frustrated. I know $ony is big and powerful but in my own little way this is one way I can help Michael. If we all band together and boycott we could really have an impact.

If anyone else has any other ideas let me know. I would love to help out anyway I can.

Thanks, Jane
127 posts
May 18, 2010
6:41 PM
THANK YOU as always.XO

To your first point - that goes without question.
To your second point - pondering...


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May 18, 2010
10:32 PM
Jane, you know I'm with you 100% regarding any future Sony/Michael Jackson released music. My mind was made up on that issue weeks ago.

I am under the impression, however, that some of Michael's fans fear that boycotting Sony's future Michael Jackson music releases will somehow hurt his family and his children. I don't know what percentage of money from future Sony MJ music sales will go to Michael's family, and I don't know how the Estate allocates funds to Michael's mother and his children. I DO know that I am not interested in lining the pockets of Sony, Michael's Estate, or his family (no offense to Michael's beloved family). I just cannot purchase any future MJ released music, in good conscience, when I know it was released without Michael's seal of approval.

As for some other things fans can do, my FIRST suggestion is to avoid wasting valuable time and energy on various message boards debating the ongoing, never-ending and unanswerable questions that pertain to Michael's personal life, including but not limited to his marriages, his children, his love life, his personal relationships, etc. I say this with respect for ALL of Michael's fans. I am coming from the position of having been extremely active years ago on certain message boards when it came to a certain actor. I recognize some of the same patterns occurring in Michael's fan base.

I have noticed so many, many posts made on a couple of message boards I visit where Michael is discussed, and those posts have NOTHING to do with achieving justice for Michael, or asking key questions about some of his personal and professional ties to various individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, on the flip side of the coin, when some of us DO ask those questions or speculate in certain directions, those threads and posts are inevitably deleted by the Administrators of those web sites. It's frustrating. If more posters on those boards would take their time, energy and desire to communicate with other MJ fans and focus all of that into ONE SINGLE DIRECTION, namely asking questions and seeking answers to this mysterious dark puzzle, I do think THE FANS themselves would make some real progress.

IT IS GOING TO BE UP TO MICHAEL JACKSONS' FANS TO DO THIS. WE ARE ULTIMATELY CHOSEN TO BE MICHAEL'S RING BEARERS. Remember "Lord of the Rings" and Frodo's mission and destiny? Remember how hard his task was and all the obstacles he had to face? Remember how he was eventually made part of a Fellowship? Well, I'm beginning to think we each have a very valuable and meaningful role to play in fighting for Michael, which to me means seeking the truth, asking questions, turning away from cheap and counterproductive gossip, and STAYING FOCUSED.

I also firmly believe that certain people out there have one mission or agenda when they post certain topics about Micheal Jackson on message boards: Divide and Conquer.

As long as Michael's fans, myself included, spend valuable time and energy arguing over his marriages, his love life, his children, his sexuality, his soulmate(s), etc., we divert ourselves and our energy from the TARGET: Seeking truth, answers to questions, and justice for Michael - and MJ fans need to define for themselves just what the term "justice" really means. From what I've observed, not everyone agrees on what that term means relative to Michael. Some fans believe the buck stops at Murray's door, while others believe Murray's door step is just the beginning and little more than an entry way.

I have learned from personal hard earned experience not to waste my valuable time and energy on certain types of posts and topics. I did that years ago, and I will not repeat that behavior. I don't believe in regret, but I do believe in learning from mistakes and past experiences so as to avoid repeating them. That is why I am spending less and less time on the two main boards I used to visit. I don't feel the need to go there to grieve any more, and I certainly don't need to participate in the gossip. My stance is that Michael kept parts of himself and his life private, and he did so for a reason, or several reasons. I do NOT consider his life an open book, and I do NOT consider it my right (or anyone else's) to dig and poke and probe as if he owed me every single detail of all that he was or held near and dear. I am NOT referring to anyone on this board but rather making a general observation of what I have seen and continue to see 'out there.'

My SECOND suggestion would be for ALL the major MJ websites that are currently active and online to each select one or two members from within their respective website groups (perhaps among the most long standing members or among those who built the websites or who have organized some MJ related events over the years and who are well respected within Michael's fan community) and have those key members form the top of what I would call the MJ Justice Pyramid. From what I've observed, the fans are divided about many things and unable to function as one cohesive tight unit. If two key members from ALL of the major online MJ websites would agree to work alongside the other two key members of the other MJ websites, and if those key websites would work to unite all their members in a common goal, Michael's fans would make some visible and tangible progress, in my opinion.

Michael's fans are counted in the millions. They are around the world. They each come from different backgrounds, educational levels and various degrees of life experience. They also have many different occupations, from what I've noticed, and ALL of this adds up to an ENORMOUS and extremely VALUABLE knowledge base and online COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. We are not one. We are many. We just have to work to function as ONE.

I would also suggest that Michael's fans be careful about where and how they reveal any plans to organize or how they reveal collective information gathered. They would be wise to confine themselves to REAL fan sites, and NOT the Sony MJ site or IMDb, neither of which is a REAL fan site. Administrators of those sites can and do read PMs (private messages) and attempts to have open discussions about certain topics WILL be thwarted. The IMDb is NOT a fan board. It is a general message board. I can state this as fact. The Sony MJ site is not, in my opinion - an opinion shared by other MJ fans as well, a real Michael Jackson fan site, but rather a website devoted to promoting and advertising for Sony. Sony has a built in market: Michael Jackson fans.

My next mission regarding Michael is to write some letters to certain newspapers. However, I have to do some research and my homework before I begin. I have questions. I want answers.

Sorry for the long essay. I also apologize up front it this post comes across as a lecture. I really don't mean for it to. :)

I can hear Michael singing in my head, "Keep the Faith. . .don't let nobody get you down." I was playing my "Dangerous" CD yesterday or the day before.

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May 19, 2010
2:44 AM
I'm up late. It's 2:22 AM, but I'm a natural night owl. I have a couple more suggestions for fellow Michael Jackson fans and supporters.

I had wanted to do this myself, but I may not be able to take June 14th off from work. It's possible that Murray's court date may be moved from June 14th to some time in September. My work schedule does not give me the kind of flexibility needed to maybe take June 14th off, or maybe take another day off. If that court date is not locked in, I can't do this: I wanted to physically be outside that court with my camcorder and possibly my digital camera to document the event and interview fellow MJ fans and supporters. So, this is my THIRD suggestion: If any of you can take the day off from work, use a vacation day or have a flexible enough schedule that allows you to be where you need to be, please be there on that day.
1) Bring your camcorder
2) Bring a digital camera
3) At an appropriate time, interview fans who are carrying signs, chanting and who are willing to be interviewed. Remember that we cannot count on the MSM (main stream media) to give this event fair or full coverage, and I suspect that just as the MSM was slanted against MJ in his life time, it will be slanted against the fans as well. WE WILL HAVE TO BE OUR OWN EYES, EARS AND MEDIA COVERAGE.
4) Upload your video coverage to YouTube, Facebook and any other sites where you can share what you heard and saw.

I hope that amid the fans that will be there that day, June 14th, that at least two or three will attempt to document what takes place outside the courtroom. I wanted to do this myself to give Michael's fans a voice - a voice that the media drowns out and refuses to fully and openly acknowledge. Since I most likely will not be able to make it there, I am asking others to take my idea and run with it!

My FOURTH suggestion yet again is something I would have liked to do myself. I do not have access to the fans who were eye witnesses to Michael's rehearsals for "This Is It," but I recall reading their statements online last November. If any of those fans are willing to step forward and allow fellow MJ fans to interview them, that would be additional documentation and visual proof that such fans really did and do exist, and that the fan testimonies presented online were real, legit, not fabricated, and can be backed up by real people with real faces and real voices. I don't know if those fans would feel comfortable being seen openly on video, but it's an idea, and I would do it myself if I could.

I know some people may be afraid to speak up or speak out, or they may be very shy, but if we allow fear to control us and silence us, we've lost.

And Michael will lose.

In any event, that's my personal opinion and how I see the situation.

Keep the Faith,

Edited to Add: The fans I'm referring to regarding the rehearsals were the ones who said Michael did not look well and did not seem happy. They expressed concern for his well being and did not feel that he was being properly looked after, cared for and was under extreme pressure. I understand if those fans don't want to be seen on camera for reasons of privacy, fear, etc., but I do want them to know that I personally believe them and wish I could talk to them. Skeptics will argue that those fans lied or never really existed to begin with. I'm interested in what they have to say.

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May 19, 2010
9:57 AM
Steve Cooley is the current DA. He is the person who set the charges for Dr. Conrad Murray. He is running for Attorney General. If you live in Los Angeles you need to make this guy accountable for his actions. It is time for the citizens of this country to say we will not tolerate corruption, corporate greed, and murder.

This video advises contacting Jerry Brown's office, but according to this article below this will not get you anywhere.

Here I stand looking for an honest man. The good news is all of these people are running for office. As we have seen in recent days incumbent politicians are being kicked to the curb. One can only hope those that replace them will have ethics.
Is Michael Jackson's Former Attorney Too Big To Jail?

by Larry Carter

La Toya believes Michael Jackson's death was "definitely a conspiracy." In a statement to the media, she insists that others should be brought to justice: "I do believe Dr Conrad Murray is responsible for his death." But she claimed other people had instructed the doctor to ensure the singer eventually overdosed on the drugs he was administered.

Even though we, the public, knew Michael Jackson was fearful he would be murdered, we don't know what his children were witnessed to the day he died, or what he told members of his family leading up to his death, so we don't exactly know what La Toya knows. But does what the public know so far suggest the possibility of a conspiracy?

Here in a nut shell is what we have learned so far:

First, Murray alone is charged with Jackson's death. Since he was to be paid $150,000 a month to keep the superstar healthy, he appeared to have nothing to gain and everything to lose by Jackson's death. But a closer look suggests something else. Murray did nothing to convey that his contract with AEG was going to be anything but brief. While Jackson was ordering furniture in preparation for his 'This Is It' tour, Murray showed no signs of divesting himself of his multi-state medical practice in order to accompany the signer. In fact, he was on a phone call to one of his regular patients as Jackson lay dying in the next room. And when he did have an opportunity to resuscitate the singer, he was more concerned with what paramedics would find when they arrived. This is an unmistakable indication he knew that what he had done to Jackson was unethical if not down right criminal.

We also know that when prosecutors feel they don't have a strong case, they typically overcharge in order to better ensure a conviction on one of the lesser charges. But not here. Murray was minimally charged with involuntary manslaughter, the outcome of which news pundits say will be an uphill battle for the DA to prove; and which will be decided by expert testimony. But if Conrad, who cockily says "no dice" to plea bargaining, beats it, he walks.

Enter entertainment attorney John Branca who was terminated by Jackson in 2003 for embezzlement, and other "white collar" crimes including surreptitiously representing both sides in contract negotiations. Branca shows up right after Jackson's death with a questionable document entitled "The Last Will Of Michael Joseph Jackson" which he alleges is Jackson's will from 2002. This document makes Branca executor of Jackson's estate and gives him control over all the superstar's "real [and] personal" property. Jackson's mother and three children are the heirs, but in name only, to the mega star's billion dollar empire. They are to receive a monthly stipend, the amount of which was decided by Branca, which we know to be a pittance of the estate executor's commission.

La Toya's conspiracy theory gained legitimacy when a special prosecutor denied the Jackson family's right to question the validity of the will, while California law permits such a legal inquiry.

Then there is former California Governor Jerry Brown, who is now the state's current attorney general. Brown's various political campaigns have benefited from John Branca's law firm's donations, which compelled the state DA to uncharacteristically involve himself in the case. The politician made much ado in the media about filing legal papers to deny Murray the ability to practice medicine. This no doubt was supposed to give "legitimacy" to the single killer theory while being prejudicial against Jackson's family, friends and fans, as they call for further investigation.

Why should Branca care if Murray practices medicine? He apparently cared enough to involve the attorney general to discourage any notion of a broader investigation, which is what Brown attempted to do when he called Murray's conduct "reprehensible," and said, "We will argue in court that Murray was reckless in giving Jackson such a dangerous drug and has demonstrated a serious lack of judgment that should prohibit him from practicing medicine."

Next, Judge Michael Pastor who has been described in the media as 'one of the toughest, smartest' arbiters of justice in the US (yawn), was recently added to the mix as the judge who will preside over the Murray involuntary manslaughter trial.

The fact that Judge Pastor was appointed to the bench in 1983 by none other than Jerry Brown adds respectability to La Toya's claim. It links the trial judge to Branca, who holds sway at the center of La Toya's conspiracy theory, and who not only has every thing to gain from Jackson's death, but also enough "political capital" for the people's "fall guy" to get a free pass.

Thus, all that's been made public so far strongly suggests the possibility of a conspiracy. And when sister La Toya says, "Michael was worth more dead than alive, they knew what they had to plan for this to happen ..." she appears to be right on the money.

Copyright 2009 SuperStarOfPop. All rights reserved.

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May 19, 2010
2:13 PM
Carmen- thank you for your great suggestions!! You have given me some good ideas to think about.

Bonnie I wish I was a California resident and could vote these guys out of office. I have emailed Cooley numerous times about changing the sentence for Dr. Murray at scooley@da.lacounty.gov and I will continue to email him.

I also have been praying for Michael and his family and for truth and justice to prevail. I do believe in the power of prayer and the power of group consciousness.

Thank you Bonnie and Carmen, and Irina, for addressing my frustrations and questions. Bonnie thank you for providing this forum so we can reach out to one another.

With love, Jane

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May 19, 2010
11:36 PM
Hi Jane!

Michael's fans don't have to live in California or in America to take action and be pro-active. Here's my FIFTH suggestion: Where ever you live, in what ever state in America or what ever country, find out which newspaper is the MAIN paper for your county, city, state, village, province, etc. Once you know what the name of that major newspaper is, write to the editor, and if possible, the owner(s) of the newspaper, and ask them the following question:
Why isn't your newspaper writing more investigative articles on the death of Michael Jackson? Since Michael's death on June 25, 2009, how many articles involving REAL research and journalistic reporting has your editorial staff written? How is it possible that a tabloid/ gossip website such as TMZ can accumulate 691 online thread topics with articles (give or take a couple) since July 7, 2009, and a major newspaper like the L.A. Times, for instance, can only provide 15 such articles in its online division? How is this possible?

I just spent over an hour visiting the TMZ website to research the number of MJ related articles they have, and I compared that number to the number of articles I researched last night on the Los Angeles Times website. Here are my findings:


691 topic threads pertaining to Michael Jackson, the earliest dated July 7, 2009.

L.A. Times - Under the Heading of "Ministry of Gossip"

15 topic threads pertaining to Michael Jackson, the earliest dated October 26, 2009.

Now, some people may disagree with me, but in my opinion, there is something very, very wrong here. TMZ mixes truth, trash, gossip and sensationalism, and they deliver a daily dose of it. The LA Times, under the GOSSIP division (not even a genuine and legitimate editorial or news division) delivers Michael Jackson 'news' far less often.

I'd like to know how and why TMZ has the corner market on MJ news, and why other news outlets are not doing what TMZ does, only better and with higher journalistic standards. Why aren't newspapers around the world covering MJ news and doing investigative reporting with the same aggressiveness, interest and consistency as TMZ? I'd also like a reputable major newspaper to cover MJ related news with FACTS and not gossip. Let's look into the questionable circumstances surrounding Michael's death, and let's interview some of the fans (aka eye witnesses) who saw and heard things with their own eyes and ears. Let's examine that publicly released Will and have a forensic expert who specializes in hand writing analysis check out those signatures. Ditto for the AEG contract, which is also available online. Let's find out if there are any legitimate airline records proving that Michael flew out to Los Angeles on July 7, 2002 and back to New York in time to continue his Sony/ Mottola protesting. Can airline records be fabricated? Yes or no? If not, then a background check on the airlines for that date should reveal whether or not Michael flew out to Los Angeles that day to sign his Will. If he flew by private jet, there should be records held by the private jet company. And so on and so forth. These are the leading questions that MJ fans need to ask their local newspapers and legitimate news outlets.

I intend to write to the Los Angeles Times and the New York times, as an example, and I will cover the information I just covered here. I encourage others to check my counts on the TMZ and L.A. Times sites and visit those links to do the math themselves. Once you see the vast difference in numbers, as I did, you'll find yourself wondering, "Why?" Why isn't any major newspaper looking into this and asking REAL questions???

I know some people won't like me saying this, but TMZ is also 'cashing in.' Every time we click on their website, for any story at all, that counts as a 'hit,' and I'm sure they get $$$ for it. I'd much prefer a REAL news site such as CNN or the LA Times cover Michael Jackson news and make certain they have their facts straight, cite their sources, and leave out the gossip.

Every MJ fan, no matter where he or she lives, can write a letter to a major local newspaper and TV station asking about how much coverage they've given to Michael since his death, and whether or not any staff members are looking in to some questionable things regarding his death.

To quote Michael from "This Is It," "It's up to us." We can't wait for government, politicians or other people to take action. I know he was referring to the environment, but the sentiment and need for focus, drive and action are the same in my book.


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116 posts
May 19, 2010
11:55 PM
Thank you, Bonnie, for the article you posted earlier in this thread. It was excellent! It would seem that certain people 'out there' are very well 'connected,' in addition to having great power within politics and the entertainment industry. I predict that every attempt is going to be made to block justice for Michael and his family and to keep the truth from ever coming out.

Dead men tell no tales.
1) Michael Jackson
2) Evan Chandler
3) Peter Lopez
4) . . . . .

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128 posts
May 20, 2010
7:36 AM
Carmen, thank you! A lot of really good ideas.
118 posts
May 21, 2010
5:56 AM
I just posted this in the Michael Jackson vindication videos section, but I'm posting it here as well. I found this while visiting Michael's IMDb board. This video is an excellent example of how laws can be changed (to incumbent judges' advantage), officials who are corrupt can get away with what they do, and KEY POINT: Tom Sneddon tainted and falsified evidence against Michael Jackson. The man in this video was one of the jurors in Michael's 2005 case.

119 posts
May 21, 2010
6:54 AM
I just watched the "Full Disclosure" video you posted, Bonnie, and I want to thank you. It was very informative, as well as disturbing. Much appreciated! I'll share it with others.

35 posts
May 21, 2010
12:13 PM
Thank you both for posting these videos...I find them pretty appalling and despicable. It is so important to get this information out there.


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417 posts
May 27, 2010
3:18 PM
I have posted the entire article onto the Michael Jackson News page. This article is from March 3, 2003.

It is always interesting to read articles from the past that perhaps foretell the future. It is now even more unusual that Tommy Mottola would be on the Today Show right after MJ's death talking about his unpublished work.

Thx Irina for finding this gem.
126 posts
May 27, 2010
7:08 PM
Branca and McClain didn't waste any time in cashing a $3 million dollar insurance policy on Michael after he died. They convinced the insurance company to pay up, and this was before Michael had been buried and before the official full coroner's report had been released.

Courtesy of TMZ, and is usually the case for some reason:
133 posts
May 28, 2010
7:48 AM
you are welcome

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